Attorneys and Prosecutors

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  1. So I spent a lot of today watching How to Get Away With Murder and played some Ace Attorney, so I decided why not make a little something something based on those two?

    What's gonna happen in this RP:

    Participants will be allowed to play as either a Defense Attorney or a Prosecutor. Each respective side has their own goals, but an attorney must prove their client innocent while the prosecution must prove them guilty. The GM(s) will play as witnesses, the Judge, or anyone involved in the case. They will also be involved in writing/fleshing out the cases and creating the evidence that will be found at the crime scenes.

    Who will be doing what case will be selected at random.

    Not every client will be innocent, and whether or not the victim gets their justice will be up to the lawyers and prosecutors.

    ANYTHING can happen to either you or the witnesses, which can alter the cases significantly.

    Defense Attorneys and Prosecutors can find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time, which means they may end up being the accused in some cases.

    (More will be added if this gets interest, because I plan to add a story)

    Jobs for a defense attorney:

    -Defend your client (Duh)
    -Discredit the Prosecution's witness(es)
    -Interrogate the accused
    -Cross Examine all testimonies
    -Present (or Object with) appropriate evidence
    -Investigate for evidence that will prove useful for your case
    -Gather information by any means (There is no limit as to how you do it, but there will be consequences depending on what you do)

    Jobs for a prosecutor:

    -Gather information by any means (Same as defense attorney)
    -Add credibility to your witness'(es') testimonies
    -Interrogate the accused
    -Review witness statements
    -Present evidence to the court (Prosecution will sometimes get a piece of evidence that will nullify the defense's. Which it is will not be said)
    -Discredit the defense
    -Prove the accused guilty

    Jobs for an Assistant

    -Tag along with the defense attorney/prosecutor they want to help
    -Provide a second brain for the defense/prosecutor
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.