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    Book One: Hidden

    Legend tells of a time long ago, when Benders were in a majority and technology fell short of prehistoric. Some of these legends start with the simple musings of a person who would soon become one of those legendary heroes. Perhaps these are stories you have heard? One simply word is a key to these tales. This word is simply the "Avatar".

    So, you have heard the stories? Good. This will make everything much more simple for all of us. The legend I am going to begin is about journeys of a young Avatar, still ignorant to the ways of the world. However, this story is much different. How? It is very simple, actually. This story is different from the others because it takes place in a world where the Avatar has been nothing more than the whispering of folklore and where bending is a scarce as flying lemurs.

    I guess it would be best to start this legend off like the others, wouldn't it? Then, I shall.

    Long ago, the Avatar was a symbol of hope and prosperity. That all changed when Avatar Osamu passed away. The cycle was expected to begin again as it always had, but when no Avatar was born for several decades, the Order of the White Lotus decided that the time of the Avatar had come and passed. The world fell into disarray for many years until all four Nations banded together. They brought peace and prosperity to the dying world.

    That was centuries ago. The world has long since become comfortable with the idea of no Avatar as the "bridge between the spirit world and the human world" was severed and drifted into myth. Benders eventually became scarce as well, the art of element control slowly fading into the distance. It was no one's fault and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. However, the ancient Order of the White Lotus made a prophecy that the Avatar would be reborn into a new life when a time of war came to the world.

    Sixteen years ago, that prophecy became a reality when a small baby named Asha Jin was born. She was taken to the White Lotus not long after being found bending water, earth, and air around her nursery. The members of the Order were overjoyed, but also very distressed. If the Avatar was alive and well, then that could only mean a terrible evil was brewing below the surface of the seemingly perfect world. After more than a decade and a half, that evil still has yet to manifest, until now...
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  2. She woke up to the smell of smoke. She dismissed it as a fire signal sent out to the cargo ships that always came on Friday. With little concern, she fell back asleep. Then, she vaguely remembers someone shaking her, yelling her name. In the distance is the sounds of roaring flames, metal clashing with metal, the occasional gunshot, and the screams. How perfectly she remembers the screams. She was stumbling out of bed, one hand wrapped around an emergency pack Miki had prepared for her months ago. the other around her glider. With a quick pace, she followed Miki out of the small house and into the facility's main courtyard. That was when Asha actually woke up.

    She saw flames beyond the control of the Firebenders and devastation around every corner. Without a word, Miki gripped her wrist and led her to one of the other buildings. In her confused and terrified state, Asha could barely make out that it was the stables. Something light and feathery landed on her right shoulder and she glanced at it. Hotaru. It was nothing more than her dove. Miki started speaking rapidly. "You have to get to the Fire Nation. The Fire Lord will protect you."

    Her words slowly sunk in and Asha suddenly stopped, blinking rapidly. "Protect me? From what?"

    Miki glanced back at the young girl and smiled softly, "You are so young, Asha. You deserve a happy life, but the destiny of an Avatar is a grave one. You do understand that, don't you?"

    Asha nodded, "Of course I do, but what's going on?"

    The older woman started dragging Asha towards the stables once again. "They're calling themselves the Tsumi Ribasu. They are here to kill you, Asha. That's why you must leave."

    Leave? Asha stared at her surrogate mother in disbelief. How could she leave the Facility? Miki? Daruka? Everything she had ever known? It wasn't long until they reached Asha's flying bison, Yun. The poor animal was obviously terrified. Asha let her instincts take over and started cooing to Yun, soothing her nerves. That was when she noticed the five people staring at her from the other side of Yun's pen. She stared back at them, but had to break her gaze when a loud explosion went off and she had to cover her face.

    The stables began to fill with smoke, smothering Asha and the others. "Go!" Miki shouted over the roar of flames. "Hurry!"

    Asha scrambled onto Yun, glancing back at Miki to see the old woman taking a defensive stance. She looked over at Asha and smiled softly, "Be careful, Asha! The others will protect you!"

    A man stepped into the stables and Asha's eyes widened when she saw his mask. He walked calmly, as if nothing was happening in that moment. "Go!" Miki yelled.

    The young girl nodded, "Yun, iku!"

    The flying bison took off and out of the roofless stable, Asha's dove also taking flight. Asha looked down briefly to see Miki putting a relatively good fight. She was about to smile when there was a sudden flash of blue electricity. The old woman dropped to the ground as the man in the mask looked up. "Miki!" she screamed, leaning forward

    She almost fell off Yun, but someone yanked her back, whispering something into her ear softly. She didn't hear them over the ringing ears while the Facility slowly faded into nothing but a plume of smoke. Asha blinked the years away from her eyes, curling into a ball on Yun's saddle. It was gone. Everything she loved was gone...
  3. it was early dawn, the sky was dark with Raven-eagles flying through the nice, cold breeze.
    A boy known as Isamu sat in a closed room. He sat on a brown, wooden bench holding his two Katanas close to his bare chest. His shirt was tied to his stomach, covering his belly button.
    Isamu's eyes were shut but not forced. His mouth was closed with his bottom lip out.
    Isamu took a deep breath. His eyes opened wide and his eyebrows clinch in determination.

    Isamu jumped off the bench, his arms pushed behind him, creating the wind for more speed. His arms through the wind with his katanas's hin his hands. Isamu reached the wall where he jumped in the air and kicked the wall. The air pushed him back and Isamu turned in the aim. His katana's over his head. He looked at the huge sand filled bag below him, moving his swords to sharply rip through the bag, cutting it in half.

    Isamu knelt on the cold metal gym floor. His arm was on his knee with the blades hitting the hard ground. His eyes shut one again. Several minutes later Isamu stood up. He pushed his swords in the holsters and pushed his hands to his thighs. He licked his top lip and wiped the sweat off his forehead. Then he heard a huge bang, that rumbled the colony. Isamu fell to his knees from the explosion. Isamu looked to his left and right wondering what happened. He ran out of the gym to the open air where he was shocked to see the nation in peril.

    Isamu was emotionless, his hands were to is waist with his eyes wide open. A women ran to him putting her hand on his mouth and moving him behind the wall inside. "L..Li? what happened" Isamu was still surprised from the attack. "You need to get the avatar out of here, now!" The women had a small blonde pony tail and a red outfit on. "But what has happened?" He he grabbed Lia's arm. "We were attacked by Tsumi Ribasu , they are here to kill the Avatar, we need to get here out of here" The women told him and Isamu looked to his left then right. "I'll help defend, are they at the front?"

    Isamu was about to run to the front when Lia grabbed his arm. "No, my father said you and the others must escort the Avatar out of here" Isamu shook his head in denial. "No i must help" Lia sighed. Two men came to her with spears. "These are your orders, Mr. Tomachi" The two men stood next to her. "We must go to your Father Mrs. Tylain" She nodded then hugged Isamu. "I will miss you, but don't get hurt" She smiled then the two guards and her left.

    Isamu then ran through the halls taking out his katana's. He ran around guards and citizens till he reached the outside. A masked man ran at him with a sword and tried to slice him with the sword. Isamu slid underneath his legs then standing behind him and giving a spinning kick knocking the man to the ground unconscious. Once he made it to the bison, he jumped up on the saddle and jumped on seeing his companions and the Avatar. The bison lifted off and Isamu watched the burning facility filled with smoke.
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  4. Katsu was having a nice dream that had hot girls everywhere you turned and they were all in love with him. Katsu was enjoying every second of it but he was suddenly awoken by the sound of an explosion. "What the heck was that?!"

    He ran out of his room and out of the facility to see pure chaos going on outside "How is this happening?!"

    Katsu decided to go and find his companions and the avatar to see if they knew what was going on. While looking for them he ran into 5 masked men all carrying swords "Hey who are you guys?" The masked men all suddenly charged at Katsu with their swords ready and with intent to kill. "Oh so you want to fight ok I could use a warm up." One of the masked men attempted to stab Katsu in the chest but Katsu ducked and did a leg sweep move and knocked him to the ground "One down 4 to go." Another one of the masked men attempted to decapitate him and Katsu once again ducked but the masked man did manage to get some of Katsu's hair "No One And I Mean No One Touches My Hair Unless Your A Hot Girl'!" Katsu yelled and then breathed fire on the masked man responsible. The final 3 decided to rush Katsu together but because Katsu was still angry he created a fire dome around himself and expanded it to create some kind of mini fire explosion and sent the final 3 flying in 3 different direction "Finally now I can go and find them."

    To make his search easier Katsu sent fire out of the bottom of his feet and fists to fly up in the air to find the Avatar and his companions. He saw them over at the stables and quickly landed over there and hopped on the flying bison with them. As the bison flew away he looked back at the facility and sighed and then looked away.

  5. Akoli-Mei was startled awake by the sound of commotion just outside her sleeping quarters. She quickly pulled herself from the bed and darted across the room to grab ahold of her glider and belt that her blade hilts were hooked onto for easy transport. She was sure that the sounds must be that of a surprise training exercise. It wouldn't be the first time they had woken them up for one of those. She was proved wrong however when one of her trainers slammed into the room. He was stained red and black in blood and soot, and his expression was hardened. It became instantly clearly this was no training exercise. His voice was gruff as he barked at her in urgency, "Time to go!"

    Her eyes grew huge in disbelief, "Go? Where are we-"

    He cut her off, "I said time to go!" A loud scream issued from close by, before being stop short. Silenced. "NOW!"

    She glanced down at herself for a split second cursing in her head, she was still clothes in her lacy white slip. There wasn't time to change, that much was clear, she was a little upset she'd have to go into battle like this. It was a thin light material, all lace and silk. It stopped above her knees and was held up with thin straps, there was no protection to be found in the garment... but at least she was decent.

    She quickly snapped her belt around her waste and ran for the exit pushing past the man, grabbing her flight cap as she went, "Where too?" She asked as she made it outside. The battle didn't seem to affect her. It might later but for now she would have to be fine. He called out to her, telling her to get to the barn while he cleared the way. She didn't pay much attention to him after that dodging across the battle field, weaving around attackers and allies alike. Her attention only on the barn up until the point she finally entered it. Their she and the others waited for the Avatar. They didn't have to wait long.

    When the Avatar entered she seemed reluctant to leave at first, throwing question after question at the older woman. She was only forced to stop when she had to sooth her bison, Yun. She was gentle with the animal, seeming becoming completely distracted by the animal. It was sweet enough to see, but weren't they in a hurry? The Avatar lifted she head and began to stare at them, and before anyone could say anything to break then tension this created the barn was rocked with the sound of an explosion. Akoli-Mei let out a startled gasp, sucking in a mouthful of the smoke that had formed quickly around them. She chocked on it eyes and nose watering. It was foul and painful. She breathed out hard forcing it from her lungs as she jumped high into the air landing on the bison with a thump.

    As they took off into the sky she turned to look back at the facility go up into a plume of smoke, "Miki!" the Avatar cried out next to her suddenly shooting forward, causing Akoli-Mei's heart to leap into her throat. She whirled quickly on the spot reaching out to snag ahold of the back of Asha Jin's shirt. Using all of her strength she hauled Asha back as far as she could. For a horrifying moment she felt herself being dragged forward by Asha's weight and momentum. She took a deep breath n a breathed out hard, causing a blast of air bending to send both her and Asha Jin back into Yun's saddle. As they fell back she pulled the Avatar closer leaning close to her ear to try and make sure she was heard, "She wouldn't want you to jump back in there. She wanted you safe." Judging on the way the Avatar pulled away from her and dropped to the floor of the saddle in a ball, going quiet and stoic, it was clear to tell if she had heard her that it did no good.

    Akoli-Mei picked moved to the back of the saddle, leaving the Avatar to her mourning, picking up her staff from where she had dropped it on the saddle when she had leapt forward to pull Asha back. She stood at the back leaving against her staff watching the plume of smoke get smaller and smaller in the distance. She had to look on the bright side though. At least she and her peers got out alive.
  6. Hana’s early morning meditation was interrupted by an unknown explosion. Hana quickly dismissed this as one of Fireball’s training mishaps and went back to her meditating. She tried to remain focused but the explosions only got louder, then she began to hear screaming and gunfire. Puzzled Hana said, “The explosions could have been Fireball but gunfire and screaming? I haven’t heard that since I tried to sink the facility.” Hana decided she would investigate what was going on.

    “What a pain! If only I hadn't come to this stupid place,” Hana said to herself disgruntled. She continued along her way until she encountered two men in peculiar looking armor, brandishing weapons. She smiled coyly and said, “Ummm? What kind of outfits are those?” The men looked at her confused. “Oh! Those must be the new guard uniforms, right?” The men pointed there weapons towards her. “I would advise against that,” Hana said smiling, “I’m in a really bad mood right now.” The men lunged towards her, but before they could even gain any ground Hana sunk them into the ground, immobilizing them. “Big mistake,” she said with a cold look on her face, and then knocked them unconscious.

    As Hana entered the facility all she saw was smoke, fire, destruction, and fighting everywhere.
    “Oh! So you guys started the fight without me,” she said making a pouty face, “Well at least I’m here now!”

    Hana quickly started hurling stones and shooting up earth columns at the men in the strange uniforms to help the facility guards. She was very confused about what was going on. Something had to be seriously wrong if the guards were fighting. When the fighting died down a bit she regrouped with some of the guards to find out was going on.

    “The facility is under attack by an unknown group,” one of the guards stated. Another guard said, “From what we can tell they are trying to kill the Avatar.” Hana lit up with excitement. Finally, a real fight was coming! Then the guard said, “Our job is to secure the trainees and the Avatar for evacuation.” Hana’s heart sank immediately. “That’s not fair,” Hana exclaimed angrily, “We fight far better than any of you losers!” The soldiers looked at Hana with an angry glare. “Sorry miss that’s how it is,” The guard replied, “So please get to the bison and leave.”

    Hana tried to protest but she knew she wouldn’t get anywhere with these boring guys. Last time she argued with one of them she broke most of his bones and was put in isolation for a week. Defeated, she headed towards the stables.

    Hana made her way to the stables, while nonchalantly taking out any enemies she encountered along the way. As she got close to the stable she saw the others and got excited again. She ran over to them but stopped just outside the entrance as she noticed a girl she had never seen before. Something seemed off about this girl, but Hana didn't really know what it was. She felt on odd energy coming from her like she had never felt before. Hana noticed that the others were climbing onto the bison so she did as well, her curiosity would just have to wait. As they took off, she turned her attention to the old woman who had been with the strange girl. She watched as the woman took on a strange man in a mask. As the woman was struck down, Hana chuckled and said, “She won’t be waking up from that anytime soon!”
  7. Hiryu was half-asleep in his room. His Iguana Parrot, Yami, lay down near the foot of the bed. He was suddenly jostled out of his half-sleeping state by the sound of a man screaming in pain. He jumped up and ran to the door. This moment reminded him all too much of when the gang came to his parent's home. Opening the door, he was met with a dead guard laying on the ground right outside. Hiryu jumped into action, checking to see if he was still breathing...no...it was too late for him. He looked to the right, and there stood who could only be assumed to be the killer. A man in a strange mask holding a gun. Hiryu jumped out of the door and used his waterbending to pin the masked man to the wall in a torrent of ice spikes. He then turned and ran down the other direction of the hallway. Yami followed in the air behind him.

    Hiryu came to a group of guards engaged in a firefight with some more masked people. He ducked into cover next to one of the guards.
    "What's happening?!"
    "We're under attack by some group! I dunno who they are, but I think they're after the Avatar!"
    "Well, then I guess we better stop them!" Hiryu is about to get up when the guard grabs his arm.
    "Sorry, but you need to get to the stables, now! You are to be evacuated with the Avatar."
    Hiryu took on a dark expression of disappointment, he felt he needed to protect these men. Though that was his instinct towards everyone.

    "I.... Fine. But... Good luck."
    "Thanks. Now go on, save yourself so the Avatar can too!"
    Hiryu stands up, quickly making a wall of ice to block the bullets from the attackers. Then, he ran towards where the stables were. He arrived at the same time as Katsu, who flew in on his firebending. They both proceeded to get on the bison along with the others and one girl who Hiryu had seen a lot and heard of. That was the Avatar. He saw her lunge forward, and nearly lunged to grab her, but saw her get caught by someone closer to her. *Phew, close one* He thought.
    It was apparent the Avatar had gone into mourning over someone who had died while they were taking off. In all honesty, Hiryu was in mourning as well, for he felt he had failed to protect all those people. So there he sat, on the back of that bison. His head cradled in his knees, arms wrapped around his legs. He watched as the smoke of the compound grew smaller and smaller, and only one thing crossed his mind beside his grief. *What are we going to do now?*
  8. [​IMG]
    He felt like laughing. A joyous chuckle bubbled up in his throat, but he forced it down. People did not react very positively to a leader that laughs during an invasion. And he was a leader; the Leader, in fact. The last time his true name had been uttered was the moment he had said goodbye to his wife for the last time. The chances of his name ever being spoken again were slim. He didn't mind all that much though. A name was only a name, it held no significance. In truth, the Leader was much more fitting for himself than the name his "parents" had gave him.

    With a sort of swaying step, the Leader walked through the destroyed outer wall. His less than notable forces had done well, for the time being. If the Avatar was not returned to him, there would be hell to pay. An execution perhaps? He had to show his followers every once in awhile who was truly in charge; and it wasn't them. He held his dagger tightly, slicing through the supposedly trained White Lotus guards with a precision that rivaled that of most other men. He forces raced through, most of them with a glimmer of bloodlust in their eyes. Meanwhile, the Leader looked around.

    Most would expect that he was searching for a sneak attack, someone that would try to use the element of surprise against the strange black-haired man with a mask covering his face. No, the Leader was searching among the crowd for those worthy of being saved. He didn't expect to find anyone in such a sin-filled place, but children were the easiest to manipulate, and just as easy to train.

    The majority of the other Tsumi Ribasu also wore masks, minus a few that did not care if their secrets were revealed. However, their masks were blank and white. Cold featureless canvases that disguised a person's true intentions. The Leader's mask had a jagged zigzag crossing from his forehead, through the right eye, and down to his cheek; and it a had a red line that looked like a smirk of some sorts. It was fitting, he was smirking under his mask at that exact moment.

    His eye caught the movement of an old woman and a girl running. He followed them because he had saw a few others run in that same direction. Perhaps this was the Avatar his spy had told him all about?

    He entered the room to see the woman ushering the young girl towards a large flying bison. Amusement flashed through him when he thought they would escape. The bison took off at the girl's simple words. The Leader was about to stop them when the woman surprised him by lashing out with a tendril of water. His smirk dropped momentarily as he dodged before slowly covering his hidden face again. He placed a hand against the water, sending electric shock waves through the water. The woman dropped like a rock. The Leader looked up slowly, more for dramatic effect than anything, and watched as the Avatar girl drifted off. With a small huff of annoyance, he turned on his heel and left the woman's body, muttering something under his breath.

    For a few minutes, he just wandered around. His eyes watched the destruction around him and he once again felt the need to laugh. He had failed in one of his objectives, but seeing the faces of the men that had ruined his life time and time again gave him the most lighthearted of feelings. Being the eccentric man, he spread out his arms wide, letting the ocean breeze rush over him. And he laughed.
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  9. Fire Prince Won
    Fire Prince Won was excited, him his 2 air ships and crew were going to travel the world in order to find firebenders and recruit kids who were potential chi blocking students. The ships were packed with fuel, food and other essentials. Won's not so little operation was of course funded by his father FireLord Zuko. Won' s goal was noble he wished to reinvigorate Traditional firebending and chi blocking, the fire lord supported this goal. Fire lord Zuko supported his son because finding more fire benders was always good, but more importantly his new understanding of chi blocking means that if his son is able to successfully find and train chi blockers the firenation would gain valuable fighters.
    Chi blockers are much easier to find and train than firebenders.

    Unfortunately for the prince as his airships were about to reach the coast after leaving from the capital a call came in for his captain on the radio.
    "This is captain Lee... Oh! Fire Lord Zuko! We are just about to leave the main land to head over the ocean..... I'm sorry sir could you repeat that." At this point Won was curious about what was going on, "Captain is there a problem?" Zuko asked. "I'm sorry Prince Won but.. " instantly angered Won grabbed the head phones from the captain. "OK what the heck are you doing old man?" The crew around prince Won were flabbergasted, none of them would have never dreamed of speaking to their lord that way. Lord Zuko was not impressed either. "Silence son! I lent you those airships because you are performing a service for the firenation. And I the firelord have decided that those same ships are needed elsewhere. So unless you feel like returning home, to teach your younger sisters chi blocking. You will depart from that ship in a small town named Dragons tail. Those ships will be filled with soldiers stationed in the town, then the airships will leave without you. Afterwards once their mission is completed your ships will be returned to you so that you can travel throughout the earthkingdom."

    Prince Won was furious, anyone inside the cabin could see that. However Won knew his father, that man had never made an idle threat before. Won loved his sisters, however he did not want to become their private tutor. "I understand I will depart the ship in Dragons tail, and await their return." Won had conceded to his father's demands.

    The airship made its way to Dragons tail to drop the young prince off. After their arrival Won was forced off the ship as it was quickly loaded with troops before taking off just as quickly. As the crew took off they could see the prince glaring at them from a balcony, nobody on the ship was looking forward to the next time they saw the Prince

    Now Left on his own in the Town Prince Won figured he may as well see what he can do around here.
    The prince is not worried about Money he has a good amount of Fire nation coins, Plus he carries around a Royal pendant and Ring that can be used as a Seal. Within the Firenation Prince Won can receive aid from any noble and Proper business establishment if he decides to reveal himself as a Fire Prince. (Most Nobles and Reputable merchants know of the members of the Firenation Royal Family and their family Seal.)

    'It looks like they took all the guards who were to go with me to the earth kingdom.'
    Within the Firenation the Firelord was confident his son would easily be able to find an ally, if he ever got himself into some trouble. This is because many nobles are constantly looking to get onto his good side, and taking care of members of his family was the fastest way to gain his favour.

    Even though he is disappointed his father hijacked his trip before it began, Won was relieved that he had some time away from his advisors who went on the ship by his father's orders.

    (The name of the town can be changed of course, and I was Thinking that this could be the last settlement before the ocean)

    (The Best Map I could Find
  10. Asha was far from okay, but she had to get a hold of herself. She was the Avatar for Spirit's sake. Instead of crying, she should have been leading them. And that's what she planned to do. She sat up, taking a deep breath and wiping the tears from her eyes. The smell of smoke still lingered in her senses, but she forced it out of her mind. Her mind drifted back to her last conversation with Miki. Where did she say they needed to go? "We need to go to the Fire Nation," she whispered to herself before repeating her sentence more loudly so everyone could hear her. "For now, we should get as far as we can from the Facility, then worry about getting there."

    She nodded as if to reassure herself that it was the right course of action. The people that attacked them would most likely check closer compounds used by the Order of the White Lotus. Asha pulled a map out of the bag Miki had given her. "We should travel to Dragon's Tail. They'll protect us for a short time and it didn't seem as though the intruders had flying bison or planes, so I would assume they came by boat or submarine," Asha rubbed her eyes tiredly. She had barely gotten a few hours of sleep before she was woken up. She had to stay awake though. "Once we have enough supplies, we'll backtrack to the Fire Capital... Am I forgetting anything?"

    She looked up from the map and at her five companions, a questioning gaze in her bright blue eyes.
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  11. Akoli-Mei watched the cloud of smoke shrink into nothing and once she could no longer see it she instead turn her eyes to the clouds. She hadn't really comprehended the idea that she might actually have to protect the avatar some day. She was told, of course, but for some reason she had always assumed things would never get this intense. It was to real. It was foolish of her to think like that, but there was nothing she could do about it now.

    She was startled from her thoughts when Asha Jin began to speak them. She turned back to see the avatar pull a map from her bag, telling them where they should head. Apparently they were headed to Dragon's Tail. It sounded like a solid enough plan, at least for their circumstances. Considering how they had been throw into this there wasn't really much else to do. Asha Jin's plan sounded solid to her.

    Asha asked if she was forgetting anything and looked to them for an answer, she considered the question for a moment then darted her hand into the air. "I don't think your forgetting anything but I do have a questions." She dropped hand to her side and she glanced around from face to face with a rather sheepish look, "Did anyone manage to snag a spare pair of pants on the way out? I mean I doubt it but if by some miracle one of you did can I borrow them?" She rocked back on the heals of her feet and pointed at her bare legs poking out from under the rustling fabric of her night slip. "Or am I stuck like this till we reach civilization?"
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  12. Isamu was horrified. The sight of the burning facilty sparked his heart, the place were he trained and met new people...Lia. He always had a crush on Lia, he loved her ever since he first saw her, and seeing that Lia was at the burning facility, he broke a little bit inside. He then turned back to Avatar Asha, she had it worse then he did, Mei quickly jumped at the opportunity to comfort her.

    Isamu sat thinking about Lia, she was capable of taking a lot of guards out, don't get him wrong, he just cared too much about her to just leave. He stared at the sky then realized that he needed to step up. "Miki will be okay, Lia will protect her, i trust her, she is definitely capable to protect her, i promise you that" He then looked down at the over sized furball that their flying on. "When are we getting off this over sized giant caterpillar" He did not like flying on that thing and was scared of falling.

    Isamu went to the front to see if they had gotten near yet. As expected, they were still a long ways to go. "Yup we are all going to die on this thing." Isamu fell on his back and sighed. He wished he could have defended the Facility. He missed Lia so much, we wish he was on her side at battle once more. "So the Fire Kingdom huh, i met the prince once, lets say were good friends." Isamu leaned back to relax, it was hard to relax on a giant flying bison, let alone knowing that the Facility was in trembles.
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  13. Prince Won Spent his morning at the airport, the staff has been giving him the royal treatment all morning. 'Ah I'm tired of waiting around' as he thought to himself. Won stood up and began changing into commoner clothing.'might as well take a look around town.' Won was interested in the local food and wanted to visit the market in order discover what the locals cook. (For nation food is quite spicy and visitors can find it difficult to eat.)

    Finally getting dressed and making it outside, Won could see that this was quite a nice little community. Clean and peaceful, many of the towns foke are busy in the streets going about their day. As always he did not make it very far without getting into trouble.
    Police officer: "Hey kid, why are you not in school?" All fire nation children were required to attend classes in order to become valued members of society.

    Won: "what..?Oh hi sir, you see I'm a visitor from the main land so it's OK for me not to be in the classes. I have teachers traveling with me." Won smiles at the man with an look I'm innocent face.

    Police officer: "oh really now then I hope you can show me your school exception papers." The man was serious and placed his hand gently on Won's shoulder.

    There were two reasons why won could not show the man his papers.
    1st Those papers addressed him as Fire Prince and had his father's signature with the royal seal.
    2nnd his advisors carried those papers, and had recently ditched won to go on a mission for his father.

    Won: "AAhh.. Well you see. I kind of forgot that on the my airship... So you going to need to trust me on this one." Won uses his secret technique puppy eye, against the officer.

    Police officer " I don't think so kid let's get you where you are suppose to be "
    Not having an opportunity to flee, and not wanting to hurt the officer Won is compelled to listen to him for now.
  14. In a small town just outside the Earth Kingdom, the Earth King's Daughter arrived to her destination. It featured a fruit stand with some fruit, a hotel with small rooms, a local hangout, and a small pond. Not much was here except for a quiet little getaway. Chooki decided to stop by the hotel to rest. Traveling all day without many stops was tiring. Seeing no one at the counter, she rang the bell and waited for service. The clerk came out a few moments later and smiled when they saw Chooki. "To what pleasure do we owe this visit, Chook Sei Li?"

    "I'm traveling around the Earth Kingdom on my own. I want to explore my father's land." Chooki replied, with a look of excitement on her face. The clerk gave a friendly smile and asked her to pay a small fee. Leading the Earth King's daughter to a medium sized room, Chooki thanked the clerk and set up her room. She couldn't help but smile as her adventure was beginning.
  15. Hiryu continued to think about what had just happened, that was, until Yami landed on his shoulder and derailed his bad train of thought. He patted her lightly on the head before hearing the Avatars plan. He sat up and the thought a moment.

    "All right, so we arrive at the fire nation capital and then what? Sit around and wait for those guys to attack again? I mean sure we can train, but it's gonna take more than what we know to take down those people."
    Hiryu, of course, did not mean to come across as disliking the plan. It was a good plan, but he was skeptical of the ultimate goal of running away.
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