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  1. My name's Mel, a 27 year old with a deep fondness for the avatar fandom :)

    I'm looking for people with a solid grasp of the AtLA and LoK series, and a firm understanding of the characters. A giggling, cheery, frilly dress wearing Azula will not be something I want to rp with, ha.

    No firm plots in mind at the moment though I adore AU's, I have a love for pairings playing a part of my RP's, so here's what I'm looking for. I really adore darker worlds, such as the Gaang losing to the Fire Lord, Katara and Sokka never finding Aang, Azula also ending up banished by Ozai and scarred

    Katara x Zuko (I play either)

    Azula x anyone

    Everyone x everyone. I really pretty much ship anyone in the older Gaang with one another, though I only ship Zuko x Aang for slash, lesbian is otherwise...I ship all the girls together. Polygamy is also awesome by me, I like figuring out the complexities of alternative relationships.

    for lok...

    Korra x Asami

    Korra x Lin

    Kya II x Lin

    I tend to type longer posts (800-1000 words if in the mood) but can be quick and snappy with replies too. Just reply here or PM me we'll figure something out! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.