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  1. Lyra snuggle against Lucius, "Where is daddy anyway?"
  2. "Lets." Lyra looked excited, "Lucy will come too won't you?"

    "How about I go alone first?" Melissa shrug.
  3. "How would I do that?"
  4. "You don't even know what I'm thinking."
  5. Melissa blush as she hug him, "Daddy is so big and safe."
  6. "She takes a lot after you."
  7. "Mel-Mel could use the fresh air and so do you." Harmony shrug.
  8. Posted. Would just like some Puck dialog to slip in that won't impact the post. Once for before Natalia teleports, and once for when she goes to the hospital.
  9. Thank you Brother

    So how are you guys here?
  10. Dying (due to school and all) but Happy as always.

    Are we the only ones up?
  11. You still have the WIP at the end. I'd get rid of that.

    Thanks. I'm going to squeeze those bits of dialog in, then think on my reply. Should I keep my focus in Hushcobb, or try to come up with something for Natalia?
  12. FEBRUARY 9, 2017

    Underneath the small library of the quiet, seemingly homely town was a massive collection of files, crates, and display cases that looked either like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark, or The Librarians. Those old-timey rolling ladders were built into bookshelves, bookshelves that spanned half a football field against the walls. Other shelves spanned from floor to ceiling between the place.

    A big, white werewolf jumped from one rolling ladder to another. He had long, spindly limbs that were clearly still incredibly strong, a thick, bushy white tail, a narrow muzzle, yellow eyes, and a grey patch behind his head. He was also wearing clothes; a tight-fitting shirt partially unbuttoned, a pair of suspenders hanging limply at his sides, attached to a pair of pants that clung to his compound legs, and a large metal bracelet over his wrist with a shining light. He was carrying a box and sorting through it, shelving various papers.

    The wolf heard a phone ring and looked down. It was an old-fashioned phone, a relic from the 70s. The werewolf jumped down, set the box aside, and looked at the device on his wrist. He shut a seal over the light pouring out of it, and with a shake of his head his eyes changed to blue. As he walked towards the phone, the rest of him changed, too. The fur receded from his body, and he grunted and howled as his tail shot back inside him, his legs bent and cracked, and his nose pushed back into his skull. He rubbed his shoulders as he returned to a human form, pulling the suspenders up and over his shoulders.


    "Nathaniel, it's me. I'm in my office." The werewolf recognized the voice. Matthew.

    "I thought you were retired," he replied, putting his hand on his hip as he looked around. "Something big must be going on up above, then?"

    "Yes. Means you might have to actually embrace daylight," his old - very old - friend joked. "I need a favor. Can you look through the cult section of our archives? Specifically our intel on mage cults. I think one survived longer than we thought. I just...can't place the name. Too much up here, sometimes."

    "We had a cult attack? I thought everyone was on the Lorentz case," Nathaniel replied.

    "Seems Lorentz is getting help now. Monsters controlled through a blood-born infection."

    Nathaniel thought for a second, then started walking down the length of the Archive room, phone in hand. "Sounds like the Sanguinaar. One of the oldest ones. Invented the vampires, if I remember correctly."

    "I need all the information on them brought up immediately. We can comb through it together."

    "I'd rather not, but I wouldn't mind seeing an old friend again," he said back.

    "You'll have someone else to meet too, perhaps. Aegil's - " Silence. Nathaniel looked at the phone, then back, rolling his eyes. He'd unplugged it. Again. "I really should get one of those cordless ones down here."


  13. Can we rebuild him?

    Or at least make him a tastier fruit?
  14. Whose Asmo?
  15. Bring back the orange, Diana!

  17. Diana is going to screw Orochi? I dunno, Diana. He likes younger women....
  18. This thread is now about hitting on TK.