Asmodeus is Against Your Thoughts

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  1. Only 9 threads left in Insanity.

    Soon, the Admin War will be won.
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    Except that Rory, being the only Admin left....has already won...
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    Chaos lost before he started.
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    You are as PRESUMPTUOUS as you are POOR and IRISH.
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    O, bejeesus! Dat Jewish fella edited me pohst!

    *Dies from alcohol poisoning*
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    Asmo is a hipster, he started this post ironically.
  7. Please put this on your signature if you know an Asmo who is a wanker, or maybe a complete and utter twat! Or maybe a two faced bastard, or an Asmo who needs a good hard punch in the face! Or a major selfish 'me me me' drama queen! Asmodeus affects the lives of many. There is still no known cure for Asmodeus, but we can raise awareness.
  8. Just as planned.

  9. "I hunger for it all: the water, the wind, the trees, the land. I will never be satisfied until it is all mine.“

    Created on Planet Liverpool as a part of the superhuman project, Asmodeus was a success, and the people of Liverpool were glad that they finally had an Aspergers patient that could easily survive on their world. However, Asmodeus was not too happy and stole the ARC Laboratory, transporting it away from Liverpool.

    Asmodeus found himself in Iwaku World, where he quickly went about experimenting on the local monsters. He also declared himself ruler of the Iwaku World, which the native monsters had no problem with. Noticing the portal that could lead him to Norway, Asmodeus began to plan invasion.
  10. Character application DENIED
  12. Insanity is FEL'S RP.
  13. No, Paorou. Remember, this isn't yours anymore. We fired you. <3
  14. So who governs Insanity then?
  15. FOOLS


  16. And not his pants.
  17. Fools, the TRUE king of Insanity would never wear pants. Or, maybe he would. Maybe he would perceive no pants and actually wear them. Maybe this thread is old and stupid. Give me your cheese.
  18. A better King of Insanity: