Avatar: The Last Airbender/Korra RP?

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  1. I've been looking to get involved in a Avatar RP since I joined, but I haven't seen any that are open or really even there. I've got ideas for a character, but I'm not really good at GMing. Is there anyone willing to GM such a roleplay?
  2. I've roleplayed the Avatar genre with a man named Prince a couple of months, I think even a little over a year, ago. I'm a big fan of both series, and I can co-GM. I've my hands full with my old literature themed RP though. If you find a willing GM, know that there's a co-GM available.
  3. Now, I may just be an old-fashioned philosophizing raptor-gentleman, but I do declare that if there's a "g" and an "m" in gentleman, there can be a GM in this here Philosoraptor.
  4. @The Philosoraptor Whaddya say 'ol chap? Wanna collab? I'm willing to head another project, this time, as an assistant.
  5. Splendid, splendid! I do say, old sport, I was waiting for a response, and blow me down if I thought to get one so soon.

    Guess we gotta decide the direction now. Hmm...
  6. I remember A Legend Reborn, and it was about a world without an Avatar, because the previous one had just died. Suffice to say, it evened out the playing field for everyone to become a bender without the unfair threat of an Avatar in existence. Perhaps we could do that, as well? I believe it'll be more interesting to keep things before Korra's era, since deadly machines have basically overthrown that universe. I do, however, like the idea of a fascist government overthrowing everything in Korra's final season.

    If you ask me, the first, third, and fourth Korra seasons were done extremely well, but didn't live up to its potential. The second season, however, was like High School Musical 2–let's all decide that didn't exist.
  7. I'd be interested in contributing to this.

  8. *busts in just like Korra in that scene*

    Well, what do we have here?

    Also, this is what I will keep trotting out anytime someone says they want ATLA/Korra RP but they don't have a specific idea.

    ...ahem, i mean.

    I am quite interested in this RP, and i would like to take part in it, as much as its possible!
  10. As long as i don't have to watch any of the korra series (Because theres like four seasons and i really don't have the time to watch it, then I'm in!

    I would be up for an AU, and i really like the idea of a world where the avatar died or something and theirs an even playing field, so we don't have to worry about some characters being op and all that.
  11. Methinks I might be down.
  12. Hollywood Undead. You get bonus points.
  13. Way to self-promote, Phazzie, dear.
  14. OMG thank you for noticing! Love them and it's great to see a fellow fan ^_^
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  16. *proceeds to foam*
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