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  1. Support Iwaku by getting your own site! For every person who signs up for a hosting account this month and stays a customer, Iwaku’s hosting bill will be reduced by $5 per month. That means if 20 people sign up for hosting Iwaku’s monthly hosting bill will be $0 and Diana can spend donation money on updates and upgrades for Iwaku instead of server expenses.

    What would I do with a site?
    • Anything, as long as it is legal, but here are a few ideas.
    • A blog to talk about yourself and your hobbies/activities/travels
    • A site for your gaming streams, podcasts or reviews
    • A business site
    • A portfolio site to show off your artwork/writing
    • A site for your novel
    • A wiki to organize your roleplay ideas and world building projects
    • A forum for large roleplay projects that don’t really fit into Iwaku’s structure
    • A fancy email domain for you and your friends to show off with

    This sounds hard

    I am happy to help you get some of the basics ready and modern tools make maintaining a site about as easy as posting on Iwaku.

    Why not just donate to Iwaku?

    That is a great option, and Iwaku will always have expenses other than hosting. Unfortunately the servers that Iwaku runs on cost significantly more than $100/month. The only reason I am able to provide hosting to Iwaku relatively cheaply is because I host other sites also.

    The main server is not located at a low budget/low quality provider or in someone’s basement. Yes, both have been suggested. Between the cost of the servers and licenses the current cost is approximately $450/month.

    If you just want to make a one time or short term contribution to the site, donating is the best option. But, if you lasting contribution and get something out of it yourself, this is the best option!

    What else do I get out of it?

    When you sign up for hosting you get the following:
    • A website/email (obviously)
    • Donator privileges on Iwaku
    • Free advertising for your site on Iwaku (ad must be approved by the site admins)
    • The warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing you are helping such an awesome site

    What is it going to cost?

    Hosting starts at $9.99/month and a domain name is $14.99/year. The code IWAKU will give you 25% off your first hosting payment and help us keep track of who came from Iwaku. That is four months of free hosting if you pay for a year. If enough people ask for it I will set up a domain name for people to share so they don’t have to pay the $14.99/year.

    This helps to provide hourly backups to both Iwaku and your site to protect data against potential technical issues. It also allows for lightly loaded servers that don’t have thousands of sites on them.

    Where can I get more information?

    Atabyte Hosting Services or feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Remember to use the code IWAKU when signing up!
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  2. Don't worry, @Diana related disasters will not affect your site at all. It is all isolated.
  3. We have our first sign up! Thank you @Melon
  4. Can we arrange for Diana-disasters to add amusing things to other people's sites? Just... automatic Cornify injection in the event of a Diana-induced-event....
  5. Only yours.... Only yours
  6. Sounds good. I'm rarely on the web side of mine anyway. And any visitors deserve whatever happens to them!
  7. I am being a nice person for a change and continuing this promotion until the end of the year. Thank you to those who have already signed up.
  8. So, what happens if we stop paying for a while? Will our site go down and display some kind of error?
  9. If you are late a few days things will stay up. If it is going to be long term I will offer you a backup of your site and it will be deleted from the server. If you decide to start the site back up the backup can be restored with me or another provider.
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