Assassination School RP?

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  1. Origin of Idea
    This is an idea I got from a currently running anime called assassination classroom which has an interesting premise of killing your teacher before the year ends with the teacher being hard to kill (and not human). This is to save the world.
    Now for the actual idea. A school is used to train people to be assassins. One of the reasons this school is remarkable is because they train people and try to specialize their magic in them to be fit for assassination. Another reason this school is remarkable is because to graduate you must assassinate your headmaster.

    Many people have tried and left the school for easier schools. Others just stay trying to assassinate the headmaster to be guaranteed a high paying job along with many clients for future assassinations.

    The problem with assassinating your headmaster is because he chose to be the headmaster after they assassinated their own with their power and tactics.

    Ideas, but may not be included
    • Somebody could play the headmaster​
    • A person can have multiple powers being based around different things​
    • Teams of two or more to assassinate​
    • Weapons​
    • NPC Old People​
    • Students being able to assassinate each other to lessen competition​
    So what do you think?
    It's the title. I just wanted to keep the formatting.
  2. Sounds fun, I'm interested.
  3. Cool. If you can, can you tell me which of the suggested ideas are worth keeping?
  4. All of the ideas are interesting, but my favorites are that someone plays the headmaster (and maybe there can be more than one headmaster as well so that way the headmasters will kind of be partners too), teams of two or more, and the students being able to assassinate each other (but I feel like this should only be in desperate measures, of course). I think you should keep all of the ideas still, but maybe expand more on the ones that I listed because I just feel that, in my opinion, those will be the main ones that will help guide the roleplay along the most.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.