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    Aveline Bonhuer ((She is French.))
    Aveline is a very strong willed person, despite her gentle looks. She will fight people twice her size, not only physically but mentally as well. Her stubbornness often hinders her since she wants to be independent, but it is her will that makes her stand back up when she is knocked down. Her word is final, her promises are never broken, and she can come off as a little harsh. It's not that she means to be, it's just she never felt the need to hide her opinion. So most people knew right away that she didn't like them or not.
    Subtlety is not her forte, and it shows.
    If someone wanted to find her during the day, she would either be sleeping underneath/in a tree or reading in that general area. Sometimes she is out with her older brothers, trying to keep up with them and defend herself if they were wresting. One place she will never be is with her Aunt. Who was a very feminine person and wanted her to be as well.
    Now she hates being put in dresses and skirts, but she did enjoy learning how to cook and sew. Simply because she found it useful. Skirts and Dresses only let her flashed people, so she typically disliked them.

    Survey Corps
    Shiganshina District
    Aveline never gives up, she will not stop until the very end. Luckily she is quick on her feet and resourceful, albeit her plans can be a little crazy, but they work well at keeping her alive. Strategically, she is ranking just barely above average due to her reading a lot of books on the subject. Her prowess being in blind spots and her reflexes.
    This girl, despite how she is good at making a strategy, can get off of it easily, and prioritize attacking. Her stubbornness to not ask for help also puts her in a lot of tight situations. Aveline will often go out of her way to help her comrades, in and out of battle, so she basically makes herself Titan bait so no one else has too. Her most horrible skill is a mixture between teamwork and her hunger.
    Depending on her team, she is either constantly bickering with her team mates or is trying to do all the work herself so that her friends don't get hurt.
    Despite how strong she seems to be, the moment she gets hungry, her strength depletes rapidly fast to the point that she either has to get feed or she has to sleep off her hunger.
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  2. Name: Curt Alveran (Always wanted to use that as a last name)
    Age: 17
    He has thick, short, dark brown hair with slight curls; dark blue eyes; a slight, even tan; and stands at around 5'8".

    Curt's father always described life in the Survey Corps as giving him a rather strong sense of purpose - even after losing his leg. In fact, the missing limb seemed to give Mr. Alveran even more reason to think back on his days in the military. But he would hold a rather odd look when he did - something akin to hurt or longing.
    Seeing everyday life as rather plaintive and random, Curt often craved adventure and activity as a young child. In fact, he still never feels right just sitting around doing nothing. The only time he sits still is to read, eat, or talk - reading gave him other worlds to explore, talking gave him people to figure out, and eating (unfortunately for his spare time) was necessary. He constantly explored his home district and always tried to find things to do.
    He inherited his father's pride (minus the military experience) a bit, and will stand up fiercely for himself on the right subject. He is overall enthusiastic and channels at least a little emotion into just about everything he does.

    Curt learns rather fast, but his eagerness and intense focus can sometimes lead to oversight of details. He will pay so much attention to things he believes are most important that he may miss other crucial items; if there's ever such a thing as "focus too much", Curt has already done it. Nevertheless, he is persistent, adaptive, and observant.

    Weaknesses: Boredom. Boredom is a feeling Curt finds rather groggy and intoxicating. Spending too much time under boredom will put Curt into a non-creative and lathargic stupor and eventually lull him into sleep (and he never wakes up from this kind of sleep in a good mood). Curt is also emotional; when under great duress, his feelings can come out into his mannerisms without his notice.

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  3. *Addendum
    Strengths: Curt can lay out a plan of attack and change it on the fly. He is agile in his 3D gear and hardly ever misses a kill once he's in the "terminal zone" (his own term for being a second or two within striking the titan's neck. It's the distance where one is too close to abort attempting a kill safely). He also understands sacrifice and will act as bait or leave a doomed comrade behind as the situation dictates, however much it may hurt him inside.

    Weaknesses: One of the things that has always disturbed him to his core is how humanoid the titans are. He can strategize and plan around the titans, and he can commence kills without a problem. But going into battle requires a certain amount of mental preparation as observing or coming face to face with titans outside of combat will bother him and sometimes give him a moment of pause. Not having a clear directive or no time to plan can also hamper his ability to fight.
  4. It all started five years ago. Aveline was only twelve. In that awkward stage of not yet a teenager but not a kid either. The day before everything changed, she had been out without her brothers. They were off doing chores, but since she was a girl, she was allowed to be excused. The day passed by as she rested within a tree, laying on top of a tree branch. A book in her hands. A very special book, one of fairytales.
    The one girly thing she indulged herself on. So far she had read the book over a million times. Sighing, the girl closed the book and rested it on her developing chest. Her eyes were tiredly staring up at the canopy of leaves that had specks of sunlight peeking through. It was a pretty sight.
    Sometimes when the wind rustled the leaves, for a moment the specks would turn into small rainbows.
    When the wind came, it blew her light brown bangs that weren't tied up with her ponytail. Even the dress her mother had forced her to wear that day moved with the wind.
    Not that she cared. She was wearing shorts underneath, much to her mother's chagrin.
    "Humans know such humble days are precious. Yet, where are the buyers for such excess?"
    Aveline recited with a bored look while she reached her hand out to the golden rays falling through the canopy of leaves.​
  5. Curt usually was a very quick "starter"; he would be up swinging his feet out of his bed nearly as soon as he was aware that he was awake. But this morning, after he slowly opened his eyes, he stayed stretched across the sheets of his bed for a while. Today was the day he had decided he would tell his parents about his desire to join the military. What gave him such pause on a subject that normally inspired a small feeling of excitement and adventure was his pondering on how they would react; his mother rather disliked it when his father went on reminiscing for too long (especially when their son was present). His father's military days was often the spark and center of many arguments, some of which he felt neared the scale of shouting.

    As he slid into the living room, he gathered rather quickly how well his desire to join the military would go over. His mother was scrubbing and slapping dishes about rather angrily, and his father was tapping on the peg leg crossed over his lap as he gazed outside the window with a look somewhat akin to constipation or dissatisfaction. It was the most disturbing silence Curt had ever felt, and he was afraid that merely alerting them to his presence would break some great ancient law of existence and wreak unholy consequences. As such, he spent as little time as he could inside as talked with them (keeping his career path to himself), ate breakfast, and went rather eagerly on his way outside.

    Midway through his 12th year of life, he had begun to grow rather sharply and rather enjoyed running along the gentle hills with his ever lengthening and strengthening legs. He had also started paying a little more attention to girls, and while he couldn't deny that he felt a somewhat involuntary pull towards them he rather enjoyed it. They were different now - new. The part of the crowd that he had once taken as much for granted and as part of everyday life as any other soul were now drawing into the foreground. They looked different, talked different, and (most of all) acted different. They were an all new puzzle, and if he was going to start paying more attention to them he might as well relish the chance to start trying to figure them out. In fact, there was one girl in particular he enjoyed talking to and trying to figure out, and if he was not mistaken she should be sitting under that one particular tree... Pushing the morning's eerie silence behind him, he took off to see Aveline.
  6. Aveline heard the sound of someone running toward her tree, long before she turned to look down at the ground to see who it was. Only to feel her eye twitch. It was him. Curt. Ever since they turned the twelve he has been following her around and asking her questions. It annoyed her so much. He treated her differently from all of their friends. He treated her like a girl.
    Rolling her eyes, she turned onto her side. She did not want that. It wasn't fair. Aveline did not ask to be a girl. It was thrusted upon her. Hopefully he didn't look up to see her laying on a branch. She didn't want him to find her. Or ask her questions.
    "Go away!"
    The brunette yelled at Curt, not that she bothered to look down at him from her spot in the tree. The girl was perfectly fine where she was. All she wanted was for him to leave. Today was her day off chores. When would she get the chance to read like this again. Not that she would admit it, but Curt was... Cute. But he annoyed her too much for her to even continue that train of thought.​
  7. He didn't even make it to the tree when he heard a shout call for him to leave. Curt stopped at the outburst and peered at the tree curiously as he approached.
    "Why? I haven't even said anything," he called back.
    A quick scan and a walk showed she wasn't on the ground, so he looked up and quickly spotted her laying against one of the branches. Oddly enough in a dress that very much complemented her skin tone. He felt himself blush just slightly, but he pushed it aside as he walked around the tree just a bit to get a better look at her.
    "It's not very often that I see you wearing a dress," Curt added curiously.
  8. "That's the point!"
    Aveline responded back, peering over the edge at him with a frown on her plump lips. She could see Curt looking up at her and.. Was he blushing! Eck! Rolling cerulean eyes, the little girl scoffed.
    "Stop blushing you weirdo or I'll beat you up!"
    With that she sat up on the branch, holding her book in her hand. The brunette crossed her arms and her leg as a breeze tussled her hair. Blowing her locks gently as they fell from the bun they had been in. Right now her hair wasn't that long but it was long of enough to be put up. Unfortunately that had been her last tie. Throwing her hands up in the air, she pointed at him from above.
    "Now go away. You're ruining my day off."
    Aveline just wouldn't let it go as she climbed down the tree. It did not take her very long until her bare feet were planted firmly on the ground and she was walking away from her spot. To make her point clear to Curt, she let her shoulder slam into his as she passed him.
    "I don't want you bothering me."
  9. Curt winced as she slammed into him and walked on by. She was much more assertive today than she had been in the past.
    "What did I-" But he trailed off as he thought about it. For whatever reason she was being aggressive, it sounded like it was tied to her "day off." But day off? Off from what?
    It made sense to Curt to leave her be, but what else would he do? He had already explored most of the district, and he didn't have a lot of friends. Well, normally he would've gone back home, but today...
    He scratched his head as he thought about it. He'd try one more time, and then if it didn't work he would go home. And decide how best to break the news to his family...
    Curt ran to catch up with her and then walked backwards as he gave her sly a look, "Did you know there was a hole in the wall?"
  10. Aveline glared at Curt unhappily, usually he would leave by now. But no, he just kept following. Thus making her even more annoyed with him. Her ears caught the sound of him running to catch up to her and then he walked backwards in front of her. Giving her a sly smile as he spoke.
    "Did you know there was a hole in the wall?"
    "It's a wall that has been up for a long time. I'm not surprised considering that stupid cult starts crap whenever anyone tries to do maintenance on it."

    The brunette answered honestly as she sped up to walk past him and leave him behind. It wouldn't surprise her if a Titan broke through the wall thanks to those religious fanatics.
    Her bare feet feeling the softness of the grass that she walked on. Even at twelve years old, she saw past most of the crap adults told. That the wall was going to continue protecting them. That no Titan could ever break through or be tall enough. How would they know what was possible. A few decades ago, cannons were impossible. A few centuries, Titans never existed.
    What say did they have. They never have been outside the wall. Therefore, their opinion on Titans meant nothing.​
  11. He frowned at her reply but he kept on pressing to keep up with her, "But isn't that scary? What if the wall is slowly breaking down? What if the titans broke in? What would you do?"
    Curt really didn't want to have to just go back home, and his questions were as much out of honest curiosity as they were desperation to not be alone. He always told himself he would go into the military which eventually begged the question - what would he do if he had to fight titans? Even if he joined the Garrison, what if titans broke in? His mother had mitigated a lot of his father's reminiscing, and even his father refused to tell him certain things. All he really knew was that the titans were... well, giants, and that they were the reason humanity hid behind the walls.

    He wasn't entirely sure what they looked like, how they behaved, or if they could be communicated with. How would he act when he came face to face with one? Then again, the military would teach him everything he would need to know and how to act or handle a titan, right?
  12. "It's not a matter of if. It is breaking down and it's only a matter of time until the titans do get in. Since our only hope is the military, you better hope that the Garrison troops aren't drunk. Either way there is going to be a lot of deaths. If you haven't notice the extremely high body count of the Survey Corps."
    Aveline paused before stopping and pointing at the wall that went all the way around the tiny world she was confined to.
    "The only difference between them and the people here is that they are trained so last a few seconds longer than the milliseconds we would if a titan came our way."
    With that she placed her hands on her hips and stomped her foot. She didn't want him asking her questions. Even if she preferred these questions over ones centered about her. They were still questions.
    "Die! I would die because how in the hell is a twelve year old going to defeat a thing over ten times my size and regenerates at an incredibly fast rate that would make it impossible to kill. Not to mention the only thing that can cut through it's skin is the sword things you see the Garrison's wearing with the box of blades and wires."
    It was clear she had interrogated her uncle when he had joined the Garrison. Luckily being stationed here made that easier for her. Yet, even he did not tell her everything. Much to her chagrin. Though it was enough to get her interested.
    "My only hope right now is that I can learn how to fight before they get in."
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