Asssassin's Song

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  1. This is something I wanted to start off as a roleplay but the ideas became a bit too complex for it to work out well, so I decided to keep it as a story. I will hopefully add to it and slowly finish it one day! I would love to hear feedback, positive and negative and possible ideas for characters. This is something i started half a decade ago and haven't touched for a good three years. I consider it my favorite story I've ever personally written. Tell me what you think!

    In the land of Kyevar, assassin guilds all over the country have made assassination an art, and this was especially true with the guild known as ‘The Muses’, although they had stayed under the radar for a few years, only doing discreet assassination missions that left no traces, this would soon change after an event known as ‘The Massacre of Bellatov’.

    The winds of the night curled through the air as they soared through the dead streets of the late evening. These winds carried something, however. A lone musician wearing black robes with musical notes embroidered on the sides in a dark cyan color and the word ‘Muses’ on the collar sat on the top of a roof of an abandoned building, playing a slow and haunting melody. His tool was a Pan Pipe made of brass. He sat there, with one leg laying out flat and the other bent while his back was lying against a door, which is how he got onto the top of the building. He seemed to be the most relaxed person in the world; however he was concentrating on something very important. His artwork, his music, held a mysterious aura that lingered with every note played. The wind’s rustling seemed to be in sync with the melody that emitted itself from the Pan Pipe. The man in black began to play slightly louder and the wind picked up to be even stronger. As the man played louder, the wind became more violent. As the man played faster, the wind sped up to match it. He stood up, his song had changed to an upbeat melody as the wind began to swirl around him. Faster, and faster he played with the wind engulfing him. Then, with the last note played, the wind came to a complete stop and he had vanished.

    The king, Draylan, jolted upright in his bed. He was sweating and breathing heavily. The dream had given him a great scare and he did not know why. What was so terrifying about a man dressed in black playing his music at night? He didn’t know why he was so afraid, but he was. He wanted to look around his room but for some reason he didn’t. He noticed something out of the corner of his eye…A piece of cloth that was blowing in the wind. Maybe he had left the window open, which would explain why he had dreamt of the wind in his dream. He began to relax and lay back down when he heard something. Someone had begun to play music in his room…he knew the instrument that had been played as well. He was hearing the Pan Pipe. He realized then that the cloth he had seen earlier was not the curtains, but the musician’s robe. He knew what had happened, in a way at least. This assailant had found a way to get into his heavily guarded room. There had been rumors of an assassination attempt on the royal family, which is why the guards had chosen to position the king in a tower that was several stories up and the only door guarded. The base of the castle had been completely guarded and there was no way he would have been able to climb up to the top of the tower. The music began to slow, meaning that it was nearing the end of the song. Why hadn’t he yelled? He couldn’t figure the answer to this question himself. The music seemed to have some sort of entrancing effect on him.

    The moon shone in through the balcony’s now open doors. The light illuminated the assailant’s face under his hood, showing a slightly pale face with deep blue eyes. A few strands of dirty blonde hair stretched across his forehead. His face was still too shadowed to make out any other detail. A dagger slipped from the sleeve of the mysterious man. He took a step towards the king who was still dazed from the music and the situation. The king’s thoughts were to scream out yet his body would not allow this. He seemed to be choked up at his inevitable death. There wasn’t a weapon in reach to defend himself and for a man to be able to sneak into this room must mean he was experienced. A few more steps forward placed the assassin beside the king at his bedside. The last note of the melody was played and a few words were uttered by the assassin, “Death comes to those who deserve it least.” The moon now shone on the dagger as it sliced through the air and made contact with the king’s throat. The liquid rubies began to flow and the dagger was concealed once again. Footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs to the room.

    “The music was coming from in here!” Yelled one of the guards.
    “Impossible, that is the king’s room!” Yelled another guard, “It can’t be those assassins. There is no way to get in here.”

    They decided to go with the better idea and opened the door to make sure everything was all right. They were shocked to see their king lying in his bed, bleeding from the throat. “Oh no…” said one of the guards as he approached his fallen king. He checked the king for a pulse but found nothing. The two guards just stood there, dumbstruck. “We have to alert the others,” Said the guard still standing at the door.

    “I do not find that to be a necessary act,”

    The two guards whipped their heads around to where the voice came from. A figured emerged from a dark corner of the room. The assailant had been waiting for them. “For it will be just a moment before they all find out,” he said as he held his head down and all that could be seen was an eerie grin on his face.

    “You killed our king! Now die!” Yelled one of the guards as he drew his sword and charged at the man. The trained assassin simply sidestepped to the left and with a gleam of silver being withdrawn from the man’s sleeve, the guard was stabbed through the chest and the blade had been concealed once again and the guard dropped to the ground, dead. He looked to the other guard who stood there, afraid. The assailant approached him and the guard held his position and drew his sword. The man lunged at him and the guard swung his sword down onto the cloaked beast, but he was stunned to see his wrist grabbed and the assailant take his blade out yet again only to strike the guard in the stomach. The guard dropped his sword and the assassin dragged him to the window. The man was still alive and the assassin forced the guard to look out the window and said four words that would haunt the guard for the rest of his short lived life, “Watch your city burn.”

    Farros, the organ master, an older man with silver hair smiled rather anxiously as he waited for the signal to begin his part of the operation. He soon heard the signal, the playing of the pan pipe. He moved slowly and placed his bag on the ground as he began to take each piano key out of the bag, individually, and place them very neatly on the ground in a specific order.

    Trevor, a younger man, no older than the age of 17 with blonde hair that went to around his shoulders stood and watched. Being impatient as he was, sighed, "Hurry up with your silly little keys." He ordered violin in his left hand and the bow in his other. He put the violin in place under his chin lazily, waiting for his partner to set up. "Couldn't you have just done that earlier?"

    "And simply leave my keys on the ground? Do you know nothing about the value of precious instruments? Well...Seeing as how you play that stupid little violin, I couldn't see how you could appreciate the true art of music," Farros said, glaring at his partner. ~Typical...I have to work with the idiot.~ He thought to himself as he continued to put his keys down on the ground, he seemed to move slower than before, probably to annoy Trevor more.

    Trevor glared icily at Farros, replying with anger "Do not insult my violin, or actual music. You bang down on some plastic rectangles, while the Violin takes skill and control." Trevor spat at Farros, adding "If they're on the ground, then at least they would be getting cleaner."

    Farros suddenly stood up in anger. "I will let you know that these keys are made of silver not plastic you fool! Also, what kind of skill does it take to rub some stick against some strings to make an annoying, screeching sound?!" He said, almost yelling at Trevor. He knelt back down continued to put his keys in their proper spots "If I didn't have to work with you, I would have killed you before you uttered the word plastic!" he added, obviously irritated.

    Trevor scoffed. "Oh please. It takes more skill to rub a bow against strings than to press down on a lot of buttons." Trevor replied, somewhat enjoying this fight. He sat up, no longer lying down on an ornate wall. He was somehow ominous in the lighting, unlike his usual self. "I could kill you in an instant. I can make you see your worst nightmares twenty-four seven. I could make you feel endless amounts of pain for the rest of your life. Do not say you would have killed me." Although he did not doubt that Farros was both stronger than him and was able to kill him, he still found it fun to make him squirm.

    Farros placed his last key into position then stood up and turned around and roared at Trevor "I will show you the value of true music! And I swear that when this is over, your head shall be burning along with everyone else's in this forsaken city!" He yelled. "You claimed that your violin was actual music? Well I will show you true music!" and with that he raised his hands like that of a puppeteer and strings of energy seemed to connect the keys of the organ together. They began to float in front of him in rows and he looked to his hated comrade "You better be ready...because if your illusions fail, I will kill you on the spot," and with that, Farros began to play. It started off as what seemed to be just a few fireworks going off in the city. Any other assassin on the team knew differently. This was the start of Farros's attack. They knew that it was also their signal to get into position. Farros continued to play his great symphony and soon enough, small flames began to emerge from the buildings. His tune become more fluid and louder as the building's flames began to grow higher and higher.

    Trevor chuckled, smirking slightly. He did not reply, but instead closed his eyes and began to play an extremely complex tune on his violin, beautiful yet haunting at the same time. To anyone but those not intended for, the music would make them think of a deep, horrid darkness, of blood-curling wails, of their greatest nightmares. Of course, those who it was intended for actually saw their greatest fears, a woman nearby screeched "No! Not my baby!" A man off in the distance cried, babbling about giant spiders. A small girl floated up into the air, drowning on nothingness. He opened his eyes slightly, giving Farros an arrogant smile.

    "Bah" Farros said as he continued to play, very skillfully. "Concentrate on your music and nothing else. If we screw this up, then we are both dead, and the violin still sounds like a bunch of screeching" He mumbled, avoiding that it did sound good.

    “That is Farros, it is our sign” Two more hooded figures in similar black robes walked through the city streets. Both of them were male and both of them had an aura of power surrounding them.
    Kaiden, an exceptionally tall man, at least around six foot seven inches, with a fairly muscular build and long white hair and a sinister smile and green piercing green eyes, dressed in the assassin’s robe that all the members of this specific guild wore, smirked and walked arrogantly through the panicking city. Kyro, his partner, a smaller man at only six foot and leaner than his counterpart with rugged brown hair and sorrowful blue eyes and a silver necklace with a cross attached wrapped around his neck and two swords crossed on his back, simply sighed and said “Aren’t we supposed to be staying in the shadows where we can’t be seen?” He asked but Kaiden just laughed, loudly for that matter.
    “If anyone sees us then I’ll just kill’em,” and with that, a stream of lightning escaped his right hand and hit a random villager. The villager fell to the ground as nothing but a lifeless corpse.
    “Your pointless killing never ceases to disturb me,” Kyro said with a saddened sigh.
    They approached the castle which was now swarming with guards. Kaiden made a quick distraction, lightning shooting down onto the grass and causing a fire. The guards left the entrance to the castle unguarded as they tried to put this fire out, along with fires all over the city. They managed to slip into the castle undetected. They had a map of the castle which made their objective easy…their objective was the princess.
    The deadly duo walked through the corridors of the castle as a lone guard spotted them. “Hey! You two! Identify yourselves!” the guard demanded as he drew his sword from his sheath.

    “Us?” Kaiden said in a manner that was a bit too innocent, “We are just the assassins here to kill your princess.”

    The guard, stunned at first, did not hesitate for too long as he cursed under his breath and rushed the two of them. Kyro glanced between the guard and Kaiden, and, after seeing the murderous intent in Kaiden’s eyes, decided to take over this situation. He stepped in front of Kaiden and in a few swift, precise movements, which consisted of Kyro pushing the guards arm to the side and thrusting a palm into his throat, the guard stumbled backwards, gasping for air. Kyro then followed up his attack with a swift blow to the man’s temple, leaving him unconscious on the ground. Kyro looked to Kaiden and motioned towards the corridor with his head as a sign that they should keep moving.

    Kaiden snickered as he looked to his somber partner, “Aren’t you going to say a prayer for that man?” He asked, to which Kyro responded, “There is no need, he will still be going home to his family tonight.” Kaiden had known this but simply loved to mess with Kyro, and the fact that Kyro hated killing only made Kaiden want to kill more. Not that he had ever been opposed to it by any means. “Is that so?” He added to the conversation, but Kyro simply ignored him. Kyro stopped in front of a door so suddenly that Kaiden had to force himself backwards to keep from bumping into Kyro. “Is this her room?” Kaiden asked, though he did not hear a reply from Kyro. He walked around his companion to face him, only to see Kyro gripping the cross on his necklace and mumbling some sort of prayer, eyes closed. Kaiden smirked, “yep, this is the room.”

    Kaiden looked to the door and started to form a ball of lightning in his hand, preparing to blast the door, and whatever may be inside of the room, to the next world. As he raised his hand to shoot his magical projectile, Kyro had finished his prayer and looked up and a grin appeared on his face. Kaiden had noticed the grin out of the corner of his eyes and knew for a fact that Kyro never grinned at anything that didn’t end in him getting hurt. He looked to his left to see a younger soldier rushing at him, just about close enough to strike. Kaiden tried to turn fast enough and send his electrical charge at this man interrupting him on his mission, however the gap was too small and Kaiden’s turning had only left his chest wide open and Kaiden realized this. ~Well, this is going to suck~ Kaiden thought to himself as the guard slashed at his opponent’s open chest that had no armor to protect it, aside from the cloth robes, however before the blade struck Kaiden, he released the electrical charge which went flying into a wall next to himself, causing an explosion and both Kaiden and the younger guard to go flying into the wall opposite of the wall that the attack had hit, as well as covering the two in rubble.

    The dazed assassin slowly got up and rubbed his head and looked around to find Kyro, only to see him standing about twenty feet back, chuckling to himself, out of the range of where the explosion had hit and completely unharmed. Not even so much as dust on his robes. Kaiden simply mumbled to himself as he turned back to the mess of debris where the guard was trying to stand up. Kaiden, angered by his damaged ego that this single guard had caused, proceeded to kick the guard in the face as he tried to stand, knocking him back down. “How dare you try to take me as a weak imbecile?! Charging at me blindly and expecting it to work,” He yelled, furious with the boy as he delivered a hard kick to the boy’s ribs which the chainmail he was wearing hardly shielded him from. The boy let out a grunt as Kaiden continued a ruthless barrage of kicks on the boy. He then began to pull a dagger from his sleeve to finish the deed when Kyro came up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

    “You wouldn’t want to perform such a terrible act in the eyes of a princess, now would you?” Kyro’s voice spoke softly as Kaiden turned his head slightly to see a young girl peering out of a slightly opened door, the same door that Kaiden had been about to blast down earlier. Kaiden’s rage soon subsided as a grin returned to his face.

    “I guess you’re right, we wouldn’t want the poor princess’s eyes to see blood spilt in her castle, would we?” He turned around and started walking to the door and fear appeared into the girl’s eyes and yet she didn’t close the door, or try to run. She was stunned at everything she had just seen. The brutality of this assassin, leaving a young man, a friend of hers actually, half dead in a pile of rubble, was just too much for her, who feared she would share a similar fate.

    The towering assassin got close to the girl as he reached into his robe and pulled a dagger out. The girl’s eyes widened as she finally tried to turn around and retreat into her room, but Kaiden seized her by the back of the neck. He pulled her towards him and raised his arm to slit her throat, but as he did so, Kyro grabbed his arm, only to which Kaiden gave a ireful glare. Kyro was unresponsive to this gaze and simply looked behind Kaiden. Kaiden reluctantly turned his head to see a group of about five men with crossbows all aiming at Kaiden’s back.

    “Release her now, or you will drop dead,” one of the guards spoke in a raspy voice. He seemed a bit older than the rest, a scar on his cheek and dark green eyes that kept gazing down to the unconcious boy on the floor. Kaiden’s smile turned into a smirk as he eyed each of the guards. “A few crossbows? Do you even think you’ll be able to hit me with those?” He asked, “I’m not sure if you have noticed this…but we are much more powerful than you ignorant fools,” his tone changed to almost a growl, as if he was insulted by these men coming here. “I’ll show each and every one of you my power,” with that, he released the princess who quickly retreated back into her room, and his body covered itself in electricity and with incredible speed, he was standing right next to the older guard, dagger in hand. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something odd about the guard.

    As Kaiden raised his arm to strike, the guard delivered a swift blow to Kaiden’s head. Unnoticed by Kaiden due to his arrogance, the guard’s arm had turned to stone. Kaiden, taken by surprise by this attack, fell to the ground, unconscious.

    Meanwhile…Kyro had been standing back the entire time. As he watched his ally fall, he couldn’t help but let out a laugh, breaking his normally calm composure. The five guards turned to look at this rather unexpected reaction. Kyro’s laugh turned into a large smile, and that smile to a mere grin. “I apologize for my behavior, but we were informed that the king did not use magic users as personal guards,” he said.

    “The king has different views on guards who are defending his daughter,” The clear leader of the guards said, with a glare looking at Kyro. “We are all magic users and it is a one versus five battle. I’m sorry, but you stand no chance. I recommend you surrender now…but it honestly doesn’t matter either way. You will be sentenced to death one way or another.”

    “Is that so?” Kyro asked as he undid his robes and let them drop to the ground, revealing black pants and a very light chainmail covering his chest, his outfit was made for him to be able to be dexterous rather than to be protective. The guards watched him, waiting for any sort of movement that might imply an attack. As if on cue, Kyro made a step towards them as he began to rush at them. Two of the guards shot blasts of fire at him, two others shot shards of ice, while the lead guards had pillars of stone shoot out from the walls to hit him. Kyro, however was managing to dodge every single attack. A fire blast aimed at his chest and he would duck and run to the right. A stone hammer about to him his head, he would slide on the ground under it and break back into his sprint in one smooth movement. An ice shard skims across his arm, a very minor wound which he accepts because a dodge to the right would have ended in a fire blast hitting him in the leg. Every single movement with perfect timing led him to his first victim.

    A dagger, the signature weapon of the assassin, revealed itself for a split second, just long enough for the first guard to receive a fatal wound to the heart. Kyro uses the guard partially as a shield as he spins around the guard, falling dead, and slices the tendon on the leg of another, who cries out in pain and falls to the ground. In another swift movement, he delivers two blows to a third guard, a stab to the stomach and another to the chest. He would be dead in a few seconds. He pushes the dying body of this guard into the fourth as he stabs the dagger through both the neck of the dying guard and the one who was unfortunate enough to catch his friend’s body. Kyro then starts to kneel down quickly as he swings his arm around to land in the back of the neck of the guard whose leg tendon he had sliced only a couple of seconds ago.

    The lead guard stood in awe of this assassin killing four of his comrades in a span of no more than five seconds. His speed was incredible and his movements all planned out perfectly to prevent the guards from hitting him. He looked to this man who, throughout all this slaughter, had managed to not get a single drop of blood on him. “W-What is your power? What is this magic?!” He yelled, fear cracking his voice.

    Kyro’s face had gotten serious by this point as he gripped his cross and said a short prayer while staring at the ground. Without moving his head, he shot a gaze over to the guard, “My power? I am guided by god’s divine eyes, my movements are nothing but that of a puppet’s being guided by the puppeteers’ strings. I am sorry, but you were the one who stood no chance from the beginning.”

    The aged guard just started staring at the boy on the floor. “You’re going to kill him, aren’t you? He is lying unconscious on the ground and you will murder him just like you murdered my comrades…you are going to take my son from this Earth as well,” He said as he looked at Kyro who simply glanced down to the boy and back to the guard.

    “I have no intentions of harming him any further unless he tries to prevent me completing my mission. The same goes for you, if you turned around right now and walked away then I wouldn’t stop you,” He explained. “As for me…” He looked down to Kaiden, “My partner here lost his temper and really messed things up. The princess ran back into her room, where I’m sure there is another exit.” Kyro let out a sigh, “This is going to be troublesome for me,” he mumbled as he started to turn around, only to see a stone pillar shoot up and block his path. “So, your plan is to distract me long enough for the princess to escape…interesting,” He said. He turned back to face the guard who had stood up. His body had covered itself in stone at this point for a protective layer for armor. “I have a friend who shares a similar power to you…”

    Meanwhile, a stone beast was storming through the city. He was an unnaturally huge man-like beast, a height of well over seven feet and appeared to be buSrsting with muscles. If the stone hadn’t been covering him, the civilians and guards would have seen a dark skinned man of almost the exact same size. He slammed his arms into burning houses, causes them to collapse completely. Guards tried to stab at him, but the hardened stone was too much for their swords to do much more than scratch, assuming that the guards that got close enough to him weren’t pummeled by a massive arm. This was his job on the mission, seeing as he was the only one who could do it due to the fire caused by Farros. This was Xale, the member of the guild who you would least expect to be an assassin, the epitome of brute strength.

    Anyways, back to Kyro. “However, you see, that means I have practiced against people with stone armor. You still will die here,” He spoke, though he knew the guard had made up his mind. “So be it,” He said as he rushed towards the guard who drew his own sword and charged back at Kyro. The guard tried to use the range of his sword to his advantage by swinging early, however Kyro did what he had been doing the entire time and simply dodged to the side and spun around to his back, while slashing through the stone on his back, causing blood to ooze out. The leader of the now completely defeated squad fell to his knees. “What is your name?” Kyro asked the man, to which he received the answer “John Kale, captain of the palace guards. Kyro nodded approvingly at his answer. He glanced to his son “At least…they are both safe,” He said as Kyro stood behind the guard and placed the dagger along his throat. “For now,” Kyro said as he slit the man’s throat.

    Kyro looked between Kaiden and the boy…however something caught his eyes. He glanced to the ceiling and noticed that there a panel there that blended in with the rest of the ceiling. It had been moved slightly and a pair of eyes was looking down on the events happening, however when whoever it was noticed Kyro looking in that direction, they quickly moved the panel back into position. ~The princess…~ Kyro thought to himself. He was about to go into pursuit when he looked back down to the eldest guard who had died. He let out a sigh and simply walked towards Kaiden and picked the much larger assassin up and slung him over his shoulder and carried him with one arm, while holding the cross with his free hand and saying a silent prayer. “Forgive me, Jin,” he said out loud.

    He walked out of the castle and noticed that there was no one here to block the escape. “Xale must be causing quite the ruckus to distract all of the guards,” He said to no one as he headed towards the Assassin’s meeting spot, a good twenty kilometers away from the city.

    In the middle of city, Xale had been surrounded by guards with pikes. His stone armor had worn out and been penetrated in several areas, leaving blood wounds dripping to the ground. The tired assassin panted as he looked into the distance…when he saw it, a shimmer of light a few kilometers away, the sign that the mission had been completed. He grinned as he looked at the group, he was tempted to attack and crush them all, but his time here was done. So instead he jumped into the air, causing the guards to all back up a few steps, and when he landed…he sunk instantly into the ground.

    Xale appeared a half hour later, no longer covered in stone revealing a very dark complexion and no hair, next to Kyro, who was still holding Kaiden. “What happened to him?” came the booming voice from Xale, followed by a full hearted laugh.

    Kyro grinned as he looked up to his friend in the organization, “It turns out, there were magic users guarding the princess…we were unprepared. Anyways, we need to hurry up and meet up with Farros and Trevor…Jin will not be pleased with us,” Kyro said, implying that they had not completed their part of the mission.

    Back at the castle, the princess had slipped out of the tiles in the roof and dropped down to the scene of bloodshed. She knelt down next to the unconscious boy, checking for breathing to see if he was still alive. She was still too stunned by the events to yell for help, however, since the chaos in the city had been resolved, the guards were returning to the castle. The girl looked to the halls, she had always had someone to help her in any situation, and as if on cue, a couple of guards ran down the corridor, only to see their captain and several of their friends lying dead on the ground, as well as the princess, whose nightgowns were by now stained from the blood that had spilt onto the floor.

    “W-What happened?!” They asked, even though they already knew. The news of the King’s death had spread quickly. “We have to get out of here…we have to make it to Gaillard,” one of the guards spoke. Gaillard was an ally kingdom, a fortress that had withstood war under several sieges. “It will be safe there.” The princess just nodded as she stood up next to the boy “We’ll take him with us and get him medical treatment,” The guard added. He tried his hardest to maintain his composure, though it was difficult. He knew there were bigger problems at hand. The civilians were sure to have some sort of uprising once they found that the city’s king had been killed during all this chaos and the guards were unable to protect them.

    They made their way out of the city undetected and went about a kilometer out and made a camp there for the rest of the night. The first guard, named Koren, had carried young Kale the entire distance, while the other guard, Mason, had stayed near the princess and made sure no one tried to attack. Luckily, they hadn’t headed in the same direction as the assassins.

    Speaking of which…the assassins had all met up at their rendezvous point. Kyro, Trevor, Farros, Xalen, and an unconscious Kaiden were looking up to a man, the same man who had killed the king. A few shadowed figure stood in the behind him, assassins who hadn’t taken part in the mission. Jin spoke up, “So, Kyro, what you are telling me is that you actually failed your mission?” And as he said that, Kaiden began to grumble and wake up. “Where is that son of a bi-“only to be interrupted by Jin, “AND YOU!” Jin roared, “You caused the whole assassinating the princess to fail because of your arrogance. You are strong, which is why you have the rank of III, but if you let your arrogance continue to get In the way…You better be sure that I will kill you in a second,” He hissed at him. “And Kyro, I don’t believe a word you said. I believe you were merciful for one reason or the other. You are the second-in-command of this guild and you let the lower ranks out do you,” Jin sighed and shook his head and merely nodded to Xale, Trevor, and Farros.

    This is when Xale’s booming voice came in, “But what of you? We are assassins…you made us declare war on an entire kingdom. We laid siege upon an entire city. This is not how we normally act and you know that…so why?”

    Jin didn’t respond right away as he glanced from one member to the other. “I guess that is where I failed. Someone has located us. Someone with power. I have been trying to figure out his identity, but I simply can’t. He told us that either we do this mission successfully, or they kill us all,” Jin spoke calmly. “We are strong, each and every one of us, but we cannot take on an entire, well prepared army of magic users by ourselves. I am suspecting that the person who made us do this was an opposing kingdom with something against the king, though I can’t be sure. All I can say is that he is who we have to find especially now that we have failed the mission, he is probably going to send people out to kill us. This brings me to the next part. The only way he could have found out about our location was if someone told him, which means we have a traitor in the organization.” Jin glanced from one member to the next, trying to see a reaction, but none came. “Anyways, we need to set out tomorrow morning, as for now, rest.”

    An older figure, probably in his early forties, sat on a throne, his head resting on his fist. He looked bored as his messenger talked to him. “So the assassins failed at killing the princess? That’s alright. Send the Renegades in to clean up the mess they made…and assassins themselves.”