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Heyho Iwaku! Nemo here to deliver some Community news faithfully on the first of this beautiful month of summer ending and a return to life. Has that ever stopped us from writing wonderful stories together and escaping real life? Nay, I say! And neither is our mission to help newbies on the site.

For the month of August the theme is: From a Newbie Perspective.

What does that mean? Anything, from welcoming newcomers (and returnees!) in New Arrivals & Departures, or help some lost souls in Help Desk! Entirely new to roleplaying, or do you want to explain 'roleplaying' to your non-roleplaying friends? Check out Roleplay Help & Writing Guides and join a few of the lessons posted there, or write your own!

Still new and figuring it out? Post your question and who knows, perhaps your question shall inspire the next guide!

New to coding instead, or still utterly and entirely lost on the fancy blocks of codes some seem to magic up? Check out The Coding Lab for the wonderful guides provided there and especially the new and revamped Divtionary 2.0 !

As per usual it isn’t about the newbie only. It is also about you the community! Join us in the Iwaku Summer Book Club where we are reading a thrilling murder mystery for August. If you feel more hands-on, write and submit your own short story in Tales From Iwaku, the deadline is creeping up on us just like our days of summer are numbered! Looking for a creative break instead? Join us in General Chatting for some fun and leisurely time (new month, new tug of war #team blue).

To end this non-awkwardly; keep on voting for Iwaku, consider joining staff, stay on sparkling and see you in the forums!