INTEREST CHECK Avatar the Last Airbender?

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  1. Ok, i'm looking for some people willing to do something a little odd. I'm wanting to role play Avatar the Last Airbender, but there's a catch. I wanna use all OC's. How will this work? Simple. We replace the characters in the actual series. It would give it room to be different and it wouldn't be the exact same as the series. The plot would be able to take new twists and turns. Obviously as i've stated in my other threads and on my resumes, romance is a must. But where this is a group rp, if a scene is about to ensue, maybe it would be best if we faded to black. Also I've got my character already worked out if anyone else is interested. Let me see how many people I can get interested and I will post up the Character Biography Thread so we can get started.
  2. Im interested! Always interested in Avatar the last Airbender.
  3. Ok, see if you can round up some more people. XD That way we'll have enough to fill each characters role.
  4. I'll try my best~ And I can play multiple roles if we don't get enough people.
  5. I'm interested :D
    I would love to be a character that helps the avatar on the outside but on the inside she/he plans on betraying the avatar ;) Then maybe he/she falls in love with someone that is with the avatar or the avatar and don't know how to go threw with the mission. x)

    I can always play multiple characters if needed :9 *actually wants to do it anyways* xD A zuko like or Azula would be fun to play x)
  6. I'd love to do this~! I can definitely play multiples, but you'd have to give me a minute to figure out characters~ ^_^
  7. Cool guys. XD Sounds awesome if you're up for playing multiples. We can decide who wants to fill each role now if we want. Then if we need more people we can find someone to fill in the gaps.
  8. One question: Is it still going to be the air bender who is the avatar? Or are we going to change that around? Because I would love to be an air bender, but Im not really keen to claim the avatar spot without everyone having a say :]
  9. Yes there's still going to be an avatar spot. And I'm ok with you being the avatar. Is everyone else? Or is there something we need to work out here? Once we decide who's who, I will post the character thread.
  10. I'm fine with Lulu being the avatar. I kind of want to be a kick-ass firebender, but I also would like being an earthbender, too, so I can start thinking up characters for both!

    OHOH, I just got an idea, I would love being one of the past avatars as well, if that's fine
  11. Lol that's perfectly fine. I'm glad we have people who are willing to be more than one character I'm a one character person. XD I am not sure what i'll be yet. I wanna wait to see who's going to be who then i'll decide.
  12. I'm also fine with Lulu being the avatar :9
    I'm so going to be a fire bender x) They are the most awesome benders xD If I play multiple characters then the other one will be water probably x)
  13. Sounds good. XDD I'll probably be a waterbender. Imma post the bio thread now.
  14. Send a link when it's done ;)
    I'll start on my bios right away :9
  15. *flails* You guys are too awesome >w< *loves the Air Benders*

    Anyway, other than the air bender, I'll likely have an Earth bender :3
  16. I'm definitely interested as well. I wouldn't mind a type of rogue bender role, and if i can do multiple, then someone on the avatar's team... heck i'll even be anti avatar, i always thought an evil metal bender would be awesome.
  17. just noticed it was closed... dammit TT.TT