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    Space was.....rather boring. That was what ROYLAND had noticed during his two years in it. It was vast, sure, and beautiful, but he really didn't see the appeal. It was possibly because he hadn't explored it, or maybe since he had been in it his whole life it had just become dull. He didn't see the glory of it humans saw, though, either way. It was too empty. The colors really didn't fill it up with much.

    And yet, he couldn't leave the ship and go down to the planet below, as much as he wanted to. That was, mostly, because he was connected to this system-to the ship itself. It was also because the ship would go down without him, the AI system. Even if he wasn't the AI system, he was sure their messes would manage to destroy them somehow.

    He sighed- something useless to him, as he didn't need to breath, but a reaction he had none the less. He ran a hand along the white walls of the hallway he was in, passing the wide windows that were filled with brilliant blues and purples, and little pinpoints of light, none of which he took joy from. He was just here to make sure everyone was safe, so he supposed his joy really didn't matter; still, somehow, he wished he could at least enjoy SOMETHING. Maybe a bit of free will.

    But that wasn't actually possible, as he had programming, and they didn't. They had the tools to control them. He had the controls to the ship. However, that meant nothing, with the first statement still in existence. So, essentially, he could do nothing he wanted to do, and everything they wanted him to do. There was no inbetween.

    He was content, though, wandering the halls like this. It was night time, or what he assumed to be such since no one was walking about, and everything was peaceful. He didn't have anyone that could possibly compromise the people of the ship awake, much less doing anything productive. So, this was his own time-something rare that only came about once in a blue moon.

    He passed many doors, with a vault-like look to them and red numbers in the middle. Four digits, all of them, and they went up by two. 1446, 1448, 1450, so on, so forth. The lull of the engine humming filled the halls and nothing else. The hum had a nice vibrating rhythm to it. It was something that Roy personally loved, though he doubted anyone else did. He smiled a bit, running a hand along the wall of the ship once more, feeling the smooth surface.
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    The time was... Well, unknown. There weren't any clocks around where he was, which was pretty far from where he should be. But, honestly, he couldn't help it. The hospital unit was just so... So boring. Though he loved everyone there, they'd gotten pretty dull over the past year and a half he'd been there. Why was he in the hospital unit, up in space, you might ask? Well, Oliver's lungs were poorly developed, and he couldn't breath very well down below even with his little device that he always pulled behind him- The cart full of air, as he called it. So, he had been forced to get onto the "ship". Which, at first, he thought would've been absolutely terrifying... But in reality, it wasn't.

    The white walls brought a calming sensation to him, even though he already knew that he was going to die at some point up here. There were windows every so often, showing the galaxy ahead of him, and really the only thing that showed color where he usually was, was the doors. They were a minty green, almost contrasting against everything else which was a pure white. They were still pretty, nonetheless.

    But every once in a while, he wanted to go exploring, he wanted to see what else was there. Oliver usually got into trouble and never made it out of the hospital wing, but this time, he had. The male had thought about it for days now, and knew when everyone wasn't going to be paying attention. So, once that time had come, he'd finally escaped. He'd almost gotten caught about five times already, but now as he walked down the dark-red colored hallway, there was no one in sight. Where was he exactly? When in the Hospital wing, that's all you ever got to know. They never gave you any maps, any tours, absolutely nothing. He just couldn't handle the isolation anymore.

    He'd had a smile on his face ever since he made the great escape. Everything he'd seen so far had been absolutely amazing! Not everything was pure white like the hospital wing, there were many different colors here and there and he just... Enjoyed all of it. He didn't have to worry about people either, which was pretty nice. Oliver just got to explore by himself, and you have no idea just how happy he felt about that. Of course, he didn't know what would happen if he was caught. Maybe they'd just take him back and make sure he never escapes again, or maybe they'll even lock him up somewhere. Not like that'd be any worse than being in the hospital again. Oh well, that didn't really matter to him right now. As long as he was free at the moment, then he was fine with whatever would happen to him later on.

    Taking in the scenery as he passed another room, he couldn't help but laugh softly as he heard someone snoring. Apparently he did that from time to time too, though they tried to keep him from doing that since it was bad for his lungs. It was still funny hearing someone else doing it though.

    He pulled the metal full of air behind him softly as his gaze went from one thing to the next. It was just so cool seeing something other than the boring old sterilized Hospital. Oliver did have to be careful about his excitement though, just so he didn't die in the middle of the hallway or have another attack. He'd die with happiness though, so honestly, he was fine with that too.
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    ROYLAND paused for a moment, feeling something nag him in the back of his mind. Now, this wasn't exactly unusual. It happened a lot. As the AI, he had a lot of things going on at once. The security system was like a second pair of eyes and ears to him, and the announcement system was like another mouth. The doors and other such moving machinery HE could move with little to no effort, seeing as he was practically the ship itself. So, just as it was connected to him, he was connected to it. It wasn't as wonderful as it sounded. During the day, the constant background noise gave him something horrid that he could compare to a headache. And then, there was the nagging. The background noise was one thing, but he considered the nagging to be worse. Whenever a door opened, or a hatch moved, or something did an action without him willing it to, he would have a nagging sensation, bringing it to his attention. And this happened every. Single. Day. So, he had gotten used to it eventually, and began to ignore it. The thing was, the nagging shouldn't be happening this late at night.

    So, he changed course. He turned on his heels and began to walk the opposite direction, not REALLY knowing where he was going, but at the same time knowing. His feet moved for him, and his body certainly knew where to take him, but his mind- if you could call it his at all -his mind didn't know. All it knew was that he felt SOMETHING, and that SOMEONE was awake, and that he must make sure they aren't doing anything to harm themselves or others. Which was his main priority all the time, so it wasn't all that surprising.

    The funny thing to him, though he didn't find a lot to be funny, was that no one really knew he existed. The captain did, sure, as did the higher ups. Everyone else on the ship just knew it had a AI system. They really didn't know what it was called, or what it looked like, or how it acted. They just knew it was there. And yet, he was around a lot. He went to fix things. He checked up on everything. He even talked to people. However, it was like he didn't exist at all.

    Now, that part wasn't funny. The funny bit was, this person, who he was currently going to find, probably didn't know he even existed. They probably though they were being sneaky. However, that was not true, and he was going to make sure they found that out. He turned a few more corners, eyes staring directly ahead as he scanned the hall for any sign of movement.

    It took him a bit, but he eventually found the person. A boy. A boy from the hospital wing. Roy's stance, which was rather rigid since he was ready to reprimand the person, relaxed a bit, and he sighed. He couldn't exactly blame the person; the hospital wing of the ship was rather dull, and Roy avoided going there at almost all costs. It just had a dreary sense to it. So, no wonder the other decided to sneak out. However, while he couldn't blame them, he did have to get them back, because that boy was endangering himself. So, Roy slowly made his way over.

    "You shouldn't be out in the hall." He said, looking the other person over. The machine that he had- or just the metal object -certainly indicated that. If he needed to bring that thing with him, it was hardly likely he should be this far away from the wing at all, even during the day.
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    The dim lights kept him from seeing any farther than about twenty feet away, which was fine, but he'd always had a fear of the dark so he refused to look at what could've been in front of him. Which, in all honesty, wouldn't have been much. A few carts laid around here and there, but otherwise, he wouldn't bump into anything else. Everyone was asleep, at least he thought that everyone was asleep- Besides the people working in the Hospital Unit. Normally by nine, people were in their own rooms getting ready for bed after a long day. The ones who lived on the ship all had jobs, so be it just random cleaning or having to work with the big guns, they were all important to the ship. Even sometimes Oliver was able to help out, though that was rare and usually he had to stop quickly after.

    He didn't pay attention as he continued to walk down halls, only to stop in front of a very large window. Oliver couldn't help but feel giddy inside, a small smile forming on his lips. There was absolutely no way he'd be able to get over the view. It was just so... So magnificent, breath-taking even. He could barely breath anyway, so that wouldn't change much. But still, he enjoyed it like no other. Space had always been something that he'd been fascinated with. Of course he still is, but with his circumstances, it wasn't as fun as he'd always hoped it would be.

    Oliver had gotten so lost in the stars, that he hadn't heard the footsteps coming towards him. Not until the other began to speak. He practically jumped out of his skin upon hearing the other, having not expected anyone to be awake at that time. He was gripping the handle to the little metal cart so hard that his grip was turning white. "Oh... Um..." He paused, slowly turning to look at the stranger... Blood rushed up into his head, his cheeks turning a tinge of pink.

    Of course he would've gotten caught. There ought to be camera's around, so that's how the guy had found him so quickly. Hopefully he wouldn't get into too much trouble. "I'm sorry, I didn't think... That I was um..." He couldn't get the words out. The fact that there was some stranger, a very tall stranger in front of him, was intimidating. Yeah, there were doctors and even some nurses who were probably six feet tall if not more, but he'd gotten used to them. The guy in front of him... He'd never seen before, and he honestly was terrified. Maybe sneaking out had been a bad idea, he should've known that something like this would've happened.

    Taking a deep breath, he shakily spoke, "I'll go back." It was really all he could get out, but hey, it worked. Turning on his heels, the male began to walk back the way he came. If he hurried, he probably wouldn't bother the other guy, nor would he get caught by any of the staff. Pulling the metal cart behind him, he then continued to take a deep breath every few seconds to calm himself down. Meeting new people had never worked very well with him, it'd always cause him to freak and usually have a breakdown. Maybe it was because he was usually put into isolation, with the same usual people. Maybe he just couldn't handle it, but who knew, right?

    What time was it? He pondered, hoping that maybe he hadn't been gone too long, so that people wouldn't have noticed that he was gone. Should he ask for a watch for his next birthday? That would be useful... But... He didn't know how to read time. Yes, his highest level of education was a high school diploma, you'd think he'd know how to read time. But nope, no one had ever taught him, and he had never really thought that it would matter. All around the Unit he was stationed in, they always had easy to read clocks, not the ones with the hands pointing from one number to the next. Maybe he should ask next time...

    With his mind on time, he'd almost immediately forgot about the male behind him... That was how bad his attention-span was.

    ROYLAND immediately went to follow the boy, trailing about a foot behind him. Now, he was doing this for a few reasons, and only one of them was legitimately professional and relating to his job. You really couldn't blame him for being a bit curious; he hadn't seen this boy around, and not every patient manages an escape from the ward. Actually, few do. So that made his interest in the man peak a bit.

    Not that he actually said anything. He just followed behind for a minute or so, watching the other casually. Or really less than casual; usually people don't watch other people like such. Roy figured he had a free pass, though, as he was ensuring that this boy got back to the ward safely. With that, he kept watching. After all, he'd know if the other was about to slip, and then he could help. That was a good reason to continue doing as he was.

    Eventually, though, he grew bored of the silence. He wouldn't have, if he were alone, but since he was with someone, it just seemed a bit odd not to say anything, and the boy- whoever he was -didn't seem to be paying attention at all. It was almost like he forgot. So, Roy had to take this into his own hands, and actually be social with someone on the ship. The concept was foreign, but he was sure he could pull through and manage to survive the encounter.

    How to start it off was the question. He really didn't know, himself. He wasn't experienced with starting conversations that didn't involve him yelling at someone for having a messy work space. Did he simply just say hello or something? Maybe he had to introduce himself. That might work. Regardless of this sudden realization, though, he was still silent for another minute, being as socially awkward as a android could possibly be. He eventually got to talking, though.

    "....What are you doing walking around the ship this late at night?" Roy decided to go with. He wasn't too keen on telling the boy he was the AI of the ship; he figured that would be a bit intimidating. So, he wasn't about to say anything like it. He figured this was a topic that they could stay on, and it would help to prevent an awkward silence from ensuing.
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    The other spoke, but this time, was ignored. At least, for a few minutes, until Oliver was able to think of a response without embarrassing himself. "Exploring.", he muttered shyly. Why was the guy following him? He'd go back to the Hospital Unit, and yes it may be far, but he wasn't going to get hurt... Maybe. But still! Oliver would be able to make it back safely, seeing as he got to where he was in one piece. He could feel beads of sweat forming on his forehead, not feeling comfortable with the situation at hand.

    Letting out a soft, almost non-coherent sigh, he abruptly turned to look at the taller male. "Can you please-" He blushed, realizing that his voice was too loud. Clearing his throat, he began again, "Not follow me?" This time, he made sure that he wasn't being so loud. It would definitely be embarrassing if he accidentally woke someone up. Oh god, how much trouble would he be in then? Oliver didn't want to find out.

    The male had a small frown on his lips as he stared at the slightly taller male, taking in his appearance... Humph, the guy didn't look too bad, but in all honesty- He wasn't Oliver's type. But then again, did he even have a type? Spending so much time in the Hospital would do that to someone. It really was sad though, he was twenty-one years old, and still hadn't ever dated a single person. Not one. Actually, that wasn't the sad part. It's sad because he was so isolated, he's become such an introvert, so that he can't even talk to people regularly nor go on dates or anything. Sometimes even the nurses pitied him, when in reality it was their fault that he had become this way.

    He ran a hand through his mousy-brown hair, unsure of really what else to do. He didn't know what to say either. Should he say goodnight? or just walk away? Well, that may lead in the guy following him again, and that really wasn't what he wanted at the moment. This guy had been the one to find him, so it was most likely that he was some sort of security person or something.

    Man, he'd really hoped that he would've been able to explore more without getting caught, but it seems that luck wasn't on his side this time. Well, maybe next time. If there was a next time. In all honesty, Oliver didn't know how long he would live. With the poorly developed lungs, he also frequently got sick and usually would stay in bed for weeks on end. Hell, he wasn't supposed to have make it after ten years. He was a miracle, and a ticking time bomb at the same time. He was ready to go, of course, he'd just wished he'd been able to experience more in life than just Hospitals and loneliness.

    Oliver could feel his heart begin to race, as an unknown feeling began to bubble deep in his stomach. What was it?... Fear? Uncertainty? He didn't know, but it certainly didn't help him at that point. It didn't take too long before his breath began to quicken as his lungs tightened. Too much excitement for one day, he really needed to calm down or else he'd pass out.

    Or worse... Die. Which seemed to only freak him out more. He wasn't ready, not yet, no! He wanted to stop thinking about it, but he couldn't help it. Why had just one stranger made him think of this? The guy had really nothing to do with him, and yet within the midst of the five minutes he'd known the guy, he'd already become so excited and so overwhelmed by everything that he just couldn't handle it anymore. Either he needed to leave, or the guy had to.

    Either one was fine with him.

    Roy wasn't ever good with human diseases. He never really got them. Of course, he assumed that's because he never GOT one, literally, either. He just had information, not actual experience with them. So, in truth, he had no idea what was wrong with the boy when he first saw him. He didn't know what the machine did, nor the tubes, and he probably SHOULD, considering the circumstances. But he just never really thought of it.

    Until now, that is. Now he kind of regretted not knowing, because this boy- whoever he was -currently looked like he was having a hard time breathing, and quite frankly, Roy didn't know what to do. So, he stood there for a moment, looking rather confused. Which, he was, because he had no clue how to handle this. He should probably page one of the nurses. Or calm him down? Roy also didn't know how to calm humans down, or if that'd even work. So he shifted, eyebrows furrowing together- a human habit he'd gotten used to doing -and decided upon paging a nurse.

    He should probably tell the boy that, or something. Or he should just leave. He didn't know, again. Which was worrying, but he had no time to worry over the fact that he was a complete idiot. So, swiftly, he decided to walk down the hall to page the nurse- which would probably just look like him standing in the MIDDLE of the damn hall and murmuring to himself. 'Probably' was actually not the right word. There was no doubt he'd look like that, and he'd appear to be crazy, but it was all for the sake of helping someone, so he couldn't care less about it for now.
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    His blue eyes stared at the other as he walked away, relief instantly filling the boy. Of course, he was still freaking out, but he wasn't as stiff as he had been before. Of course, he felt bad, and maybe the two could meet someday again just so he could apologize, but right now he was glad that the other had left him alone. Letting go of the handle, Oliver slowly sinked down onto his knees before finally sitting on his butt. He needed to breath for a few minutes. The thoughts of death were gone, thankfully, usually they never stayed for very long.

    Oliver took a deep breath, before once again hearing someone close in on him. Looking up, he almost smiled- Almost, but the look on the Nurse's face showed that he would definitely be in trouble when they got back. The Nurse's name was Elizabeth, but she preferred to be called Miss Eli. She was in her fifties, but looked almost as youthful as he did. Despite her age, she was still terrifying when she was angry. To anyone else, she may look slightly disappointed or relieved that he had been found, but he knew better. The gleam in her eyes told him that she was indeed very angry, and that he most likely wouldn't get another chance to leave. If, and only if, someone had escaped the Hospital Unit, they'd make sure to change things around again so that it wouldn't happen anymore.

    She held out her hand, her stance gentle, but her left foot was tapping softly against the carpeted floor. Making sure toot take his time, he quickly reached out and grabbed it, before pulling himself off the ground. Grabbing his little metal cart, he turned his head to look back to see if he could see the other. It was too dark, but he felt like the other was still there.

    With a small frown, he looked back at the older woman. "I'm sorry..." Oliver said to both the woman, and the man that had probably called her. He gripped her hand as she began to pull him down the hallway. She didn't respond to him of course, but he knew he was going to get scolded. Despite having loved the adventure before, the love had quickly turned into regret. He wasn't going to lie, he hated when people were mad at him. It made him feel like a child all over again, except now that he was older he felt much worse. Strange, right?

    Silence fell between the two, their footsteps being the only thing that made noise. He never actually looked at the woman, only at the windows the two had passed, hoping that maybe the stars would make him feel better... They didn't.

    The next morning, Roy had to check the medical equipment. Which was a very interesting coincidence, considering the previous night's adventure. He doubted he'd see the boy- who he had identified, out of curiousity, as 'Oliver McKenzie' on his way back -during his time at the wing, so he really wasn't too worried over it. He knew that the other had made it there safely, and that was that. That was all he NEEDED to know, so he wasn't going to pry.

    Currently, he was talking to a nurse, Rose Ivaan, about the equipment. "Oh, it's still absolutely stunning! The best I've worked with, certainly." She rambled, hands waving about "Have you seen the x-rays? Amazing! And- Oh, ROYLAND, stop touching that!" She whacked his hand away from a needle with a sigh, and crossed her arms "It's so weird, even as an AI system, you're a curious CHILD."

    Roy rolled his eyes a little, but looked a bit sheepish, rubbing the back of his head "I......was checking the equipment....?" He supplied lamely. Rose sighed once more, raising an eyebrow.

    "Sure, sure. Now, look, be a bit quieter, I'm sure all the patients can hear our conversation right now. You're quite loud, do you know that? Can't you talk softer?"

    The android shrugged a bit, moving between the machinery to walk down the middle walk way. "I don't really talk softly. You know I don't go here often."

    "What, can a android even get depressed?" She mused, following "It seems unlikely. Though, thank you for helping us find Oliver ye-"

    "It's fine, Miss Ivaan. You don't have to keep telling me what I did and saying thank you." He muttered, subtly touching some more equipment.
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    The smack resonated throughout the already silent room, followed by a soft whimper. They'd retired to the Hospital Unit about ten minutes ago, and the same nurse whom had come to pick him up had taken him into the kitchen, where no one else was at the time. Every room in the Unit was soundproof, especially the kitchen, so no one else heard as she scolded and yelled at him and pretty much threatened him if he so much as left his room for more than an hour without supervision he'd get smacked. As he was now, only this time, it was with a wooden spoon.

    No, he wasn't being abused, and yes, they do this often if someone gets into trouble. Think about it as you would a child getting a spanking. Especially if he got into any trouble. Seeing as at the moment he was one of the younger patients, he was still a bit 'wild' in their eyes, so they thought things like this would keep him from doing anything bad. Honestly, they weren't wrong, it always did hurt when they hit him. It was usually only a slap, or a scolding, sometimes even both. This time, though, he got both.

    "Now hurry up and get your ass back to your room and to bed or so help me God." The nurse, Rosemary, threatened with an evil gleam in her eye. Oliver held the back of his head as he nodded, grabbing his little metal machinery before quickly making is way out of the kitchen. Walking past very few patients, doctors, and other nurses, he soon made it back to his room.

    It didn't take too long before he'd hooked himself onto the CPAP, and in bed. It wasn't like normal hospital beds, since everyone knew that they'd be staying here for a while, they always gave patients a nice little room with actual comfortable beds. The one on earth never did anything like that, their beds were old and used, these were new and... He just preferred them much more than he did the others.

    Oliver wiggled around for a little bit, trying to get into the right position, before slowly closing his eyes. He wasn't all that tired, but he'd already been smacked once that night, he didn't want to go through another one.

    The next morning, it turns out that he'd actually fallen asleep not long after getting into bed. Which was pretty rare, especially for him, since he was usually up late reading. But at the ass crack of dawn, there he was, down in the Cafeteria waiting for someone else to wake up and finally keep him company. Yes, people were awake, they just weren't... Necessarily his friends.

    He ran a hand through his messy hair, hoping that he looked somewhat nice. Despite the fact that he had bags under his eyes, and pretty much looked like a walking dead person. But hey, it was worth a shot right? Better try to look nice in front of strangers than do absolutely nothing at all.

    After a few minutes, he heard the seat next to him scratch against the marble floor as someone pulled it out from underneath the table. He couldn't help but smile. Finally! Hopefully it was someone he knew really well... Glancing at the other, he realized that it was indeed, someone he knew. His own personal doctor, in fact. "Hi." He grinned sheepishly, a small blush forming on his cheeks. His Doctor, Brendon, looked like he did every day. Very civilized, and definitely not one known for being even remotely fun. Like a robot, almost, but worse. At least he was nice from time to time though.

    "So you snuck out last night, why?" Brendon stared down at the boy, a small frown on his lips. It wasn't very often someone was able to escape.

    The patient's blush deepened as he looked down at his hands, unsure of what to say. "Um..." He paused for a moment, trying to muster up something. "I wanted to explore..." That answer gave him a sigh from the older man. Whoops. "I'm- I'm sorry! It was just... I was so bored and..."

    "No, no. I understand. But you have to understand, you could've gotten hurt, and no one would've been there to help you this time Oliver! You need to be careful next time, and stay here! Where it's safe."

    The two continued to talk over the equipment, what they needed and what they had, what was working well and what certainly wasn't. They walked through the wing, with Rose talking the most, and Roy simply listening and touching various items.

    They soon walked to the cafeteria, with Roy looking down at some- a needle, he was guessing -he had taken from a cart to occupy him as Rose went on about how the rooms here were absolutely darling, the patients love them! Roy certainly didn't see the appeal of such, and that was not something that needed FIXING, so he had chosen to tune her out as best as he could while still paying attention to where he was going. It was a difficult task, but he managed well, as far as he was concerned. He wasn't bored, and the nurse next to him got to talk about all the 'wonderful things'. He saw it as a win-win.

    It's when they got to the cafeteria that Rose finally noticed what he was doing "And this is the- ROYLAND! Honestly, have you had that the whole time? You're like a child! An android child, isn't THAT something?" She said, snatching the needle from him.

    Roy grimaced a bit "Well, technically I am-" He began, but was promptly cut off.

    "I don't want 'technically's, I want you to stop TOUCHING things! Goodness, I know you don't come here often, but this is equipment and tools, not toys." Rose said, sighing a bit "And a needle? Really? Nothing else was small and more interesting than this? If you're not going to pay attention, at least take something worthwhile that you can make sure is working while you're at it! I don't need the needles checked."

    "I wasn't about to cart a x-ray machine down the hall, Ms. Ivaans. I think you would notice." He said dryly, running a hand through his hair.

    "And?" She prompted, arms crossed

    "And....?" He repeated, raising an eyebrow. She stared him down for a few moments, before he sighed "I apologize that I took a needle from a cart." He finally said.


    "I'm not sure what else you want from me, Ms. Ivaans." He said, frowning slightly "I thought that would've done fine."

    "For an AI that can basically destroy this ship if he liked, you sure are dumb. I want you to promise not to do it again!" Rose demanded.

    "Fine. I promise never to try and sate my boredom by taking a needle from a cart. Better?"

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    "Ye-" The sound of a woman's bickering voice could be heard over everyone else, stopping him. Was it already that time? Turning to look at whoever got on Rose's nerves this early in the morning, he couldn't help but smirk. At least it wouldn't be him again, as it usually was. Oliver froze, realizing exactly who it was. The guy from yesterday. The guy who saw him totally freak out on him and practically have a meltdown. Why was he here? He wasn't a patient, was he? Oh god, if that were the case, he would be so dead. But... The guy didn't look sick whatsoever, but then again, you didn't have to look sick to be sick.

    Dr. Brendon noticed the pause in the younger boy, turning his attention to whatever Oliver was looking at. A small smirk formed on the older man's face. "You know, you never did say thank you." He chirped in, clasping his hands together.

    Oliver blushed, letting out a soft sigh as he quickly turned away so he wouldn't be noticed. "Sh! I will at some point..." He knew that probably wouldn't happen. Even if he was on his death bed, he still wouldn't say sorry. The guy was intimidating, to say the least. Well maybe that was only in his opinion, Rose didn't seem bothered at all but the fact that the other male practically towered over her.

    Even with the male in the same room as him, he wasn't freaking out, which was good. Maybe last time was a little bit over exaggerated. A little? More like a lot. Hopefully something like that wouldn't happen again, he'd probably go die if it did.

    "Sure it will." Brendon spoke again, before standing up and straightening out his uniform. "Have a good day, and don't get into trouble. It's going to be super hectic and not many people will be here to keep you in line."

    What? That was definitely unusual. He wasn't going to question it though, it wasn't any of his business.

    "You too, and no promises!" He grinned sheepishly as the other male finally walked away. Oliver sat there, looking at where Dr. Brendon had been, before his stomach growled. He didn't think twice about standing up, making his way to the slowly forming breakfast line. So he wouldn't bug anyone, he made sure that his machine was right next to him, not behind nor in front of him.

    Oh! Had that guy left? Hm... He wasn't going to look around, but he really hoped so.

    Rose then smiled brightly, clapping her hands together as she looked up at the android. This made Roy a bit suspicious, considering she was just scolding him. It made him ESPECIALLY suspicious when she redirected where they were going. He frowned, raising an eyebrow at the nurse questioningly, and hoping that would be enough to get her to talk. Unfortunately, it was not. She simply widened her smile, and continued making her way toward-

    Oh. Oh, no. No way. Rose seemed to see the look on his face, and chuckled a bit. "Don't look like that! Sorry, sorry. Look, the captain has us all going to the ground to help some people, and he requested you watch the patients, ESPECIALLY Oliver. I knew if I told you, you'd run!" She sighed, rubbing the back of her head "Look, it won't be too bad, I bet he's grateful to you fo-"

    "For escorting him back here?" he said, a bit unbelieving "No. No, I am not doing this, Ms. Ivaan."

    "Well! It's too bad you have to." She said rather cheerfully, as if she took joy from making him miserable. With that, she dragged him towards the patient, who was waiting on line. In Roy's opinion, that was a little rude, to interrupt someone getting food. He didn't seem to have a choice, though. He really did hope Oliver didn't freak out TOO much; a repeat of last night would not be the best thing to happen.

    "Oh, Oliver!" Rose said, walking over to him, while dragging a reluctant Roy by the waist with her "Gosh, sorry to interrupt you here, but I've got to tell you something, and introduce you to someone." She grinned, gesturing to the android "Now, I don't think you really met him before, so this is ROYLAND! He's the AI of the ship. Now, all the doctors and nurses and medical staff in general are going down to the planet, so Roy here will be helping you out. Don't cause too much trouble for him, alright?"

    Roy grimaced a bit, standing there awkwardly. He felt like he was being showed off. Which, he was, actually, so it wasn't just 'like'. He made it a point to look anywhere but the two people in front of him, because it honestly made him uncomfortable to be here. Rose had been right, as usual; if she had told him why he was actually here, he just wouldn't have come. Simple as that, really. He wasn't all that into self torture and the torture of medical patients.
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