Aurora: A Tale of Pirates and Merfolk

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  1. This is a Chat RP scheduled for Saturday, August 18 at 5PM, in the Roleplay Cove


    More info HERE.

    No bios required, but I'd like anyone who plans on joining to post what they'll be playing so I can start making lists. The role of Pirate Captain is up for grabs, leader types for Merfolk are fine too.

    Black Silver - Captain

    Dawn - Prince

  2. aherm.. Me playing a mermaid..! Will figure everything out sometime... : D
  3. Gonna play a pretty little blonde-haired, green-eyed merman. Possibly the equivalent of royalty. Do merfolk have princes?
  4. I don't see why not? :P
  5. I got the captain! >:D
  6. I think I might use the pirate I used for October's pirate Rp that one time.
  7. :ecstatic: PIRATE! ^_^ Her name is Kimu. =3= :ecstatic:

    :excited: And August 18th is my birthday!!! :excited:
  8. Consider it a birthday gift then! And welcome to Iwaku :3
  9. :ecstatic: Why thank you, kind Pirate Madam Princess lady. :ecstatic:
  10. Birthday roleplays are FUN. Trust me :D
    I shall try my best to do my part in making it the most awesomely awesomest of the utmost awesomest kind of awesome birthday roleplays.

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