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  1. Heyo, I'm a currently jobless artist so I figured in the meantime while I apply to places I'd open up commissions on the various websites I use.

    Right now I'm only offering head-shots, which is perfect for icons and avatars! ^^



    mm avatar lineart.png

    Flat Colors

    mm avatar flat colors.png

    Full Shade

    mm avatar full shaded.png

    Simple Background

    mm avatar full shaded with bg.png



    I can accept both deviantArt points and paypal.

    Lineart - $10 usd / 1,000 dA pts

    Flats- $15 usd / 1,500 dA pts

    Full Shade- $20 usd / 20,000 dA pts

    Add a simple background- +$2 / 200 dA pts

    How this'll Work


    1. After receiving details, I'll show you the sketch and you can request changes to be made.

    2. After changes have been made and the sketch is given the OK, I will request payment.

    3. If I do not receive payment within 5 days, I will stop working on your commission.

    4. When I have payment, and the drawing is finished, I'll send you the png file. I cannot send a finished file to anyone who has not paid.

    5. You can request really minor changes to be made after receiving the finished piece.

    6. You can use the art how you like, but please credit me by name if you re-post it anywhere.

    7. If for some reason I'm unable to finish the commission, I'll refund your money. I doubt this will happen.

    Comment or PM me if you're interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.