[Aug 18, 2013] Potterverse Charp Part II! (Roleplay Cove)

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    You are cordially invited to a Harry Potter Alternate Universe CHAT ROLEPLAY setting on THIS SUNDAY from 5PM Central until 10PM or when everyone falls unconscious and runs away.

    This is a continuation from last week's roleplay. A part two, but ANYONE can jump and join as we are starting the scene out fresh. :D

    Volunteer students from Hogwarts are at a FIELD TRIP to an undisclosed location to collect plants, herbs, and whatever is on a big check list. There are at a lake, with a Tree House Hotel. Earlier in the day, one student got hit with a Petrification Spell and several others attacked by enchanted Snake Vines.

    Teachers have asked ALL STUDENTS to stay inside the hotel, while they investigate. You are one of those students!

    This roleplay is a slap and dash Charp for those that really enjoy silly roleplays in the Potterverse! EVERYONE IS INVITED. If you wanna play, show up in the cbox just before 5PM and let it be known you're there. You don't need to know anything about Harry Potter, this is just an opportunity to play with wizards and wands. :D

    If you wanna post a little bit about your character here, do so!