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  1. ((Okay, so I'm wanting to do some kind of spirit-attachment MAYBE leading to possession rp. I'm kind of nervous doing this actually, because I don't want to invite bad things into my home. But anyway, I have another rp literally just like this. It's the normal version without spirits and paranormal things. So if you want to do this rp, minus the creepy stuff, the other one is the OOC url. Yes, that is the normal roleplay. BUT it's not made yet, so hold your horses! ^.^
    Please have your character be at least 21 for this roleplay, if you are playing the brother, so it will make more sense. :) My character is twelve. It makes sense in my mind, anyway, haha. I'm thinking maybe their parents have been dead, and later in the rp, once they looked up this paranormal stuff, Chloe thinks it's their parents ttrying to contact them, but the beother has a feeling it's not, that it's something dangerous.
    Ooooo :p
    Also, I would like to apologize for this being a bro/sis rp, and my character being pretty young. Other characters are welcome, but it focuses around the siblings. I apologize because like, all of my 1x1 rps are bro/sis with my character being at a young age. It's weird. I'm weird. :p
    FINALLY, the rp.))

    Chloe's face could only come across as frightened. Her eyebrows furrowed together as her body and head tossed and turned nonstop. It was one of those nightmares again. The ones she's had for some days now. She would wake up in a cold sweat, and maybe even wake up crying. But none of them compared to this one. This one was the worst of all of them- and this time she could not wake up.
    Little did she know this was one of the symptoms of her unknown situation.

    Her brother hadn't thought to take her to the doctor. Not yet anyway. Night terrors was common for a lot of people. Just nightmares, that's it. Nothing seemed wrong with her other than that.

    He slept peacefully in his room in contrast to Chlo (nickname), that was, before he was jolted awake with her screaming. Despite his dizziness, he jumped out of bed and ran to his sister's room, where he saw her puking over her bed, right onto her pink carpeted floor.

    He flipped on the light and quickly made his way over to her, holding back her dark brown hair with one hand while he rubbed and patted her back with the other. All during this, his mind racing as to why she would be vomiting. Luckily, it was only due to her horrifying nightmare.

    After a minute or so, she finally stopped, and sat up as he went to get some tissues out of the box on her beside table. When he got some, he walked back around the bed and sat on the edge of it in front of Chloe, looking at her with worried eyes. Her chocolate brown eyes had tired lines under them, her forehead was lightly layered with sweat, her eyes were red from crying, surely, and her hair was in disarray.

    "You okay?" He asked softly, using the tissues to wipe her mouth. She nodded subtly closing her eyes for a moment. "I'm sorry." She said quietly, her voice tired.

    Confused, the brother stopped, looking at her gently. For what, waking him up? "For what?" "For throwing up on the floor." She replied, opening her eyes. It was a carpeted floor. It would be a pain to clean up. But it's not like she did it on purpose. "Ah, don't worry about it." He began to wipe her mouth and sweat again with the handful of tissues. Hopefully it helped some. "Accidents happen." There was a small time of silence, comfortably.

    "Do you need some water?" He asked. She shook her head. "Hm... alright. Well, go brush your teeth while I clean this up, okay?" She nodded and almost silently left the room, while he, as promised, cleaned the mess.

    Later, he watched Chlo as she got in the bed slowly. He could tell she was sleepy. But he was almost one hundred percent sure she would wake up again, waking him too in the process.

    "Want me to sleep with you tonight?" She just sat on her bed, silently. "I can keep the nightmares away." He said softly. After a second or two, he was answered with a small nod, and so he turned off the light and got in bed with her.

    He held her close through the night, especially during her nightmares. Luckily, they weren't nearly as bad as the previous one. But soon enough, he fell asleep too, and he wouldn't wake until morning, the sun shining through Chloe's window, giving the room a dimmed light.

    ((SORRY this is soo long! ^.^ Anyway, if you could continue from there, that'd be great! Thanks!))
  2. Matthew stirred in his sleep as the sunlight illuminated the once dark room, his eyes tightening against the light as he slowly came back to his senses. With a quiet groan, he covered his eyes with a hand, trying to rub off the sleepiness, while the other roamed free through the mattress. He frowned In confusion as his hand touched something soft on the other side of the bed. A body. What the... The memory of last night interrupted his thoughts.

    "Oh... Right." His gaze turned towards the small breathing body on his side, worry immediately taking place on his features. Honestly, he didn't know what to do. He felt useless. Matt was Chloe's big brother, and he couldn't do nothing to help her. Nothing.

    With a sigh, he rolled his body so that he could fully face the girl, taking in her peaceful sleeping face. He didn't want to interrupt that peace, so he let his legs push him out of the bed and lead him out of the room. But not before leaving a little peck on Chloe's forehead. He headed towards the kitchen, ready to prepare a special breakfast to his baby sister.

    (I hope this sounds okay. If you do not like something, let me now, 'Kay?"
  3. ((Okay!))

    Maybe thirty minutes later, Chlo awoke with a stretch of her legs, shutting them tight before opening them again. Still wearing her sleepwear, she slowly sat up on the edge of her bed. She froze slightly, a small feeling suddenly coming to her. Her eyebrows furrowed a little as she slowly looked behind her, feeling as if there was another presence in the room, watching her.

    She expected to see Matt, maybe she didn't notice him before. But no one was there. She slowly looked around her room and sighed softly before going downstairs. She was too tired to look around her room for nothing.

    The feeling left her as she walked down the stairs, her hand gently holding the handrail with a soft grip. She smiled slightly as she smelled food, and walked toward the kitchen. On the way to the kitchen, she passed a ____ (something belonging to Matt, you pick lol) on the coffee table. She thought it was something he brought home from work, but she never paid attention to it. As she passed it, she eyed it, just looking with a plain face as it turned into a wince. Her head began to throb in pain as she felt a small feeling of dizziness. She held her head and tried to keep on with her way to the kitchen, which she did.

    Her dizziness had subsided by the time she got to the kitchen, but now she had a small headache. She rubbed her temples with one hand while the other gripped the center counter to help her climb up into the chair in front of it. After sitting, she out her elbows on the counter and continued to rub her temples, closing her eyes. She felt tired, sleepy. Maybe she should go back to bed.
  4. Matthew was finishing to fry the eggs as he heard the sound of light steps entering the kitchen.

    "Morning." He said without turning back, now disposing the egg on a plate with fried bacon and waffle. He picked up another place with food and headed towards the counter, putting both plates on it. He kissed Chlo's forehead before pushing a chair and sitting by her side.

    "How are you feeling?" Matt asked worried, just now noticing the way his sister seemed to be extremely tired. He looked to the plate and frowned, maybe making something quite so greasy as eggs and bacons wasn't the best idea after all.

    "Hey, if you don't feel like eating egg and bacon and waffle, I can go get you cereal, 'Kay?" He said gently, while pulling a strand of the girl's hair behind her ear.
  5. She nodded subtly and crossed her arms. She got that feeling again, that there was someone else in the room, other than Matthew that is.

    She looked around the kitchen casually, then put her head down on her arms on the counter, closing her eyes. After last night, she didn't really have an appetite for food right now. Especially for bacon and eggs.

    Chlo was silent. All morning actually, had she been silent. It wasn't like her. Usually, she would be talking about curious and such. But of course she is quiet sometimes, when she doesn't want to talk, is having a bad day, etc. So in a way, this was normal but not.

    (Sorry for the bad post! :/ )
  6. With a nod, Matthew poured Chlo's food on his plate and stood up, putting the now empty plate inside the dish. He opened one of the cabinets, looking for a bowl, and then opened another one, picking up Chlo's favorite cereal. He went towards the fridge and picked up the last milk carton, making a mental note to buy more later, and poured it on the bowl, before adding the cereal. On his way back to the counter, he grasped a spoon and put it inside the bowl, placing it in front of his sister.

    With a sigh, he dropped gracelessly on his chair, glaring at the food as if everything was its fault. With a gentler look, he turned towards the little girl, lightly putting a hand on top of her head, as if offering comfort.

    "Hey, if you wanna talk about it, I'm here, 'kay? Don't ever hesitate to ask for my help, and if you do, I'll know that I have failed at the role of the cool big brother." Matt said with a soft gentle voice, adding a short light chuckle at his last words.

    (Nah, it's not bad!)
  7. "I'm just tired..." she mumbled tiredly, her voice muffled. She put her head up and saw the bowl of cereal, and her face lightly grimaced. She didn't want to waste his food, but she didn't feel like eating...

    "I'm not hungry..." Chloe mumbled quietly, gently pushing the bowl away with her fingertips. She felt guilty, but she wasn't going to force this food down her own throat just to throw it back up. That's what she was afraid of.
  8. Ashely awoke to the sunlight in her room. She knew that somehow, somebody opened a door, a door that seemed impossible to close. All that she could think of was that nightmare with the horrible creature that she saw. "Could this be creature that somebody unleashed?" Ashely thought that morning. But that was not important at the moment. What was important was getting to school on time. She brushed her raven hair into a bunch of curls and put on the standard Ravencraft High School uniform as she head out the door to catch the bus.