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  1. Well, might as well strut my stuff, as they say.

    Auburn Sunset is a third-person, interactive visual novel, set after the events of my previous game, Demon Hunt. It will be made in Flash and set to be fully voice acted with over 2500 lines of dialogue.​

    Full Game Features
    • 9 Full-Length Chapters
      • Including an additional side chapter 2.5
    • Changing Sprite/Textbox Expressions
    • Fully voiced dialogue
    • CG Cutscenes with subtitles
    • Choices that affect conversations
      • Morality of your choices is saved
    • Original Music
    • Menu System
      • Includes a Map and Journal
      • Full Screen and Windowed options
    • Exploration and item interaction
    • Animated Opening and Ending
    • Volume Slider
    • Save checkpoints
      • The game now saves your progress every time you finish a chapter! Finishing a chapter also unlocks more content...
    • Unlockable Bonuses
      • Including 18 Bonus Scenes, 9 CD Drama tracks and a Character Gallery
    Includes 9 Full Chapters

    Basic click and dialogue voiced by talented actors

    CG Cutscenes also voice acted with subtitles


    This is a project I've been developing for several years now, and I'm aiming to get the game Greenlit on Steam this summer. The full game will be free to play, regardless of whether it makes it to Steam or not.

    Don't know how often I'll update this thread, but I'll definitely drop a link once the demo's up.
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  2. Recently finished my Spin-Off Otome Game, Lavender's Blues. It was supposed to be a one-shot bonus thing I did for Valentine's Day... but then it got long. Anyways, it's up on my deviantart for anyone that wants to play.

    Lavender's Blues
    A short Spin-off Otome Game based on some of the characters from Auburn Sunset.
    On the romantic holiday of Heartafel, Lavender Serith finds herself alone once again while the object of her affections, King Sentus Niveus, is off to his own devices. With some help from her close friend, the Duchess Abigail, will she find true love this Heartafel season?

    This part includes 4 unique endings based on your choices.
    (And once again, this is completely non-canon)


    Lavender's Blues: Part 1

    Lavender's Blues: Part 2
  3. The official Greenlight for Auburn Sunset is live! Please vote yes!
    Steam Greenlight Page

    Demo downloads are also available for PC and Mac.

    Also got an official trailer, which took a lot of work and animating.
  4. I played the demo for Auburn Sunset and enjoyed the storyline! Cisaya has a long day ahead of her! I voted yes. I hope I get to see more of Cisaya and her friends!
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  5. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

    Haha yep, she's got a long way to go. It'll be a wild ride, I'll say that much for sure.
  6. Just some more updates and art.
    I made an page, so anyone can also download the demo there for free!
    Auburn Sunset on


    Valkyria deserves all yur wuv
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  8. Having been one of the beta testers, I will commence my review of what little I was able to play so far.

    Firstly, user discretion may be advised, as there is definitely some course language in this Visual Novel, though I will note that more or less all of that language is basically the responsibility of a singular character. Though I will not name this character, you can be durn sure you'll run into him VERY quickly and know who I'm talking about.

    This Visual Novel is very enjoyable, while perhaps it's not going to be as flashy as most visual novels out there, in terms of assets, it quite frankly does not need to be. The characters are on the whole enjoyable, the voice acting is crisp, easy to understand, and not at all on the standards of amateurs.

    Furthermore the dialogue is very enjoyable, and has quite a number of moments in the first two chapters I experienced that not only took me off guard, but made me genuinely burst out laughing, and causing nearby people in the household to give me odd looks at my uncharacteristic outburst.

    The setting and story, are enjoyable, and many of the concepts are not very difficult to grasp, even if all you have to go on is context. Maybe someone might find reason to critisize it, but I would merely shrug and say 'your loss.'

    Also, this VN has the most adorable critter in it ever.

    Please, please, for this, Steam Greenlight is largely a sea of garbage from sorry excuses for 'developers', but games like Auburn Sunset are diamonds in the rough, and this deserves to be greenlit, moved forward to the store, and purchased once fully finished, please give the author your support.

    EDIT: As a correction, the finished product will be free, which...really just means GIVE THE CREATOR EVEN MORE OF YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT
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  9. Without even reading it, I can easily find one thing wrong with it off the bat.


    Just that one thing makes me disinclined to read it and gives a poor first impression. Of course if you're going for the silly comedy route that's all well and good, but reading the synopsis doesn't give me that feeling.
  10. Firstly, there is a good deal of comedy in the game, as much as there is also a serious story.

    As for bikini armour, all I have to say is that this is a fantasy setting, and realism is definitely not on the forefront when it came to character designs.

    You can judge an entire game off one or two outfits if you'd like, but I personally think that's a shallow way of looking at something. I'm usually not a fan of blatant fanservice all over anime VNs either, but there have plenty of great works with 'bikini armour'.
  11. Well, hey, at least you get points in charisma, right?

    Show Spoiler


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  12. Not sure what you mean by your second sentence. If you're implying that fantasy settings = bikini armor, that's pretty dead wrong.

    Sure it's not impossible to have an entertaining work with bikini armor, but how many of those works are "serious"? Kamidori alchemy meister is a pretty fun VN and it has bikini armor, but I don't consider that a "serious" work (though it tries to be). Bikini armor is just a flag/warning that I shouldn't take the work seriously and have a healthy suspension of disbelief.

    If you're going along those lines though with a semi-serious take to it, then more power to you. It's just that things that are serious fantasy sorts of settings don't have bikini armor without a justifiable reason; the .hack series had bikini armor because the setting is an fantasy online game, though the story is fairly serious.
  13. And that is exactly what I mean. I think in ANY fantasy or fictional setting in general you're going to need a suspension of disbelief, but that doesn't mean you can't take its story seriously. Bikini armour isn't any more unrealistic than conservative mage robes in terms of protection. But unless there is no magic involved and it's a straight up historically accurate representation of medieval warfare, neither would ever make sense realistically on the battlefield.

    I am going for a semi-serious tone, with inspirations from JRPGs like Tales of games and Fire Emblem. I'm a fan of these because of their bright designs (which are far from realistic) but still fairly serious stories. I hope that cleared up some of my intent in terms of the genre/designs.
  14. Well mage robes obviously wouldn't make practical sense if there was no magic involved, not sure what your point is with that. Difference between robes and bikini armor is that the former has multiple practical in-universe justifications for its use while the latter doesn't really have any.

    And whut. Fire Emblem doesn't have much bikini armor for its characters, if at all. Besides Camilla, most of the female characters have realistic armor designs IIRC. Can't speak much for tales since I only played hearts and abyss, but designs there were fairly tame and standard; none of the females wore armor in the first place, I think. Anyways, just my two cents after all. Bikini armor won't break or make a story but it can give a negative impression if you're going for that sort of serious tone.
  15. I'm not seeing any bikini armour here.

    I see a character who doesn't have her arms covered, which could be for some kind of speed based combat, and I see a character who looks more like a noble than an actual warrior. If anything, I'd say the guy in the poncho looking thing is the least appropriate armour there. It sounds to me like you're just stirring up trouble on purpose. Try offering constructive criticism.

    Why do you think this armour is bikini armour? How does it not provide any kind of tactical or in world effectiveness? Also you don't know about this game's world, since how could you? The game is just being released. So how could you know these outfits aren't applicable or appropriate? You're criticising it just to put someone else down who has obviously worked hard to actually create something. You are offering zero constructive criticism, and are just being rude on purpose. Fire Emblem also definitely has bikini armour. Play Fates.

    Real life armour was determined by real life needs. Fantasy armour is determined by fantasy needs. This isn't Code of Princess levels of gratuity, I think you may want to calm down.

    Seems like a neat game, I'll vote for it.
  16. You're clearly missing my point here, so I won't dawdle on trying to elaborate.
    Side note, believe me, Fire Emblem has plenty.
    Anyways, I do understand where you're coming from. I think the designs are appropriate for the tone and setting, so I only think it's a shame if its deterred you or given the wrong impression.
  17. Now to completely move on, and insist I do have a sense of humour:


  18. No need for the hostility. I am perfectly calm here, but it's clear that you're not. Btw giving ratings for spiteful reasons will get you a warning, though I won't bother to report you; you're a throwaway account so what's the point? Of course, if your reading comprehension is that poor, then I understand why you might rate my posts that way.

    That said, won't bother refuting your points since you've obviously given up on having a discussion by resorting to petty behavior. If you want a response, get on your main and reply; don't hide behind a throwaway.

    Btw, I find it pretty funny that you tell me to offer constructive criticism (which I'm arguably doing), but you don't offer any.

    @Valkyria: I find your use of the word "plenty" to be up to debate. I can probably find more female characters that are properly armored than not when looking across the whole FE series though that's way too boring to do so.

    Keep it if you want though, was trying to point out that it might be a deterrent rather than an incentive for people to read it when they see that. I hope I didn't come across as hostile. Was only trying to be helpful, though I could see how my replies can be seen as being a negative nancy. Anyways, I'll look forward to the finished product and give it a go then. Good luck with it.