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  10. FEBRUARY 9, 2017

    Underneath the small library of the quiet, seemingly homely town was a massive collection of files, crates, and display cases that looked either like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark, or The Librarians. Those old-timey rolling ladders were built into bookshelves, bookshelves that spanned half a football field against the walls. Other shelves spanned from floor to ceiling between the place.

    A big, white werewolf jumped from one rolling ladder to another. He had long, spindly limbs that were clearly still incredibly strong, a thick, bushy white tail, a narrow muzzle, yellow eyes, and a grey patch behind his head. He was also wearing clothes; a tight-fitting shirt partially unbuttoned, a pair of suspenders hanging limply at his sides, attached to a pair of pants that clung to his compound legs, and a large metal bracelet over his wrist with a shining light. He was carrying a box and sorting through it, shelving various papers.

    The wolf heard a phone ring and looked down. It was an old-fashioned phone, a relic from the 70s. The werewolf jumped down, set the box aside, and looked at the device on his wrist. He shut a seal over the light pouring out of it, and with a shake of his head his eyes changed to blue. As he walked towards the phone, the rest of him changed, too. The fur receded from his body, and he grunted and howled as his tail shot back inside him, his legs bent and cracked, and his nose pushed back into his skull. He rubbed his shoulders as he returned to a human form, pulling the suspenders up and over his shoulders.


    "Nathaniel, it's me. I'm in my office." The werewolf recognized the voice. Matthew.

    "I thought you were retired," he replied, putting his hand on his hip as he looked around. "Something big must be going on up above, then?"

    "Yes. Means you might have to actually embrace daylight," his old - very old - friend joked. "I need a favor. Can you look through the cult section of our archives? Specifically our intel on mage cults. I think one survived longer than we thought. I just...can't place the name. Too much up here, sometimes."

    "We had a cult attack? I thought everyone was on the Lorentz case," Nathaniel replied.

    "Seems Lorentz is getting help now. Monsters controlled through a blood-born infection."

    Nathaniel thought for a second, then started walking down the length of the Archive room, phone in hand. "Sounds like the Sanguinaar. One of the oldest ones. Invented the vampires, if I remember correctly."

    "I need all the information on them brought up immediately. We can comb through it together."

    "I'd rather not, but I wouldn't mind seeing an old friend again," he said back.

    "You'll have someone else to meet too, perhaps. Aegil's - " Silence. Nathaniel looked at the phone, then back, rolling his eyes. He'd unplugged it. Again. "I really should get one of those cordless ones down here."


    Crossfire closed the door to his own room after leaving Erika and Raven to themselves. Unfortunately, he was just a few doors down from them, so if anything happened - and he knew it would - he would be expected to step in. He took off his coat and began undressing. His suit was dirtied and tattered from Boston. He was just about to take off his sunglasses when a knock came at the door. He sighed. That was faster than he thought.

    He opened the door to see Dr. Landel standing on the other side. She was on the tall side, but still shorter than Cross himself, and her brown hair was tied in its ever-conservative bun. She had a tablet tucked under her arm - something she hardly ever went anywhere without.

    "Eliza, what are you doing here?" he asked.

    "I've been studying the blood samples from your fight in Boston," she said. She held up the tablet. "I have the results here. Is it true? Is he back?"

    Crossfire nodded and stepped aside to let her in. "He's back, though he says not for long."

    Landel looked at him confused as he shut the door and continued removing his tie. "You don't think he's sincere?"

    He gave a small smile. "I think he'll keep finding reasons to stay."

    She nodded, hugging her tablet and looking away from him. Cross thought he understood what was bothering her and put a hand on her shoulder. "I don't think him and Ruth are getting back together, if that's what you're worried about."

    "Honestly...I don't know how to feel about that," she confessed. Landel walked to the window and planted herself in an armchair, one that faced away from the TV, supposedly for a line of sight out the window. "I don't want to lose Ruth again. Last time it was my fault. My infidelity made her seek a relationship elsewhere. They ended up very happy, and maybe I do feel threatened by that."

    She paused as she weighed the other option. "I almost wish they would get back together, though. They both need closure, and that might be one way to get it. I love Ruth. I don't want to see pain. She still has the door locked in her apartment. Where her son used to sleep. And even if Sam was...'competition' at one point," she allowed herself a small chuckle. "How stupid does that sound now? - I still care about him. I can only imagine how they both must feel."

    "Maybe we should switch to something lighter," Crossfire mused. "What'd you find in the study?"

    Visibly grateful for the shift in focus, Landel pulled herself away from her tablet and studied the screen. "There's no physical change in the blood; the cells are human and mostly undamaged. There's a massive amount of mana infused in the blood, however. I think that's what's keeping it alive. The creature this fluid came from is destroyed, but the energy is still coursing through the remains."

    Cross quirked an eyebrow up. "You mean these things are still alive, even after turning them to soup?"

    "Sort of. If I had to guess, this is a mechanism to spread the magic so that if the creature was destroyed someone else could be infected and create a new monster," she surmised. "It's actually a disturbingly sophisticated incantation. I plan on getting Karin and this new mage to help me analyze this later."

    "You're in luck," he said, pointing at the door. "She's down the hall."

    "You trying to get rid of me?" Landel smirked as she got up.

    He shrugged. "Well, I'd rather not have Ruth suspect anything."


    Sam went back to the bathroom and hung up his towel. He'd needed that shower. Apart from the fact he hadn't bathed in days, there was a spiritual sense to the cleansing as well. At least part of him felt like he was back home, that some of the grime from the last seven years had been sent circling down the drain. He had to remind himself that he wasn't back; this wasn't home anymore. Too much had changed. Too much had been lost. He shook his head. He was starting to sound like Matthew.

    A knock came at the door. Sam was already wearing his pants at least, so he had no problem going up to it with a shirt in hand. Speak of the Devil, there was Matthew on the other side. As always, the old Sumerian was dressed in all black. For a man who'd retired in a rugged log cabin, he seemed to have a surprising number of fresh-pressed business slacks and clean black button-shirts.

    "Guess we're both back, huh?" he said with a small smile.

    "I'm not back, Matt," he retorted and walked away, putting his shirt on. "Just need you guys to help take down Lorentz."

    "What'll you do after that?" he asked. "Assuming we succeed. Assuming you get to personally put a bullet through his skull. Your parents will still be dead. Gray will still be gone."

    "Watch it, Matt," Sam warned.

    He was unperturbed. "The man deserves justice. At this point, death is the only fitting justice he deserves. But I'm asking what's going to happen to you after that sentence is carried out? You're a smart man, Sam. You know this won't fix what you've lost. What will you do, when the man you've been chasing is gone?"

    "...I honestly haven't thought that far ahead," he confessed. He put his hand on the old gi, still out beside the attache case.

    Matthew put his hand on the gi too, and pulled it away from Sam's grasp. "The past is a powerful force. It can teach us if we remember its lessons. But wallow in the past and it will bury you. My advice: after this is over, change yourself. Retire, write a book, fall in love again...just do something different with your life. You may be resistant to mana, but mana isn't our greatest superpower. It's being able to change. This Sam - the one you are now - has no future. Make yourself a Sam that does."

    Sam sighed, taking the gi back and folding it up. He also collected his gun case. "It's easier said than done, Matt. It's not easy moving on after losing your son."

    "I know. I've lost many." The immortal sat himself on his couch and put his hands together. "I remember every one of them. And my daughters. And my grandchildren. Some were murdered. Some suffered accidents. Some merely succumbed to old age. I know the weight of lifting that shovel. Of digging that grave." Sam sat across from him. "It's a pain that drove me to suicide attempts when I was younger. I'll pass someone on the street and - for just a second - I see someone else."

    "Does it go away? Ever?" he asked.

    "No." Matthew replied. He stood. "'ll find you don't mind carrying it around with you. I'm grateful to those I lost. I smile, when I feel that pain." He gave a sad smile then. "Because I'm lucky to have had in my life so many people who can make me feel so much.

    "Give it time," he added, and went back to the door. "We're working on who Lorentz's new friends are. Your new friends are helping. I suggest you come along, so we can end that pain sooner."
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