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Which genre do you want for the August Festival of Genre?

  1. Pirate

  2. Prehistoric

  3. Teen Drama

  4. Historical

  5. Noir

  6. Mystery

  7. Adventure

  8. Urban Fantasy

  9. Paranormal

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. We've had members suggest a few good genre ideas over in the Festival Planning Group! 8D There's a couple awesome fun ideas to choose from that should be able to provide lots of plot bunnies and opportunities for a varied festival in August.

    SO VOTE! You have until the end of June! And the top voted festival will be August's!
  2. If we tie... do we get both?
    Pirate noir... heehee.
  3. If we get a tie, we'll do a second round of voting. XD
  4. Hmmmm mixing themes....

    Naa, that's better for RPs. Kitti make a pirate noir RP now!
  5. Paranormal! Let's have some freaky activity up in this joint >:D

    Ah~ But pirates are nice too ^^
  6. Enlighten me...what is Noir? XD
  7. Just a quick note, guys. Remember that Horror is the festival for the month of October when making your choices.
  8. You have no idea how painfully thankful I am that Teen Drama does not have all the votes.
  9. So far looks like it's gonna be Ghost Pirates!
  10. Pirates are winning yes.
  11. I like how things are looking.
  12. Ghost pirates is an idea. A lot of old pirate legends involve ghosts of some kind, and if not them, then curses or the like. Ghosts and pirates could easily go together if they had to.
  13. I dunno, guys. You have to remember that would mean a WHOLE MONTH of JUST Ghost Pirates. D:

    If we end up with a tie, there will be a tie-breaker vote.
  14. Can't say I want to do paranormal & horror back to back. Come on Pirates!
  15. An Adventure of Ghost Pirates

    Fuck tie breakers, take the top three
  16. Well, I'm prepared for Pirate month! Since it seems it's going to end that way :]
  17. Pirates, you say?

    All I ask, is why are there not more votes for mystery? I want to be Sherlock Holmes,... Just not Sherlock Holmes.