Assisted Suicide legalized in Canada.

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  1. Canada's Supreme Court has made a unanimous ruling that doctor-assisted suicide is legally permissible under certain circumstances. Government has twelve months to draft (or redraft) laws relating to the subject. The issue is a morally and politically sensitive one in Canada, and various groups on both sides hold some strong opinions.

    What's your personal stance on assisted suicide?
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  2. I think that the only reason that this hasn't happened sooner is because the people fighting the most to legalize it usually end up dead before any real changes can be made.

    I think it's a step in the right direction.
  3. Holy moly. My mother is not going to be happy about this.

    I personally have no issue with assisted suicide under these guidelines. Everyone should have the right to die with dignity. I'm happy to see this.
  4. Finally good news. I've seen some of my closest relatives dying from cancer and I believe they'd take the chance to end it swiftly rather than prolong the suffering. Hell, if I knew there was no chance in hell for me to survive, I'd let myself get euthanized.
  5. If I had the option to choose between slowly an agonizingly fade away until I am no longer anything but a husk of my former self, and deciding to go while I'm still capable of saying goodbye to all my friends and family, I'd definitely choose the latter.
  6. I'm all for it. If someone wants to punch out early and not deal with horrible pain and deteriorating illnesses, cool, let them get the help they need to see it done. It's not forcing doctors to assist suicide, just allowing them to do so legally if the situation arises, so there's no problem with it as far as I can see.
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  7. Note to self: If I ever get that sick, I know I can't be helped, MOVE TO CANADA! This is otherwise the only reason I would want to move that far north. :p
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  8. Wonderful news!
  9. All for it and have a hard time dealing with people who's not.
  10. You don't need to go all the way to Canada for that. Oregon, Washington, and Vermont have legalized assisted suicide. Montana has a thing where doctors are protected if they write a prescription for what could be a lethal dose of medicine at the request of a terminally ill patient, so that's almost as good. New Mexico had a recent ruling in a court case where the judge said terminally ill patients have the right to get aid in committing suicide, but that's being appealed currently because people suck.

    No need to go all the way to Canada to get it done, if the worst comes to pass.
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  11. I did not know this! It's closer. So if this ever comes to pass, I'll remember where I got the information from and note that Jorick saved me on gas money. :p
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  12. The drums of progress are beaten, loudly and proudly, as the true north strong and free finally extends such notions to those who arguable need it most.

    Now to prevent it from being reverted...
  13. The point I want to make about why I support this references the "death penalty" thread as well, so I'll just not go there and will keep it to: that's awesome, good for you Canada.
  14. I have no idea which side I'm on with assisted suicide. There's so many pros and cons with assisted suicide that I'm currently unable to take one side because both sides represent many credible arguments and statements that I agree with. It's safe to say I'm still on neutral ground. >___>
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  15. Neutrality out of uncertainty of right and wrong is a wiser position than most give it credit for. I applaud that despite my stance.
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  16. I've watched three family members die from cancer, and wish that they had this option. It's horrible to watch someone suffer that much and know that they will continue to suffer without any reprieve. My cousin was only twenty three when she was diagnosed with lung cancer and given a little under six months to live. When I saw her in the hospital, she was little more than a skeleton covered in skin, even touching her could break one of her bones. There was no cure for her. No chemo that would kill the cancer, and no treatment that would put her in remission. She was given a death sentence the moment she was diagnosed, and forced to endure months of pain and agony. Morphine didn't help, nothing could. It's cases like that, where people know there is no light at the end of the tunnel and nothing to look forward to other than complete agony that the patient should be allowed to decide when they want the end to come. I wish every country and state would recognize that.
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  17. To be in constant pain with no prospects of recovery or relief is no way to live.

    Surely there's going to be massive lists of rules for this and many who don't want it to happen will fight it. But it's maple land, and I'm woefully ignorant of their ways.

    That said, can unplugging a coma patient be considered this?
  18. What a wonderful day for Canada and therefore, of course, the world.

  19. I'm in favour; the provisions and caveats seem reasonable, although I could see it being abused and some bullying happening, I think those cases will be the exception and not the rule

    I think it's important to specify "physician-assisted" when talking about this, though. Assisted suicide by other means so far as I know is still illegal

    @Windsong no because the patient has to clearly request and consent to the procedure
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