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  1. I have an rp idea that I did with a previous partner. It worked out very well, but in the end sort of dropped off the map due to lack of time for replying. Even though I have a large amount of the setting/time/etc plotted out, it is still 100% changeable (if suggestions make sense and add to the overall rp) I have text files explaining the two different races/societies of elves.

    I will surmise the basic story line of the role play. Syltheans and Unethlians are two races of elves that have been at war for as long as history has been recorded. There have been many ceasefires, but none had last as long as the current, 20 year, ceasefire. In the Sylthean society the leader is called The Head Chieftain. They have an understudy, The Apprentice. The young Apprentice receives information from an informant, speaking of a weakness in the Unethlian defense. Seeing an opportunity to prove himself, The Apprentice takes a small band of 200 skilled warriors to investigate the report. Reaching the area where they might infiltrate the Unethlian capitol, he finds himself caught in a trap, originally intended for the Head Chieftain. The battle is short and brutal, all but the young Apprentice are killed or severely injured. He is kept alive for questioning or for bargaining. Either way he is a valuable asset and they could use him. Now he is trapped in the pits of the Unethlian capitol with no hope of help or escape. That is where your character comes in. Your Unethlian can be anything, so long as he interacts with the apprentice.

    If you need more information and/or are interested in filling this position, just reply and we can talk. Keep in mind that the story line and setting isn't set in stone and if there is something you don't like, it can be discussed.

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  2. (Can I join)
  3. I currently don't have any other offers. Do you have any questions about the plot, scene, or anything else?
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