Asmo in..... JAPAAAAAAN?!

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So, it's that time again. Total change of everything in my life, burning all bridges and fucking off to the other side of the world.

I'm considering teaching English in Japan.

Does anyone have any advice/warnings/insults?

What are Japanese schools like?

Will I become a Rage Monster?

Do they appreciate English people telling them how to write?

Do you know of anyone who has moved to Japan and been horribly raped and killed and OH GOD DON'T DO IT ASMO!?!

Also, is there anywhere better to teach English? I've heard of some placements in America that might be cool.

Basically, the whole thing will be an extension of what I do on Iwaku, which I love (no really).
Schools depend largely on if you are teaching at a public, private, or the ones on the US Military bases. A lot of the teachers of English end up teaching largely on the US bases. Trying to learn some of the basic parts of the language is also a good idea; Genki is probably the best book out on the market for English readers to use since they don't over focus on using romanji (Japanese word in English letters. I would also recommend The Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture for a more in depth understanding of how the social structures of the nation work since the world of pop culture is obviously not a true representation of the people.

Outside of Japan, a lot of people seem to like going to China.
The teacher I that taught me Japanese in high school spent some time in Japan teaching English. He said he enjoyed it and wanted to do it again sometime, especially so his wife could be back in her home country for a while. My sensei even encouraged us to try it someday, if it ever interested us.

And yes, the Japanese do appreciate it! We'd get exchange students all the time whom we'd teach a thing or two about English, while they helped us with Japanese. They thought it was lots of fun, too. :)

You'd like it, Asmo. I think. That would be a really amazing experience.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do.
Hey thats how I ended up in Thailand.

Don't know about Japan but there good money in Shanghai, my friends over there. Hereabouts with a degree in English you can start out with 35k baht (about $1,300 US) a month usually increasing by 1000 each year. Living costs are also pretty low here.
Paorou's going to be assdevastated when he learns about this.

Japan is pretty fucking cold for us tropical people, according to my dad's stories. But I don't think that should be an issue for Asmo.

My dad says the food in Japan is quite expensive. Yes, even the cheap ones.
I'll take a packed lunch.

Anyone know what the private schools are like? Any weirdness I should know about?
Lol, well if you didn't pack yourself a lunch then you wouldn't get a meal. It seems that a lot of the private schools don't serve meals like public ones. Like in the West, most private schools will have students that are middle or upper classes.

The weirdness will be dealing with "exam hell."
oh god, you're gonna be a BAKA GAIJIN.

god damn, this is both awesome and horrible AT THE SAME TIME!

also, it's been done before, just look for the outpost nine guy.
...Hey...that's what I'm doing after this year.
I'll re-teach all the kids you mislead.

And cover your classes when you don't turn up for some boring reason.
*Hurls rice at Asmo*
was outpost nine the blog of the black english teacher that his students called him "big dicku" or whatever?