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  1. Title's obviously not for real.

    So, I've been dying for a Avatar RP, and I can't find one on Iwaku that's currently going. Like, what's up, man? There's a Last Airbender filter, but no RP's. So, I'd hope to change that. So, anyone who'd be interested in a Avatar RP should poke their head into here.

    Anyone got any ideas for a plot? I don't care if it's Last Airbender of Korra-era.

  2. This would thematically fit better in air bender era rather than Korra, but Koh coming back needs to happen.

    I can even see a plot line. "After the disastrous failed attack during the Day of the Black Sun, the Avatar and his allies are scattered and in hiding, the militaries of the remaining nations are divided and leaderless, and hope seems lost. In desperation, the Order of the White Lotus hatches a daring plan to turn the tide against the Fire Nation. Recruit the only being even more dangerous than Ozai. Koh the Face Stealer."

    That's just off the top of my head. I loved Koh.
  3. I don't know about Koh, and all that.

    Though, that's, I suppose one plotidea could be to explore the possibilies if Ozai hadn't been beaten, since I assume that would be what you were going for?
  4. Or the storyline involves the characters doing things during the war that ultimately help the avatar win against ozai.

    Examples. The day of black sun is a major military offensive. The players may have to be sent to secure a location, take enemy scouting parties, or otherwise help lay the groundwork for the offensive to even occur.
  5. I had an idea for a RP set in the period immediately after the first Avatar late last year. Didn't get much interest at the time, but you guys can tell me what you think:


    I also like the idea of Koh making a return. Ever since the end of season 2 when Korra left the spirit portals open I was hoping he'd somehow make his way into the physical world and start stealing people's faces.

    Since most of the main characters are out of Republic City this season, maybe it could be set there and be a kind of detective story where all these cases of people's faces being stolen has to be solved.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.