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  1. Alright. I'm giving the basic information here. I've got more details written out, but I want to know if there's any interest in this roleplay before I start dishing real details. this is what's going down:

    Group 1 - Organization Z (Not the real name.) - Unknown. Basically they're here to bring Atlantis to its knees, and there ain't much anyone can do to stop them. Why? No one knows where they are, who they are, or what they are. Basically everyone has chalked their existance up to nothing more than scary stories.

    Group 2 - Badasses, evil. They've got their own plans, and they ain't pretty. Non-Atlanteans. No one is sure how they got here.

    Group 3 - The good guys. They're trained to 'deal' with evil. They are kickass to Group 2's 'badass', terrifying to their 'scary', and they might just be the only hope Atlantis has.
    Oh yeah, did I mention that they're facing a potential apocalypse, and having to fight demons while they're at it?

    Okay..So there's the very basics of what the roleplay will consist of.
    There will be a list of races and their descriptions, more information on each Group and what types of people might be in each of them.
    If this idea interests you at all, give me a post and I'll put up more information. (:

    *Note : This roleplay is based around the "myth" of Atlantis, but that doesn't actually have to be the name of the place. (I sincerely doubt that Atlantis was the actual name of the city/island, in the even that it actually existed.)
  2. I like the basic concept. you are really imanginitive :)
  3. Lol. Why thank you.
    I have no life. ;-; That's probably why I have such a big immagination. :P
    I'm trying to decide if the 3rd group should contain a wide variety of beings, or if they should all be of the same race.
    I'm kinda torn...
    'cause some of the characters that I've been wanting to do an rp for could totally fit in that group, but..I..just don't know. Lol.

    Group 3 is either going to be a race of immortals, or it's going to be the characters that I want to put in.

    The immortals would basically be a race specifically designed to track down and eliminate evil. I'm not really sure what their perks/qualities would be and what not, though.

    The characters that I want to throw in would be half Atlantean, half Greek; each named after the rivers of the Greek underworld. (Those are a few of them.) Another few of them would be the Horsemen, and then the rest of the group would consist of several different races and what not.
  4. here is a challenge for you since you have three groups, as well this may make it easier on the roleplay, when you post the in game up make three different threads on for each group so that each group doesn't get confused with how the roleplay is going and it may make it a little more fun to play. :) just an Idea
  5. Sounds like a pretty awesome set up. I've definitely thought about Atlantis RPs before, but less creative. ^^

    One question, how are group 1 and 2 really different? I mean, in terms of goals.
  6. Good question, actually.
    In terms of goals, they aren't much different.
    Both have no problems with killing anyone who gets in their way.

    Group 1 is more intent on government destruction and bringing Atlantis to its knees from withing. Working in a discreet manner that will keep people from realizing what they're doing until it's too late.

    Group 2 is more the...kill them all and let Hades sort them out type. They're here and they don't care who knows that they are here or who knows what they're doing. They have no regard for people, and want to destroy Atlantis as a whole; they're also kind of leaning towards the whole "Hey, let's help start the apocalypse, just for shits and giggles" style. :P

  7. Sorry. I didn't see this.
    Am I allowed to do that? o-o
  8. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to :). I think that others have done it. My opinion is that if it helps the story then go for it.
  9. Cool beans. (: Thanks for the idea.
  10. Some More Details On The Groups -

    Group 1 - Organization Z (name subject to change) was founded by an immortal with the ability to control lesser immortals, mortals, and most importantly, demons. This person is even less known than the organization itself. No one can tell you so much as the gender of this person, let alone what race they are, where they came from, where they are located, what they want, or why they are doing this. Only a select few outside of the organization actually realize that it exists, nevermind knowing its purpose.
    The organization is currently working on taking over larger, rural and suburban towns. They've met with more success than most would like to think, and they have an unknown means of getting the townspeople to keep their mouths shut about the existance of Organization Z. Apparently the townspeople are very subject to whatever scare tactics the orginazation happens to be using. Those that know it exists and have a general idea as to what it is doing, believe that death threats, and possible deaths, have been used as a means to keep the townspeople silent. Think about it. Would you go blabbing about what was going on in your little town when the life of the person who meant the most to you was at stake? Not likely. Their goal is to discreetly bring Atlantis down from within, so that by the time anyone realizes what they're doing, it's too late.

    Group 2 - They don't really have a name, and when you consider that they're nothing more than blood-thirsty assholes bent on destroying Atlantis (and basically the whole world), I'm not sure they really need one. They're not exactly organized, with the only thing even suggesting organization about them being that they do have an established leader. They are, for the most part, indiscriminate killers, who are concerned only with chaos and destruction. Don't let this fool you into believing that they can easily be defeated, though. When I say they're badasses, I don't say so lightly.

    Group 3 - Group three is a little more complicated. They're the good guys, but they kick more ass than either of the other two groups. Many of them have been "fighting the good fight" for most of their lives, and for some of them, that's a very long time. As a whole, they've been around for several centuries, as individuals, they've been around varying lengths of time. Their purpose is to round up and/or terminate any demons or others who cross the line when it comes to existing in this world. Essentially they're the supernatural police force, if you will. There are five main branches of this group spread across Atlantis, and each branch is headed by two supernatural beings.
    Styx and the horseman who will be Death head up the first branch.
    Acheron and the horseman who will be War head up the second.
    The heads of the third branch are Cocytus and the horseman who will be Famine.
    Phlegethon and an as yet unknown female head up the fourth branch.
    The final branch is headed by Lethe and the horseman who will be Pestilence.
  11. More Details On the Horsemen and those named after the Rivers of the Greek Underworld -

    -The people who will be the horsemen are not yet the horsemen. They hold a seal, and if that seal is broken, they will turn into the horseman they are destined to be. There is only one person who can prevent their seal from breaking, and that person happens to be the one who is the co-leader of the branch that they head. Should their seal break, despite their co-leader's ability to prevent it from happening, their co-leader is the only person who will be able to save them from becoming the truly destructive force they are meant to be. (The prevention of the seal from breaking relies on the presence of the person who can prevent it from breaking.)
    -Phlegethon: He is the key to breaking all of the horsemen's seals at once. Should he die, each person destined to become a horseman will become that horseman.
    -There are two other ways for their seals to break. The first is that the person who is meant to prevent it from breaking dies. The second is the natural way; which cannot happen unless their preventor isn't around. There is a prophecy that states the event that will cause each of the four seals to break. Should the event happen, their seal will break.
    -The people who are the horsemen have a bit of a problem. If there is large scale war, death, famine, or pestilence, they will be drawn to the place where it is and have to remain there until the worst of the problem is solved. This could take days, weeks, months, or even years. They feed off the energies these scenarios create, and are unable to leave the scene, no matter how hard they try.
    -Styx is a female. Death is male.
    Acheron is male. War is female.
    Cocytus is male. Famine is female
    Phlegethon is male.
    Lethe is female. Pestilence is male.
    -Each of the people who were named after rivers in the Greek underworld are siblings; quintuplets to be precise. They are half Greek, half Atlantean, and all god. Their father is Hades, and their mother is the Atlantean goddess of death, destruction, and rebirth.
    -The destined horsemen are all half-siblings. They all have the same father, but different mothers. Their father is the Atlantean god of chaos, war, and pestilence.
    Death's mother is Kali.
    War's mother is The Morrigan.
    Famine's mother is Demeter.
    Pestilence's mother is Themis.
    -This list may be added to as I think of more information you might want/need to know.