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  1. So, I am a new member on this lovely forum (obviously), as in just stumbled off the boat. At some point I would love to create my own roleplay, I've actually got most of it typed out on a word document. I noticed, though, that the majority of roleplays here start with a simple introductory paragraph, which is quite the contrast to the extensive setting explanations on the forum I previously was a member of.

    So, my question: is it acceptable to have a large introduction? Is there a certain type of roleplay here specified for this, or should I start chopping?
  2. It's fine. Some people are turned off by it; however, if the hook and concept are good, I don't think anyone will mind.
  3. Okay, thank you. That's a relief, I wasn't looking forward to re-writing it. xD
  4. There's nothing wrong with having a detailed setting, and many people might thank you for taking the time to elaborate on your setting without them asking. People here tend to write a synopsis for their Interest Check first, a brief introduction to their world and story without overloading people with details. It makes it easy to read and keeps interest in the story strong. Afterwards, they reveal the full setting (or at least all they plan on using) in the OOC.
    A nice example: They start with a small Interest Check, then move on to a larger OOC.

    A good piece of advice is that no one wants to read a large and unbroken wall of text, so stylizing and formatting the post to make it easier to read and prettier to look at (as demonstrated in quite a few OOCs and Interest Checks) is always is a plus.
  5. That is wonderfully helpful, thank you. I'll take that into account when editing and revising the roleplay.
  6. As @Mite and @ravenDivinity have alluded to, long intro posts are not foreign to the site, though they aren't generally in the same place as you might be looking.

    We have a plethora of sections each dedicated to a specific form of roleplay (Jump-Ins, Chat RP, Tabletops, One-on-Ones, et cetera), and more sections dedicated to various genres of roleplay (Fandom, SciFi, Fantasy, Modern, and so on). All of these sections have a dedicated sub-section for OOC threads, where most of the sign-ups/character sheets, exposition, and OOC chatter typically end up.

    As pointed out above, the common (but not required) process is that people post an Interest Check to gather some players, then an OOC thread to officialize the characters, and finally an IC thread to get going. IC threads don't always have a lot of expository content because by the time they're created, the players have probably read the details of the roleplay a dozen times. ;3

    If you haven't already, reading this square-one tutorial written by the staff is a great way to get briefed on Iwaku's roleplaying infrastructure! :D
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