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    Welcome to Assassination Tech

    This is the best assassination school in the world. Known for it's various courses and trainings dedicated to help students develop the drive to kill and to be one of the most well-known assassins.
    At this school, they accept many people of different backgrounds, but only ones that show promise. No promise, no acceptation.
    They make sure they receive the best treatment especially on their first day. This day would be starting off with a speech from the headmaster Pierre Alison and then a quick drop off of luggage. From there it would be a simple evaluation test where they would be graded from A to E. Afterwards partners would be assigned randomly and room assignments would be given.
    The first day is usually leisurely since the rest of the days would be spent honing the students skills. When it's not it's usually because the rare student decided to get started on their final exam to graduate. That exam is to assassinate the headmaster Pierre Alison.

    (We are starting where everybody is arriving and heading to the auditorium)​
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    A young teen made their way to the entrance of Assassination Tech, giddily skipping towards the large double doors. Taylor Cassington was spending yet another year at the prestigious school where teaching the art of killing was number one priority. He had been attending since we was fourteen and has yet to pass his final exam, which, in all honesty, didn't bother him as much as it did others. He loved coming to the school every year because he would always grow stronger and sharpen his skills more, which made missions easier to accomplish. He also enjoyed the many friends that he made every year. Thinking about his many friendships made him remember that he would be assigned a partner. The memory made him frown and his giddiness to leave his steps. You would think that he would be used to having a partner by now, but he wasn't. Sighing, he shook his head and returned to his upbeat attitude, raven colored hair bouncing around him. He'll deal with that obstacle when he came to it.

    Upon entering the building, he said loudly, "Get ready, Assassination Tech!" The shout got him a few looks, but he ignored them. The young male then began to make his way towards the auditorium, knowing that the Headmaster would have a speech to give to everyone. People glanced and stared at him as he made his way through the halls, whispering about who knows what. Probably my looks. It's always about my looks, he thought with a roll of his eyes.

    [Hope this is okay! >.<]​
  3. Erina Valle
    Erina arrived onto campus by being dropped off by her mom. It wasn't hard for them to find since her mom was a student here for a while. She waved to them goodbye before she made her way down the path way towards the double doors. Once inside she made her way to the auditorium. There the headmaster would give a speech about their day and the rest of the year. She was excited to see her target, mentor, and representative of the school, Pierre Alison.

    Once she made it to her destination, she was amazed. There were over 150 students, but smaller than 300 from what she could estimate. Other schools usually accepted somewhere from the 400 to 500 range so this proves how hard it is to get in.

    From what she could tell, everybody here was well-equipped. Some were playing with magic, others had weapons out and others were strategizing. One person who really stood out was a person who could be either female or male. Erina couldn't help, but stare. After a while, she caught herself. "I got to get ready and prepare if I want to beat everyone to the punch." She told herself aloud as she started playing with her wind.
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