Attack on Custom

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  1. Since Attack on Titan is quite graphic the actual thread will be in the Mature section. Here is the link to the sign up:

    Your character was sent on a mission to explore a massive temple. The man who sent you, also sent everyone else with evil intent. Although your character may be in a different world than the others, the temples are the same as well as the end point afterwards. Once you have set foot into the temple, it was too late. Your powers/abilities were cut in half and you were slowly being linked to the dimension of Titans. Once you finally found the object you were sent for, a bright light engulfed you and you felt everything fade.

    Shortly after the fading you see a light that rushes towards you, welcome to the dimension of Titans. Once the light becomes normal you realize that you are staring at something's feet/legs (depending on how big you make your Titan) and look up in shock. This thing looked like a naked human without genitals, but was giant! "GET AWAY FROM THAT TITAN!!!" You hear as the Titan starts to go after you. Now is the time to react, will you survive or will you die?

    Alright so for everyone joining, you will need a basic understanding of Attack on Titan. Please go research if you really want to be a part in this RP, otherwise submit your characters and be careful!