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  1. Gopan entered his new apartment in the middle ring of Ba Sing Se. He had been on the road for so long it was odd to have a place of his own. Three years, six months and two days since his... incident. Unlike many Earth Kingdom citizens he was of fair skin, never tanning but covered in freckles, his eyes were a dark amber. He wore a straw hat, a brown shirt and red pants with green sandals.

    He looked around the room. A stone counter with spark rocks, several pots and pans sitting on it, his kitchen, it was combined with a small living room with an old looking couch. A doorway lead to a single bedroom with an equally old looking bed. There was a medium closet and an end table next to the bed. All in all a quint, if slightly cramped, living space.

    Gopan began to unpack his meager belongings. A spear, a change of clothes, two water skins. He wasn't wealthy but he had gotten luck. A job at a small tea shop as a waiter, hopefully quiet neighbors, and most of all; no threat from the Fire Nation. That was something he didn't want to think about right now. That could wait for tonight, when he got some hot saki and got to relax before starting work tomorrow.
  2. Toga moved through her apartment sluggishly as she rubbed her eyes. She wore a simple green skirt fit but with enough flexibility and leangth to bend. A brown leather belt covered the left side of the full skirt for protection. Her shirt was a fitted tee again a brown leather band wrapped around her back and came to a crossed tie patter in the front. Two brown leather forearm guards and a pair of knee high brow leather boot completed her look for now. As she shuffled through the house to the kitchen she pored her self a glass of water. Gulping it down before going back to her bathroom where she washed her face and tied back her black hair showing her tired but very green eyes. Yawning one last time she headed to the door.

    She had been working night guard for a while now atop the wall. But, yesterday was her last day. With plenty of money safely hidden she planed to relax maybe do some sight around the world who knew. But she wasn't going to work anymore unless it was just small odd jobs from time to time. All she had left to do was go pick her paper work up. She opened her door rather loudly letting it sling against the wall. A wall that divided the two apartments. Little did she realize it put a whol into the rock wall wall. She slammed the door shut and began to drag her feet down the hall.
  3. Or neighbors that weren't so quiet. Gopan hesitantly went to newly created hole in the wall, looking through the portal. He cleared his throat. "Uhh... hello neighbor. I think you hit our wall a bit too hard." Earthbenders; Stubborn, Strong Willed, Loyal and Steadfast. His father had taught about them. Being a merchant noble's son had its advantages he supposed. He looked at the person in question. A young woman close to his age, wearing a guard uniform. Wall watcher? Not good.

    "I'm your new neighbor, Gopan... don't suppose you can fix this? Can't Earthbend, got the short end of the Bending stick." He laughed some. "What's your name?" He asked the pretty young woman. A potential friend or enemy? Wall Guards were trained to look for Fire Nation spies and he looked like Fire Nation, curse his 'divine genes'. Even if he was immune to sunburn sticking out like he did was not a good thing in this city when the war was happening.
  4. She stopped and turned around rather annoyed. "Hey buddy how do you know I bend I could just me a look out fix it your self." She crossed her arms glaring at him. But, when she got a good look at him her face went a bit more alarmed. "You, you look like." She rubbed her face before sighing. Remember not your problem anymore Toga not your problem she repeated to her self. "You know what not my problem I have to try and remember not everyone is evil just kinda evil. I'm done with guard duty anyways." She mumbled before stomping to the wall. Her foot hit the ground causing the rocks to fly up level with the whole. She then moved her hand forward with power and force placing the rocks back inside. "There happy. I suggest you stay away from guards your lucky you moved into the area with only one guard, one who's not a guard as of today"
  5. "Uh okay... thanks. I figured you could bend because you made the hole in the first place." Gopan said through the wall, rubbing the back of his head. "Not on guard duty anymore, why?" He knew he shouldn't pry but whatever. "Why should I worry about guards? I'm just a refugee." He said, playing innocent. He had seen some people as pale as him but not many. He waited a second for an answer and went back to getting his stuff where he wanted it.

    Atleast the girl seemed to not care what he looked like. Maybe he could have a life here. A life of peace. This war was pointless.
  6. Before she made it all the way down the hall she turned to yell back at him. "You refugee or not would be taken to be tested by some guards just because of the way you look. I would say you should get a born citizen to sign for you at the office they will give you a permit to show any guard who hassles you. About it. Thant information is to say sorry about the wall." She waved and walked down the stairs she wasn't worried about anyone hearing she knew everyone's work times in the building they were the only two on this floor and the one under it right now.

    After she turned in all her paperwork and finished with everything else that was bothersome she stopped by a bakery and bought some dress bread and jam. She than picked up some tea leaves and headed home. She would be lazy the rest of the day she had sake at the house and planed to finish it all tonight. Fresh meat for stew as well it would be her own privet party for her now jobless life. Ones she was on her floor she headed straight for her door opening it loudly one again but not allowing the rock to crumble like last time. She then slammed it shut with her foot dropping her groceries on the table. Staring at the stone dove before her with an angry expression. There was a reason she hardly cooked her self. She was horrible at starting fires to cook. Grumbling she pulled out the wood stacking messily in the oven part. She then provided to light the fire with a few matches. One math after the next went out before she could make it to the paper under the wood. "Damn it why!" She never understood it but a match wouldn't even stay lit for her. It had always been like this if she had to carry a lantern it would blow out in seconds the other guards learned quickly to not use her as a lacky to carry the light for them. Growling she stood up she had to have someone light this for her she was down to three matches.
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