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    There are many opinions in the world when it comes to angels and demons. Some swear they exist, others live by the notion that angels and demons are things of myth, much like the Greek gods. But there are some people who know the real answer, who know that as surely as humans need their heart beat, that demons and angels exist; they may even tell you that they walk among the living. For Adon, that rings all too true.

    Adonizek Piram. A man who was ageless but appeared to be 25. He was about 6 foot 2 and in pristine condition; Adon was too vain to let is mortal image go into a physical decline. One thing he took pleasure in was tattoos. On his neck he has the words "dybuk" and "se'irim" both of which mean demon in Hebrew. He has two full sleeve tattoos with pin up girls, skulls, tribal marking, and whatever else pleases him. Now, an important question, why is he on the Earth? Well, he is here to kill, steal and destroy, not literally but the in the sense of gaining souls to send to hell. And angels? They are on the Earth to do the exact opposite; they are trying to win souls to heaven.

    Right now, he was just walking the streets, one hand shoved in his jeans, another typing away to one of his many 'loves' on his phone. A cigarette hung loosely between his lips. There wasn't really a destination in mind, maybe his favorite bar for a beer or two, sift through the girls that were in there. Groaning softly, he shook his head. Girls there had gotten so boring. Where could he go?

    Eventually, he just settled on the mall and flagged a taxi down.

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    Since she was a tiny little girl she had known what her responsibility was. Erela had been to earth before...but it was when she was a human. When she was little girl she had gotten angry with her mother and ran away. When she was found was in woods near her home..floating face down in pond. The tiny girl had drown and had blacked out. When she came to, she was in a bright place. Later she would learn it was heaven and since she had died so young, she would be given another chance to go back down to earth. But there was a catch...she had to help people get back to heaven. Help the confused people get back on the right path. It was an offer she gladly accepted since she had been extended the same kindness. The wait though before she could go down, seemed forever. It turned out the wait was over three hundred years, almost five hundred to be exact. Five hundred years of preparing to bring people back to heaven.

    Erela had been on earth now again for only a couple of years...but it was wonderful. The blonde woman was able to experience the things she had missed, as now being an adult. She snapped back to attention as her phone buzzing in her pocket. Pulling it out, the Angel put it to her ear. After a brief conversation with a church pastor she hung up. A grin erupted across her perfect lips. There was to be a benefit occasion out at the mall, one of the resturant owners a part of the congragation. They were going to be giving meals to the Homeless and destitute that hung around the area. It was a chance to invite some people to activities and make sure they knew they were not forgotten by people as they regarded higher than them. Quickly, she turned on her heel and hailed a cab to the mall. Standing at five foot seven inches without heels and sporting bright, clear blue eyes she was a sight to behold. And very easy to spot. Climbing into the cab she gave them the directions to get down to the Mall and sat Angelic glow about her.

    It wasn't too much long until they arrived there. The mall was a huge, tall building with an endless amount stores awaiting inside. Stepping out of the cab she straitened her clothes out before going to meet the man for the service project. As she walked, she looked around, waiting for someone to catch her eye.

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  3. Once he got to the mall he realized how annoying it was to be here. Really? What was the point. He had all the clothes he wanted and as he looked around he came to realize that it is just a bunch of little split tailed teenagers. Yeah, he was a low immoral guy, but he wasn't going to sink as low as to seduce a minor; there were demons under him designated for that. So, until he figured out exactly what his plan of action was, he just wandered aimlessly in and out of stores, buying something here and there but things were about to change.

    He came out of one store and stopped dead in his tracks. There was a woman that caught his attention, ignited his desire. So graceful and soft. Most would probably describe her as innocent and sweet, but Adon marked her as a target. Women like that were his prime suspect! They never thought through anything. All they saw was a man who promised them anything they wanted, treated them as a princess, stayed faithful to them then fell right into his trap. Smirking slightly, he started to walk again and as he got close to her he pulled his phone out, trying to act like he wasn't paying attention until he ran into her.

    "Oh! Ma'am. I am so sorry." He shot her a dashing smile before heading to another side of the mall. What was his next plan of action? It was possible he could just stay in the mall, maybe get a couple more glances of her then leave then, through the night, he would be tortured by the thought of her, by the game that was going to ensue.