Atricis: Resurrection (Dragonriders of Pern Semi-Canon)



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Benden Weyr isn’t the only thriving Weyr. All the others are still going, with Benden doing the best of all, and to be considered the strongest Weyr on Pern. The other Weyrs scattered across the Northern Continent are racing to catch up with this strong and proud Weyr. So much so, that a Weyr, tucked away between mountains and rivers, has almost been forgotten.

Atricis Weyr has been struggling for survival, trying to keep their protective range on the Northern Continent and keep in good standing with their nearby Holds as the Senior Queen’s clutches continue to fail. As the turns have passed, dragonriders have been lost, and the Weyr is in desperate need for candidates for the clutches that still are produced on the sands.

Atricis: Resurrection is a non-canon Pern role-play that has been around for over three years. Set in an alternate timeline of the 9th Pass of Pern, we are nestled on the Northern Continent in the Haedrus Mountain Range, with the Moteus River set upon our western outer wall.

The five colors of Green, Blue, Brown, Bronze and Gold make up our ranks of Dragonriders with the addition of two uncanon colors. Our uncanon female, a Zultanite, named after the zultanite gemstone that her hide seems to mimic. Zultanites are midsized females with the ability to clutch like Queens. Our uncanon male, still new to the ranks, is a smaller grey but metallic male called a Pewter that range in their size from the size of a blue up to even a small bronze in size.

Within our protective range are three holds. The mighty Atreidai Hold, the oldest and largest of the three, with a minor crafthall for the Tanner Craft is located. Serafei Seahold, Atricis’ only tie to the sea and the fish that are brought from it, where a minor Fisher Crafthall is situated. Finally, Ione Hold, a bit more south than our other holds, it is the smallest and youngest, but is still thriving.

Hardly two miles south of the Weyr is the unique Isil Tunnelhold. As the name suggests, it is a living place situated beneath the ground in a series of intricate, dark tunnels near an underground river. It is here that the area’s whers and wherhandlers are housed, and whers can lay and hatch their clutches to be given to the wher candidates.

Like the Weyr, Isil Tunnelhold’s wher ranks are made up of the original five colors, and two uncanon colors. The midsized male wher known as a Prismatic. With a blue base in color, often dark blue, and the dancing of various colors across their hide in even the dimmest light, it is apparent where they name came from. The female uncanon, known as an Andalusite like the gemstone, is a larger wher, capable of clutching like all females whers can.

To add to that all, we even have an original pet that was found in the Tunnelhold. A sort of cave dwelling firelizard with smaller wings and bioluminescence, most commonly known as a Starlizard. There is all that and more to be found on Atricis: Resurrection, and interesting plots, member contests, and fun chats are always going on. So come by, say hello and have a cup of klah!