AtLA: Rise from the Ashes

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  1. OOC: This is an Avatar: the Last Airbender based RP. It takes place one year after the War has ended. Original characters only, and please be capable of writing at least a paragraph per post. Thanks.

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    Ryozo was born in the Earth Kingdom, but most of his life was spent in the slums of Ba Sing Se, surrounded by stone buildings and congested twisting streets. Until he began his journey to the Fire Nation on foot, he had never been able to appreciate the lush beauty of the Earth Kingdom, the abundant forests with towering trees, the rolling green hills, peaceful hamlets and stretches of farmland. He was a restless creature by nature, the inner flame in him constantly burning. But being away from the hustle and bustle of city life forced him to slow his mind and appreciate the world around him, rather than disregard it with his normal cynicism and disgust.

    But Ryozo wasn’t on a simple sight-seeing stroll. Every step he took, he grew closer to the port city, closer to the Fire Nation. And then he’d find him, the Fire Nation Captain, who brutalized his mother and brought him into this world as a bastard. He wasn’t certain what he would do with the Captain once he found him, but all of the revenge fantasies he had played over and over again in his head involved lots of red; the red of the Captain’s uniform, the red of blazing fires, the red of blood being spilled.

    The thought made a smile curve upon the firebender’s lips.

    In spite of being an Earth Kingdom native, Ryozo inherited his appearance from his Fire Nation ancestry. At eighteen, he had finally grown out of the awkwardness of adolescence; he was tall, and slim, with lightly corded muscle earned from years of rigorous martial training. His skin was naturally pale, but darkened to an olive-brown complexion from being exposed to the sun. His ridiculously high cheekbones, and the harsh lines and angles of his face prevented him from being considered traditionally handsome, but many a village girl he met on his journey had sighed wistfully over the thought of the kisses his full lips were capable. His black hair was so long it brushed past his shoulders, but he kept the wayward strands tied back from his face. Perhaps his most striking feature, which distinguished him from his Earth Kingdom neighbors, were his piercing golden eyes.

    He dressed simply in a faded green tunic and pants. A knapsack carrying the majority of his belongings slung across the broad curve of his shoulder. In his other hand, he bore his old trusted bo staff, easily mistaken for a cripple’s walking stick, but a blunt and deadly tool in the right hands, his hands.

    The young firebender walked along the forest trail, but he wasn’t so lost in thought that a rustle coming from nearby shrubbery didn’t catch his attention. He immediately tightened his grip on his staff. Bandits and highwaymen commonly concealed themselves in these forests, preying upon weary travelers and merchants transporting their wares. He had nothing of value that he worried would be stolen, but in the desperation that followed the War, a ruthless bandit could easily slit his throat and leave him for dead without cause.

    “I don’t like being watched,” Ryozo spoke aloud, interrupting the quiet of the forest. He stood defiantly, staring down the shrubbery he was certain his voyeur watched him from now.
  2. From a bush not too far where Ryozo stood, the sounds of a light sigh followed the firebender's words with a mocking chuckle as a response. "My, temper temper.."

    Quickly following the question the stranger placed, a dashing figure moved out of the bushes and straight up to a tree in a burst of speed that normally no human would see every day. The fury of speed combined with the winds of the area stirred a veil of leaves that blew all over the place, only to reveal a woman standing on a branch and holding what appeared to be a fan in her hands. The woman looked down rather smugly at the young firebender and gave him a smirk while twirling a strand of black hair with her availible finger. Judging by her worn out mint pants and a torn forest green cloak wraped around her shoulders, she seemed like a traveler. She did not wear the drags that people would normally wear in the major Earth Kingdom cities. Perhaps she was a theif, a drifter that traveled to and fro to take advantage of defenseless commuters. But this one boy was a different target if this were a case of a theif and a would-be victim. The mysterious woman observed his defensive stance, his weapon stiffly held by a deadly grip. But she had little to no interest in causing any trouble today. Carefully, her leg lowered to rest upon a branch stump as she began her decent to the forest ground below, not even using a quick pace or a care of the world around her after she finally stepped off the tree. She spun around and opened her fan, announcing her intentions without shame but with a joking undertone to her strong voice. "I was just 'enjoying' the view."
  3. He couldn’t help but start in surprise at the girl who flung from the bushes and scampered up the tree. She moved with an almost inhuman agility, and before he could even blink she managed perching herself on the tree branch above him. A few wayward leaves caught in the gust of wind plastered themselves rather comically across his face and littered his hair. He shook the leaves off in frustration and watched her as she carelessly lowered herself from a tree to the ground below.

    Ryozo didn’t loosen his grip on his staff; if anything, her shocking speed and mocking demeanor alarmed him quite a bit, though he tried not to let his discomfort show. His cheeks burned involuntarily after her teasing, flirtatious remark. He cleared his throat and attempted to regain his composure, regarding the opened fan in her hands steadily.

    “Enjoying the view, eh? Well, I’m not here for anyone’s amusement, sweetheart.” The firebender glared, and wondered what the hell she was doing out alone in the woods. A pretty piece of bait for him to follow, probably, where an ambush of thieves and cutthroats undoubtedly awaited him.

    “I can assure you I have absolutely nothing to steal, so you’re wasting your time.”
  4. "No she's not. She needs some help. I mean...we do."A small, nervous voice stuttered. A girl who could be no older than 16 stepped around the tree the woman seemed to have leaped into. She tried to ignore her sister's reaction. She was supposed to stay hidden, but she couldn't help it. She was too hungry and looked like she sorely needed a bath. Her short, ebony hair was the same exact shade as the lady who'd openly flirted with a stranger and had large spots of dirt in it. Her piercing, emerald eyes stared down at the trail and she shuffled her bare feet (a sure sign of an earth bender). "Sorry." She whispered.
  5. (I'm assuming my character and yours are sisters. If not, I'll gladly edit~)
    The woman blinked under the blunt assumption the firebender just threw out there. Dark emerald eyes flickered from the young man to her surroundings, seemingly processing her visual area--namely the sight of the bo staff wielder-- and then speaking out with a slightly more serious tone. Glancing at the timid girl behind her, she then gave a faint frown and began to fan herself. "I'm not the one to steal belongings from defenseless travelers." The fan suddenly closed, making an echo that mixed in with the chirps of the wild songbirds. "I know the feeling all too well to resort to bullying people into giving me their food or wares."

    Rai Fei was the name of this confident woman of just 19 years of age.​

    Above Rai's ecstatic eyes were visible signs of scratches, nicks, and marks partially covered with a red ribbon tied around her forehead like a bandana. Aside from the timid girl standing at her side, she didn't look as worn down or hungry as her. In fact, her build was bulky from the shoulder and chest and finely defined curves leading down to strong calves that surely signaled she was an avid runner. Behind her masquerade, though, she stood close to her sister and gave her a passing glare of concern at her way. Rai's voice almost worriedly shook as she ran her scratched up fingers under the girl's chin. "How did you know I returned from selling my crystal weapons to a client just beyond Ba Sing Se...?" Rae sighed and whispered, "I'm sorry for being gone long, but I got some money now..and a couple of keepsakes for you."

    "Oh...sorry there, I'm rude aren't I?" Rai flipped her fan around and offered the 'handle' of it to Ryozo in a gesture of a peace offering. "I'm no thief, just a vagabond saleswoman trying to get by...the name's Rai. Rai Fei."
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