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  1. I only have a vague idea of what I'd like to roleplay. I was thinking of a school of some sort and the students are based on the twelve astrological signs (Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, etc.). And there would be two of each, probably male and female.

    What I haven't figured out is what the school is for. Magical, physical training, elemental, etc. I also don't know if I want there to be some competition among the signs....

    Any ideas?
  2. OH-HO-HO! This sounds very interesting! Personally, I'd LOVE to have a magical setting, but I could understand if it was something like the "Astrology Games" or something like the Olympics. I look forward to seeing how many other people are interested in it.
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  3. 24 characters seems like a lot, but that's just my opinion. :s

    More to the point, the school could be multi-purpose. Maybe they are really the children of beings from another dimension and now they have to learn about their heritage and go back to the other dimemsion due to a war between families (each sign being a family?) or some other reason. I was thinking of Jupiter Ascending, so maybe something science fantasy.

    Maybe they have to ascend and become the constellations, lest the universe suffers a celestial break down, and it requires a large amount of physical prowess, magical ability, and knowledge of physics/math/magic/literary concepts focused on life to accomplish. For magic, each of the signs is associated with an element, so maybe they are restricted to using that element?

    Or maybe it has something to do with the 13th sign, Ophiuchus, which was outcasted.
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  4. I could always cut it down to the original twelve.

    All of these ideas are wonderful~ Although, I've never seen Jupiter Ascending, but I still love the idea! c:

    Hopefully more people become interested as I mull over these ideas. Are there any that really stand out or intrigue you guys?
  5. I like Naberius' idea, about becoming constellations but I think instead of the universe breaking down and all, it should be like their parents want them to take their place but the kids need to be trained and so they send them to school so they can learn how to deal with their powers and responsibilities. :3
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  6. This does sound very interesting! I adore the astrological sides, and I would love to be apart of it--preferably Leo if at all possible-- I love the idea of going to the school to learn how to be or become the next Zodiac Constellation. Also, maybe learning how to use the signs element for things?
  7. Hmmm this peaks my interest a bit.
  8. If we are going with "learning to become the constellations" at an Academy, then there's other questions to think about, such as: Are the 12/24 the only ones at the academy? Or are they "specialized students" and they have to be careful about being around humans? Or is it a constellation school in general, and these are just the central characters? Or maybe the compeitition is in between multiple families who have the possibility to be an astrological sign, so there's compeitition between the three Cancer-possible families, the four Capricorns, etc.?

    Just some thoughts.
  9. Hmm...I would like for it to be a constellation school in general and, maybe, the characters that have to become the next Zodiac Constellation are like the "chosen ones". And, yeah, we can also throw in them learning about their elements and how to use them.

    Now, about the competition, we could leave that out since we have the signs becoming constellations and that can be the main focus....? Unless, someone really wants to have the signs fight for the position.
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  10. I'm just fine with whatever everyone decides. I'm not particularly picky about what everyone wants to happen, as long as the overall idea interests me.
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  11. Eh, I'm not particular up for a competition. :o But if it's a general constellation school and their are humans in it maybe the constellations have to learn to appreciate humanity or something.
  12. The choseennnnn onesssss
  13. That sounds a lot like an anime I watched once, except it was gods instead of the constellations. I can't remember the name of it at the moment...
  14. [​IMG]

    Any who, I was thinking that there wouldn't be any humans in the school. Just a lot of constellation children.
  15. You might be thinking of Kamigami no Asobi?

    Constellation school would be cool. Can I claim Capricorn?
  16. I can go either way with humans or no humans. I don't really like the idea of a competition either. But we should make it to where they have to accomplish a set amount of missions or lessons in order to become a Zodiac Constellation.

    And I would love to claim Leo if that's okay?
  17. If we're claiming constellations, I'm calling Aquarius.
  18. It can be a mixture of both. Missions and lessons, I mean. So their strength and intelligence would be tested.

    And, yes, I will reserve Leo, Capricorn, and Aquarius for you guys! Aquarius was gonna be mine, but I'll take Scorpio.

    Now to formulate the CS....
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  19. *Screams * Gemini!!
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