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    Lutharia (Luck) was born with a gift, unlike any other person in her world. A disease has spread through her city affecting the young, the old, the rich and the poor. A disease that can kill. Its worse than cancer. The part of the city now inhabited by the Rebels released a bio toxin a few years ago to bring down the government, however the Toxin became to strong and an outbreak caused the toxin to spread throughout the city, infecting everyone. . It is now 16 years later and there is a cure, however it is the blood stream of this young lady shown above. Her mother was struck ill with the curse from this Bio toxin and at her Fathers, Dr. Mindarow, attempt to save the mother and Luck, the medication that was bumped into her mother entered Luck;s blood stream infusing itself with her blood creating a cure, her mother was not healed, but her father was. Dr. Mindarow become ill months after and noticed that luck as a small child was not harmed by the roxin at all, curious he drew her blood and studied it finding that that in her blood was in fact a cure. The Rebels, found out about this girl as did the Government. They both now want her blood. They both will do anything to get it.

    Luck Awoke that morning the sound of cars flying past her window, pierced her ears. She was 1000 stories off the ground. Her father's Lab was so high up die the "safeness" of it all. How ironic. Sure no one would get up here quickly but no one would get down any quicker either. Luck ran her fingers through her snow white hair, yawning, she looked around. Her room was white like her hair, but her walls were covered with posters of the latest music scene and top models in todays fashion. Sure she had never left the safety of her father's lab, but she knew about the outside lab. There was a loud knock on her door and her father yelling outside it. "Luck get up, I need to see you in my lab." Luck pulled a pillow over her face and groaned. She was always being tested for something. She hated her blood. Luck threw the pillow at the wall next to her bed. Throwing the blankets off of her small frail body she got up and walked over to her closet sliding open the door and looking at all her clothes. She always made sure that her clothes had lots of color to them. It took away from the bland world of her father's lab. Pulling out a blue dress covered in assorted colors of flowers, she threw it on. sliding jangling bracelets in her wrists and combing her hair, she stepped out her bedroom. "Good morning." she said to the two large men standing by her door, like they always were. They nodded at her and smiled.

    Luck walked into her father lab, which was across the hall from her room and stuck her head in. "Dad?" Luck said looking around. Test tubes, vials of strange liquids and strange purring machines were strewn across the lab. Her father poked his head up from behind a machine and waved her over. Luck walked over and sat in a chair. spinning in it as she waited for her father's attention. "How was your slumber my dear?" Luck huffed. "Twas fine Father dear." Luck said in a mocking english accent. Dr.Mindarow glared at her. "Luck its very rude and un lady like to poke fun at how someone talks." Luck laughed. "Dad come one, I am never even gonna talk to anyone besides you at this point. i mean think I am 16 now and your still the only person besides the guards that I have ever had a relationship with." Dr.Mindarow sighed and looked at Luck as he got ready to test her her blood again. "Luck, you know why things are that way, if I let you go out into the world people wi-" Luck inturpted him mid sentence. "Will try to capture, rape and or kill me, Yeah I know dad you only told me a thousand time when I was younger." Dr. Mindarow chuckled. "I never said rape." Luck smiled and sat up straight puffing out her chest and placing her hands on her hips." yes but i mean come one dad look at me. I'm beautiful how could you not." Luck's father glared at her. "Yes you are beautiful but raping you is something that is very easy for me not to do." Luck laughed and watched as her father cleaned a patch on her arm and slowly stuck a needle in a small vein that was exposed. Luck just watched sighing on occasion as vial after vial of blood was drawn from her arm. after he was finished, she was handed a granola bar and shooed away to begin her school work.
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    "Born to liberate those who defy our nation and escort them to the other side."​
    His name is irrelevant. His occupation done behind closed and locked doors, always an exit and always done with a loaded gun. Living among the people is what he does best, pretending to care about politics if stopped on the street and asked who he supports. Of course he would favor the government, they made him who he is. Everything about him, eye color, hair thickness, body weight, height, build, has been specially generated to be just the key the council needs. With him at their side, they are unstoppable. Any resistance is met with liberation to what the council likes to call "the other side" or, in Nicholai's terms, death and decay. He gets the call, he moves out. That's what he has been trained for and they better believe that he does a fine job. No mess. No evidence. Clean cuts to vital arteries or a shot where it counts the most. The best parts of his day come when the phone, a secure line that's impenetrable by bugs or software, rings. Untraceable and completely covert. That's when his heart starts to pump for he lives to end life - liberate lost souls into the next world.​
    Then those days come where he doesn't want to pick up the phone. It buzzes and rings, causing his head to throb. Waking up has never been a task for him, his internal clock snapping his eyes awake every morning at the crack of dawn. But after a fruitful night of experiencing the city for what it offers, red light districts and all, Nicholai is tempted to knock the nightstand right over. The black boxes would fall to the floor, their silver trim equaling everything in his flat. The furniture is genuine leather, the tables sparking glass. He couldn't be more happy with his status for he is a man of high privilege. Or should it be said that he is men of many privilege. Aliases are, by far, his key asset to not being captured and killed by the radicals (or rebels as most call them). If they knew he was a liberator, if they could find him, they would have a tough time killing one of the best brewed from the batch.​
    "Will you pick up your phone already?" Growls the half asleep woman to his left, curling deeper into the mattress with a drawn out sigh. What a diva mess. Nicholai thinks to himself. At least she is a hot diva mess and luckily I didn't have to pay for this one. If anything, she will pay me for all my hard work. He smirks, knowing he could easily drug her and take anything of value. Yet, those thoughts are put on hold. It's not the time nor place to think of such delights. She is still awake and kicking. When she becomes a bit -less- active, he can see what goods she has in store. Within his next breath, Nicholai sushes her and places his hand on her sheet covered thigh. Rubbing gently, he picks up the phone and says nothing. Not even a hello for he knows what waits for him on the other line.​
    "Send me the information and it'll be done." Is all he says before stepping out of bed and covering his nakedness with some checkered print boxers. Moving to the kitchen, he places his phone on the granite tabletop before starting up the stove. Cooking her breakfast will be easy... he thinks, It's getting her OUT of here that will be the hard part. And it proved to be just that. Molly, Kelly, Hanna... whatever her name was, Nicholai wasn't completely sure. He does manage to get her out before lunch, giving him enough time to prepare. Once the sun goes down, he will slip from his apartment and into the world of Dr. Mindarow. Laughing to himself, Nicholai knows that it will be the last the world ever hears from the Dr.​
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  3. Luck sits at her computer peacefully. Clicking through pages and pages of school work. A messenger pops up and its someone with the user name. "UrdreamBoy56" He says hey with a winky face. Luck being 16 and having a laptop has created multiple web pages about herself, on multiple social media websites, anything from facebook to Vampirefreaks, you got it. She has one. Luck smiles and shakes her head. "Hi" Is all she types back, Boys message her on a daily basis wanting to see some part of her body or to hear her voice. However Luck knows that she has to keep her life secret, so her real name is never given out, what she looks like is always a description and never a picture. Sure she is a reckless teen, but she knows the importance of her life. Luck ignores the next few messages that the boy sends and finished with school, getting done around 2:30. She closes her computer and once again steps out of her room. Looking at one of the younger guards she smiles. "wanna do something fun?" She is alone in this huge top floor laboratory/apartment. Her father being the world renown scientist that he was, they lived a life of luxury, the top of the line technology, best clothing and furniture money could buy, but after 16 years of only having stuff to bring you happiness. It only brings sadness.

    The young guard smiles at Luck. "I would love to have fun with you." he winks. "Bu I am afraid that is against the rules hun." Luck groans and scoffs. "You pig, I meant play a game or something, not fuck." Luck shakes her head and walks away. An older guard begin to sold the young man and Luck smiles, the only thing that never gets old. Her beauty was obvious. Her skin was pale and no blemish laid upon it, soft like the fur on a month old puppy. Her eye's bright green and hair snow white, her lips a soft pink. Her body was small, but bust was slightly over average. Curvy and tall she walked with pride in her appearance. Luck always told her father that if she didn't have this stupid cure in her blood, she would be a model. A job that had been offered to her multiple times by men that knew her father. Luck had nothing to do to occupy her time. Walking through the loft she found her way to a balcony. sliding the door open slowly she stepped out and the breeze blew her hair across her face and her dress lifted slightly. Inhaling the fresh air and looking into the bright sky, as if she were rapunzel and had just escaped her tower.

    Luck leaned against the railing of the balcony and looked out at all the cars flying by, the birds that occasionally landed mere inches away from her. A car flew by but stopped and backed up, its window rolled down and a teen boy that looked around Luck's age stuck his head out and smiled, obviously checking her out. "hey Princess, wanna go for a joy ride?" Luck inspected the boy, he was strong looking, and handsome. "where we goin?" Luck said with a smile as she turned to look to see if anyone was watching. No one was. "anywhere you wanna go My lady." The boy smiled and winked at Luck. Luck smiled back. "alright take me away." Luck stepped up on the railing as the boy opened his car door and reached out his hand. Luck began to reach for it but all to soon she was pulled back inside by a guard and into her father's lab. The guard tattled on her and her father just stared at her disappointed. Luck looked back at him. "what?" Luck said her arms crossed. "You know how dangerous that could be. you know better than to go outside in the first place and you know better than to get in a car with a boy!" Luck rolled her eyes. "Dad I am 16 I am tired of living in this cooped up little shit hole! I am not a dog that needs to be caged, and I am NOT a science experiment!" Luck walked out and into her room locking the door and laying back down on her bed.
  4. The limp body on the floor makes no fuss when Nicholai steps over her. The girl's bright honey colored hair is sprawled out across her face, bright blue eyes closed. It's a shame when he has to drug them. But then again, if they don't leave willingly, he finds no other option. Their breakfast is always spiked with a memory adhesive. They think its butter, yes it tastes like it on their toast, but really, it causes them to forget over the next twenty-four hours what happened on the previous night. He can't risk one of them showing back up at his door. But as usual, they never remember. The afternoon is spent leaping over Heather, Penny, or Brenda, for she is starting to become a part of the upholstery. Well, more like a lump on his rug. A very big lump.

    They always fall for it. Nicholai laughs to himself, standing in front of the crystal clear screen. The glass is about an inch or two thick, showing him schematics of Dr. Mindarow's laboratory. Blue lines mixed with yellow, green, beige, green, orange... etc ones cover the entire 1,000 story lab complex. "And all this has to be done tonight?" Nicholai asks the small projection walking along his desktop. The man in the blue and gray suit nods his head, explaining just what he has to get in their and accomplish. It's simple enough, crash into the compound from the roof, kill a few scientists who don't agree with the council, drug and carry the girl and get out of there. It's too easy... he thinks, not understanding the true nature of the security system just yet. In an hour or so, he will be an expert.

    "But!" The figure waves a finger at Nicholai, "You cannot kill her. You must bring her back to our global base for testing." Looking back to a picture of Lutharia, Nicholai scowls. He hates having to escort targets, especially live ones, back to basecamp. If he were just any liberator, such a task would seem impossible. Luckily for him, he lives and breathes to kill ... not to be a damn babysitter for a sixteen year old prat. Growling to himself about just killing her and having it be over with, the one director sighs. "You cannot just kill her. That will only mean that we obtain the first round of blood samples. We want to see how her body reacts to other toxins. Perhaps she can be more use to us than he initially anticipated. You have your mission, liberator, be gone." He salutes and flickers, the light completely going out within the next two seconds.

    "I suppose anything can be done for the right price." Nicholai breathes, thinking of the millions this project will make for him. Even though the Dr is one of their own scientists, he has no problem with ending his life if he comes in between Lutharia and himself. Glancing at the interior of the building, he maps out his route once again. Projecting the image in the living room, Nicholai walks around it, finding once again the best route to take. Once he is sitting down again, he glances towards the blonde mess on the floor, knowing he will have to drop her off before starting his way across the whole damn city. It could take hours!

    Best get a move on. He decides, buckling his rubber soled boots, the shin protection coming in handy more often than he originally thought. Slipping his hands through the fitted arm holes of his black leather jacket with yellow strips on the front, collar and sleeves, he starts on the guns. Taking out a shotgun, two pistols (strapped to his thighs), semi-automatic rifle as well as an assortment of grenades and other devices, Nicholai carries her (whoever she is) and drives her to some random rooftop, laying her against the door to the lower levels. Saluting, he hops back into his car and starts his way towards the lab. Night falls and he quietly waits a few blocks over, parking in a garage. When the time comes, he will fly to the roof and start his liberation.

  5. Luck lays in bed thinking for a while. "why does life have to suck so much?!" Luck cries out, she knows her father can hear her. He enters her room a few minutes later. Luck rolls over away from him. "Lutharia I know you're upset but listen. You and I both know that the outside world isn't safe for you, I need you to be alive and you need you to be alive to." Luck rolls back onto her back. "I know Father, but its just so boring inside her all alone, I have no social life and all the younger guards are just pervs." Dr.Mindarow pats Lutharia's forehead and smiles. "How bout I get you a dog or something tommrow?" Luck snaps up and smiles at her father. "Really!?" She asks wide eyes and smiling. Her father nods his head. Luck smiles and lays her head back down. "It has to be a big dog like a great dane or something. Okay?" Luck says as she smiles at her father. He nods once again and gets up to leave. He turns back and presses a button on the wall. red lasers cover the windows and a slight whirring can be heard. Luck pulls the blankets over her small body and closes her eyes.

    Dr.Mindarow stays awake and starts to test the blood sample he had taken from Luck earlier that morning. He starts to test it against other Toxins and diseases. He meets with other scientists and they all take samples and begin to test it. The guards of course and right there with the other scientists making sure no samples are being stolen or sent out to the rebellion or the government. Yes this lab was ran by the government but the matter of Luck's blood and the fact it was and is a cure has always been kept out of the government's hands. Dr. Mindarow didn't want his daughter to become the face of today's health or the face of today's scientific discovery. He raised her teaching her everything that students were learning in school. They continued to study her blood for hours, finding that it also cured other diseases. Dr. Mindarow called in all of the scientist that had been working that night collecting the samples from them and then erasing their memories with a shot. It was protocol and every scientist had to agree with it. Dr. Mindarow didn't want the extremity of his daughters "Cure" to get out to the world.

    As night fell The guards stood, two at every door. and a line down every hall. The guards were all trained in the highest combat and all held semi automatic machine guns in each hand and a pistol lay on their hip.They all stood at attention waiting for anything to happen. Luck lay silent in her bed. Her covers were pulled up to her chin and her small body lay motionless. You could hear the small breathes that she took with each inhale. and the whirring of all of the alarms and laser sensors everywhere. This was lockdown hour.
  6. Slipping his sunglasses over his shining amber eyes, Nicholai smirks as he touches down on the glass ceiling of the lab complex. He looks down to the hallway, seeing the rows of guards. They're strong men, their hands cradling weapons of all shapes and sizes. The metallic coating glinting in the rising moonlight. The edges look like train sides, long and sleek, covering the gun, rivets coming up and down the edges. Different levels of thickness cover them, starting out thin, becoming larger in the middle and all scoping down into a small muzzle. Each and every guard has an ammo indicator light flashing on the left side of their gun, the glow of the blue stationary until a shot is fired. Nicholai leans his head to the right and to the left, hearing the satisfying pops once he sees the grenade launcher attachment fitted on some, not all, of the guns. What a night this is going to be.

    Quickly running off the roof, Nicholai steps onto a large air pipe. It's warm to his touch but he knows it shouldn't get too hot. All the engines, all those machines in this looming figure must exhale for all their work. Gray smoke tumbles out of small brass fittings, spewing out in two opposite directions and up into the night sky. Using this to his advantage, the liberator slips between the piping and the floor, trying to find the vents of cool air jets that will be here to assure the piping doesn't start any trouble. Nicholai doesn't really understand it but he is just lucky when he finds one that's half on. Placing his large black bag down, he slips out a harness and a few bars of supporting across his entrance, bolting them to the metal flooring.

    Gliding down into the large vent, he feels the weight catch him, slowly bringing him down with his gear strapped to his chest, waist, legs and really wherever else he can manage. This is no walk in the park - he will have to kill like a madman. Getting in and taking the girl will be the easy part but getting her -out- will be one tough nugget. Just the weight of the extra ammo makes him feel like am elephant. It might slow him down but it will only be a fraction and he is sure he can get through it just fine. Glancing down to his wrist, he looks at the flashing schematics strapped there. Coming to the end of the vent, he peeks through the horizontal bars, seeing yet more guards. It would be pointless to disturb them for they'll only call more and he will never get to his target.

    Distributing his weight, he unties himself from the harness, sending it back up to the roof. Luckily for him, these vents have reinforced steel, just enough to hold even his heavy weight. Crawling his way to an office, he slips in, moving to the computer, his gloved fingers easily decoding the screens as they come up. All government passwords, after all, have been memorized. It's part of his training. Different branches have different variations of the same code. Depending on what level and room, the password changes only a fraction - having to even do with the number shining on the left of the door.

    "Let's see how many experts we have when the lights are turned off." Nicholai mutters to himself, clicking a few more keys before what lights that are on at this hour, are locked and shut down. "And next we have the doors, let's jam them shall we?" Sighing, he almost finds this -too- easy. This is just some random technicians computer and yet, he is already in control of the whole database. The world is his oyster. But right after he clicks the commands for the doors to all be locked in the open position, the emergency lights flicker on. They're dim, yes, but the orange light is still enough for these guards to see Nicholai. Frowning, he tries to override the code but before he can even click five keys, the computer screen freezes and there is an automatic shut down, the screen being terminated. "Now this is more like it." He whispers to himself, hearing footsteps clomping down the hallway.

    Slipping "Thomas Kroffkin" 's lab coat over his gear, he lowers his head and darts out the door. His gun is at his side and his eyes cast down, his own plated boots clomping down the hallway too. Now he is among them, trying to slip away unseen. At ever opportunity, he opens the unlocked doors and slips inside. The less the guards see him, the better. That's when he comes face to face with no one but Dr. Mindarow who was about to leave his lab. Swallowing, he waits for him to speak, letting him either believe this lie but if he tries to move, Nicholai grabs him and shoves a hand over his mouth so that he cannot speak.

    He must die. Nicholai reminds himself, taking out the gun and pointing it square at the man's face. "Any last words, Doctor?" He asks, "Your daughter will be next."
  7. Luck lay silent in her bed unaware of what was going on. The guards Stand at alert their weapons on stand-by ready for anything. Some guard are trained more in ranged attacks others in hand to hand combat, just in case it comes to that. A younger guard is patrolling when he hears slight moving around in the vent system. He radios the other guards telling them to be alert. He walks by and office and see can hear the sound of clicking on a keyboard. Every guard has an earpiece in to heighten hearing, and contacts in to heighten their sight. The lights go out and the contacts turn their sight to night vision. The guards all become alert and turn their weapons to fire. the orange emergency alert lights come on, very lite as to not wake Luck. A group of 4 to 5 guards stand in front of Lucks door. two guards enter her room. she is still asleep. the guards that are in her room are very fit and slender, almost ninja like. silencers on their weapons and small knives that extend out to full size katanas on each hip.

    Dr.Mindarow still in his office finishing up the research for the day. He sees the lights come on and starts to shut everything down. A system shutdown. All of the data on his computers begins to erase. being backed up into folders that are hidden deep within the computers and locked by multiple codes that Dr.Mindarow only knows. He exits his office and locks the door, turning face to face with a man that obviously stole a lab coat. Dr.Mindarow looks him up and down and presses a small button on the side of his belt that sends an alert to some guards. They immediately start coming his way. The guards in Lucks room stay where they are. Dr.Mindarow looks at the man as he speaks, his eyes calm and narrow, his breathe regulated to not show fear. "Kill me if you must but, know this, my daughter is the last person you will see tonight." Dr.Mindarow stands still being held against his will by the man. Guards stand in front of the two fo them guns pointed, ready to shoot.
  8. The lab coats arms come up to mid arm length, his arms nearly bursting right out of the white sleeves. Holding up his semi-automatic rifle, Nicholai is about to shoot when he hears footsteps behind him, the loud chime of cocking guns. Most men would throw down their guns and give up but Nicholai takes in his surroundings. Lab table, computer, storage blocks and other machines. Glancing up, he spots a pressurized tube. Whatever is inside will have to do. Turning the doctor around so that he is using the man as a shield, he lifts his gun and silently shoots two bullets into the pipe. A yellow looking liquid come out and the guards immediately close their eyes.

    This gives Nicholai enough time to shoot the doctor, right through the head, and move over to the two squirming guards. They fall to the ground as he exits, leaving them all in piles of their own blood. He simply steps over them and heads to the decontamination center, spraying himself quickly before moving onwards. Ripping off the lab coat, he knows he has no need for disguise anymore. Pulling a few plugs, he takes a knife and rips some red, white, yellow and green wires apart. He knows that might slow their research down but it won't cease it. Now comes the turmoil in the hallway. He takes a deep breath before exiting, gun at the ready to shoot or take down any opposition.

    At least his journey to Luck's room is enough adventure for him. He used up all his grenades, lost a handgun, ripped his shoulder on the exposed warping of a metal door when dodging bullets and nearly lost his sunglasses. Now he reaches the last door. Beyond its bolted exterior, he assumes, lies a whole other playing field for him to run free in. But the only problem is now there are seven guards stationed in front. How the hell is he going to get past? A firefight? He has the ammunition, true, but who knows if he will live through seven separate shots. It would be hell.

    And so, he creeps back down the hallway, searching the dead guards for anything that might come in handy. Looking down at the body, he smirks, picking the young lad up by the collar and letting his feet drag across the floor in a loud rubber scraping. Steadying himself against the hallway threshold, Nicholai taps into his strength and chucks the boy at the middle of the line of guards. He hears an oofing sound and a tumble of a few bodies. Taking his chances he immediately turns the corner and picks off two men before the retaliation shots start panting the wall against his backside.
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