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  1. In 2023, a research team comprised of British, Korean and Indian neurobiologists claimed to have uncovered the final secrets of the brain - how the conscious mind functions. However, while journeying to Geneva to present their discoveries to the world, they seemingly vanished without a trace, their notes, files and equipment taken with them.

    In 2047, a great war broke out the likes of which was mirrored only by the second world war of more than a century previously. It lasted only 3 years, and out of the ruins rose a new superpower that dwarfed even America in military strength - the Qatar-Singapore coalition. Though low in population, they made up for their numbers with fully automated drones, tanks and even mechanical footsoldiers. One of the most famous battles from the war was that of December '49. Though lasting but a month, the fight saw almost two million casualties on the Russian side and just 13,000 on the Coalition's side.

    By 2053, the UN had dissolved completely and been reformed under the command of the Government of the Coalition, which enforced its new regulation with an iron fist. This regulation was simple - all citizens of all countries under the Coalition are required by law to be fitted with an electronic tagging device that serves to identify the bearer. This device is placed on the brain stem, and is capable of reading the brain's data and sending it wirelessly to terminals that possess the required access levels. No other regulations were enforced, surprisingly, and countries were allowed to go about their daily business as they wished. According to the Coalition, the new empire was to ensure that future conflicts would be prevented.

    In 2054, an upgrade to this device was issued, again, mandatory. This allowed the device, commonly known as the "Tag" to now write into the brains data as well as simply read it. The upgrade was carefully tailored in a way that means it can only write sensory data, ie, cause hallucinations. This technology was dubbed "Perfect Augmentation", and essentially allowed Augmented Reality to be used on a day-to-day basis. Originally, this was used only to broadcast things like important news signals directly into people's minds, to make sure they never missed out.

    2057. Police forces across the globe were authorised to use Perfect Augmentation to subdue criminals by forcing them to hallucinate highly unpleasant visions. This was achieved through the use of tools known primarily as Breakers, which can take the shape of many different items, ranging from guns to pencils to umbrellas. Breakers came in three varieties, with low ranking officers granted use of only the first:
    Level One - indicated by a blue coloration, Level One Breakers are capable of storing only a single "Protocol". A Protocol is a sequence of code that causes a hallucination. Some parameters can be changed, but not many. For example, a "Being eaten by a horde of cockroaches" protocol would only be able to change the speed at which the hallucination progresses, but would not be able to change the type of beetle.
    Level Two - indicated by a purple coloration, Level Two Breakers are capable of storing two protocols.
    Level Three - indicated by a red coloration, these can store - you guessed it... three protocols! Level Three Breakers are the only ones capable of inducing hallucinations of pain. The lower levels can only manipulate vision, hearing, taste and smell.

    2057 - a rebellious organisation arises is protest of the use of Breakers, calling them unethical. Their cause is supported by much of the population.

    2058 - Terrorists obtain their own Breakers and use them to attempt open rebellion. Though the rebel organisation claims this group is separate to themselves, they still lose much of their support, and are forced to use Breakers too if only to balance the fight.

    2060 - Unable to launch their war machines in civilian areas, the Coalition have no choice but to allow the fight to continue, which has escalated into a civil war. In Hong Kong, the rebels have grown so numerous and powerful that they control a third of the city.

    So, as you can see, I have an interesting premise here (inspired by a combination of Remember Me and Chaos;Head), however, I can't think what to do with it now. Anyone got any ideas for what the players will be, and do?
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