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  1. Lei had been walking through town, earning some glares from townspeople. That was normal- her face was masked by an old dusty brown cloak. This is what she always wore when she stole fruits from the market stands, or occasionally a piece of bread from a bakery. She was a thief, and good at it.

    No authorities had ever caught her, and that was quite normal. There were none. The small quiet village that she was born in was now just a place where old geezers would drink alcohol all night, and where gangs stayed at night; shelter fron the animals in the mountains. The proper village Lei once new, was now reduced to shame.

    Knowing that just pushed her to want to see the world even more- the beautiful palaces of ice in the Northern Water Tribe, to the mesmerising Air Temples scattered around the world. It all seemed so far away, but Lei was determined to see and experience all of it.
  2. Katsu pulled down the light brown hood of his worn cloak as he rode into the little no-name village on his black and brown ostrich-horse. He could feel the uneasy glances of varying townspeople. The war had made everyone uneasy, even in small places like this, no that he couldn't blame them, the Fire Nation was relentless. Amber eyes looked over old men drinking from stone bottles, ragged children dressed in faded clothes and their parents looking over him, eyes distrustful. This wasn't the first town to be suspicious of strangers he had come across and nor would it be the last.

    He steered his mount to the little inn/tavern in the center of town and hopped off, tying it to the wooden bar above the feed and water trough. Katsu grabbed his twin steel maces and hooked them on his rugged leather belt. The rest of clothing was in little better shape than his cloak. Cotton shoes were sun-bleached and dirt covered, patched pants were a mismatch group of ten different kinds of pants and his simple cotton shirt was in similar state of disrepair. Getting his small pouch of Earth-Kingdom coins out of another pouch he entered the inn.

    As he entered through the swinging doors into the deathly quiet building he could once again feel the fearful glances of the patrons within. Ignoring them he approached the barkeep. "I'd like to rent a room for a day." The man eyed him then saw the pouch of coin. With a grin the skinny man nodded. "Of course! You need anything else? Food and water for the road? Yer mount is bound to be hungry, Mister..." Katsu nodded, "Gopan, Chaman Gopan. Feed would be nice, as well as some dried meat. I have plenty of water still." The man nodded once again and Katsu asked, "You wouldn't happen to know of any work in town?"
  3. Lei listened to the latest gossip as she treaded through the town. Men, women, and children, whispering. Apparently there was a new arrival in the village. That was quite surprising. People usually steered clear of the village full of thieves and gangs. It was a pretty thoughtless move, coming into the town.

    However, Lei just grinned under her hood. This was the perfect opportunity. If the stranger came to this town, then he must've had a mount. There was nothing for miles around them, except for the nearby mountains filled with blood thirsty animals. And if you have a mount, then you must have money. I bet his pockets are filled with stashes of money.

    Lei used the alleyways to get to the only inn in the town of Terre. The newcomers mount was already attached to the feed. It was an ostrich-horse. She hadn't seen many of them during her lifetime, but this would be her ticket out of this miserable life.
  4. Katsu nodded to the Innkeeper and paid the man six coins for the room. Then he headed out of the inn. He adjusted his maces and looked around. No one suspicious. The Innkeeper had given a couple good suggestions. A couple farmers who needed help collecting crops, a shopkeeper who was looking for some store security and some people were asking for someone to help find lost animals. Katsu patted his mount on the neck and after he untied the ostrich-horse and got on the creatures back.

    Katsu wasn't a distrustful man but he didn't like the idea of leaving his mount and belongings unprotected for too long. He saw someone in a dark brown cloak lurking in the shadows of an alley and frowned. He placed a hand on one of his maces and rode off to meet up with one of the farmers. He wasn't a violent man either but he would defend what he owned. He had worked too long to get this mount and his other possessions just to have some random thief steal them.
  5. Lei watched him go, and went into the inn. She walked up to the scraggly owner and asked where the newcomer had gone. He was busy fiddling with the piece of gold, and absent-mindedly told her which farm the man had gone.

    It was a man? Then this wouldn't be as easy as she thought. She left the inn in haste, and caught up to the stranger by running on the rooftops. He wouldn't notice her, she ran swiftly and quietly, to not get heard or seen. She kept her hood above her head, as to not let it flow away and blow her cover. I will get that mount.
  6. It didn't take long to reach the farm. Moosow's squeeled and two Hippocows grazed peacefully and four ostrich-horses pranced within their pen. Katsu rode the mount near the large stone house and called out. Seconds later an extremely tanned old man walked out. His face was a map of laugh and worry lines and his eyes were still bright with intelligence.

    "What cha need youngin'?"

    "I'm looking for work, innkeeper said you need someone to help with your crops."

    "Oh yes, can't trust people around here. They'd steal my crops given half the chance. I'll tie up your 'strich up in the barn." Katsu nodded and got off his mount, watching the farmer carefully. He looked around and thought he saw a brown cloak on a roof a bit away and when he blinked it was gone. He grimaced and and a hand went to a mace. "Your barn secure?"

    "Yeah, have a couple Deer Dogs that guard the animals at night. They'll right eat up anyone who intrudes when I tell them." The old man grinned. "I can say they're very effective. One idiot lost a foot to infection from one of their bites."
  7. After the man left his mount, and followed the farmer, Lei ran swiftly towards the barn and used her earthbending to cage the Deer Dogs in a way so that they won't attack her. She wiped her hands in satisfaction, and walked into the barn.

    There was the mount. It was an ostrich horse, and in perfect condition. She walked up to it and started stroking it's fur so that it would calm down. "Shh, shh." It was skitterish, so she couldn't do any sudden movements or else it'll make noise and bring the 2 men back here. "Calm down. Shh."
  8. Katsu stopped. He could hear growling, and howling. Son of a bitch! "Looks like your Deer-Dogs aren't THAT good." He ran off towards the barn, his companion going as well. He'd be damned if some asshole stole his mount. He'd work far too long to buy one. He reached the door and tried to open it. Locked. "Dammit." He didn't have time to wait for the farmer to open it up.

    Katsu got both his weapons, the masterwork steel gleaming in the sunlight. "You better not be stealing my horse you good for nothing bastard!" He hit the old, dried wood with both maces, easily shattering a window. There he was. The person in the ragged brown cloak. "Hold it right there!" Katsu's amber eyes gleamed dangerously.
  9. Lei expected the man to run up, she could feel the vibrations in the earth from his walking. He had lost the element of surprise, and as soon as he kicked the door down, she earthbended and sent him flying from a chunk of rock that had suddenly appeared from the ground.

    She undid the leash of the ostrich-horse, and calmed it since it was agitated. She had a way with animals. As soon as she got the animal out of the barn, she started mounting it.
  10. Katsu easily dodge the rock and crushed it with one of his maces. "Not going to be that easy asshole!" He charged into the barn, ready to break the leg of the person trying to take his mount. He'd be damned if the allowed that to happen. He already had his stuff stolen once before.

    He whistled and clicked and his ride suddenly bucked, kicking the would-be thief away with a powerful kick. "I would stay down I were you." He gripped his maces tightly.
  11. "Oof!" Lei managed to say as her stomach took most of the animal's kick. It sent her flying into some crates, breaking them into pieces as she landed. She got back up, and staggered a little bit, until she made a motion with her hands, which made a hole 2-feet deep, exactly where the stranger was standing. It didn't do much, because after that, she was clut ching at her stomach in pain.

    "Ugh... Can't breathe...." she managed to choke out. That animal had knocked the wind right out of her.
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