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  1. Name: Silas Montgomery Parks

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Race: African American

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    All tattoos except for the cross on his chest. Dark brown hair that is dreaded and usually kept in a bun as seen above. Hazel eyes. Stands at 6'2" and has a nicely toned body from working out daily.

    Background: Lives with parents and three other siblings, him being the oldest. It's a good family that has had its up and downs but has always come back stronger. With his father stuck in a wheelchair, being paralyzed from waist down, Silas has matured into being the man of the house where his father can't. He's usually quiet but knows when to speak and be outgoing, and does most of the house chores since his siblings are usually too stubborn to help him. He is currently working towards becoming a French translator for anybody who needs him; however, he needs more practice with the language. Miraculously, he was recently given the opportunity to go to France and live with a host family for a trial of three months before he has to decide how long he wants to stay there. Due to his mother's persistence and wanting her son to experience life and reward him for being so good, he took the opportunity and is now well on his way to France.
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  2. [​IMG]

    tavin "tavvy" delaine.
    age: twenty-eight.
    gender: male.
    race: human.
    perѕonalιтy –
    the son of a wealthy businessman, tavin's never been anything less than cunning. he's certainly a manipulative creature in his own right, with schemes and success stories aplenty.
    occυpaтιon: self-proclaimed businessman.
    appearance -
    eyeѕ: dark brown.
    нaιr: half-curling strands of black; shaggy and often unkempt; onyx follicles falling just past his ears.
    ѕĸιn: translucent alabaster; smooth.
    нeιgнт: six foot four inches approx.
    weιgнт: twenty lbs. underweight.
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  3. "Quelqu'un est à la porte, Tavin!" Someone called – presumably his mother, judging from the underlying musical tones – from the foyer downstairs. Someone's at the door, Tavin. A deft twist of his wrist and he straightened his collar as he pivoted gracefully on a booted heel, exiting the bathroom.

    Descending the sinuous strairway with similiar ease, Tavin entered the foyer just in time to see his mother open the twin doors with a flourish, a gracious smile etched into the cool features of her pretty face. But then ..

    "Qui est-ce?" Tavin asked. No answer came.

    Even from where he stood, posed on the last step, he could see the way his sire's narrow shoulders had stiffened, almost immediately upon opening the door. Had it been one of their many friends, she would've greeted them warmly, bestowed kisses on their cheeks, and swept them inside. None of that was happening here; hell, if anything, he could hear her smile snapping like twigs in winter.

    Noticing his mother's discomfort prompted the birth of Tavin's own—he moved forwards, pushing his lean frame between his mother and that of the visitor's.
  4. (( All the French is coming from Google Translate so sorry if it doesn't make sense. xD ))

    This was it. This was the day that would start a new beginning, hopefully for the better. Silas exited the taxi, and after paying the impatient man with a bad habit of eating garlic, he removed his luggage from the trunk and stepped onto the sidewalk. He took the small opening and looked around the neighborhood. There were people scattered, walking here and there in their lonesome selves or with a friend or two. It didn't seem like too bad of a place, but the twenty-year-old hoped that he hadn't been paired with a crazy host family. He hoped they were on the scale of welcoming.

    Silas walked to the twin doors of the address he was dropped off at. With a couple of firm knocks, he prepared himself and cleared his throat. Very soon, a woman opened the door, a stunning smile curving her lips before she seemed to stiffen. He heard a masculine voice call from the back but neither answered. That resulted in the carrier of the voice coming between Silas and the woman.

    "Oh, ehm... Mon nom est Silas. Je suis ici depuis les Etats-Unis et censé vivre avec ce ménage. Bien que j'ai peut-être la mauvaise adresse ...?" He hoped he didn't have the wrong address. He looked it over and over again.
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