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  1. It has been many, many years since the last Avatar was born, yet no one is quite certain why. The cycle ended with fire, when an Avatar by the name of Osamu died very young and under mysterious circumstances. For nearly a hundred years the world fell out of balance, but eventually it became an ordinary world once again. The Legend of the Avatars live on, despite it being only that: a legend. No one believes that the Avatar will ever return. Many think that the time of the Avatar has come and passed.Still, many have not lost hope. They believe that the Avatar will come in time of need.

    However, even benders are dying out. Hundreds of years ago, benders were born everyday. Now, it is rare to find maybe one or two born every year. No one can remember a time when the Avatar was the balance between the world and any born in that time are long gone. It is a world that people have begun to adjust to and the world is at peace.

    Or, so it seems. Below the surface of this seemingly peaceful world, a great evil is brewing. It is worse than anything that the Fire Nation or the Equalists have done. This new evil is not only planning on taking over the world, they are trying to destroy it. The only ones that can stop them? The new Avatar Asha Jin and her new companions.

    Unfortunately, as Asha Jin was about to complete her training in the four elements, they were forced away from the facility. The six companions fled to protect the unprepared Avatar. No matter where she goes though, she is rediscovered. Our story starts here.

    To start the companions are on Whale Tail Island you are under attack and do not have the upper hand.

    There are an unknown number of enemies, but they are overwhelming your defences.
    The avatar has already evacuated from the island with senior membersmembers of the order. All of the companions know that you are to meet with her in the fire nation.
  2. Is the early morning far too early for any training exercises to be going on when suddenly explosions. Started ripping through the outer defences of this secret facility
  3. ((I'd say no, they are training to protect the avatar...I say they'd probably be up before the sun even starts to peek into the sky. No pain no gain right?
  4. Yes they would be use to early mornings but there should not be this much activity so early in the morning.
  5. Hey, I was just thinking... Instead of going off and do the story we could probably just do the introductions. You know companion interactions at the facility and setting up pre existing relationships they have with each other. That way we can have the companion chemistry built up before the main story. If that makes sense?
  6. ((I actually really like FlapJax's idea. That way if the game master comes back were not stepping on toes. And it works well because it would still follow the story since the companions didn't get to see Asha Jin much if at all in the facility. Plus it might be fun to pre-build relationships!
  7. (That's a great idea ne I will change up the pats that I've made.)

    (We could start at breakfast on an a average day.)

    (Also don't forget to post thoughts and concerns in the OOC thread so iwaku admins don't get mad at us)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.