INTEREST CHECK Asking for interest level and any feedback - Roleplaying and worldbuilding combined

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  1. I have a post up in the Fantasy sign-ups section (the genre is actually much more open than that, but that was the closest) called Microscope RPG. All of the gritty details of how to join and play are there, but I also would like to throw out a teaser in less technical terms here and also ask for any feedback.

    This is a game where the genre, setting and overall concept are defined by play. There are basically two kinds of play within the game: creating setting and playing out scenes. You might create a Period in time called "A time when the Vampire Lords ruled," and then go on to write a post describing what that time was like, fleshing out details such as what humans were up to at that time, the culture of the Lords, etc. Then other players might ask any questions about that time or ask for more details.

    Another player might then create an Event within that time period describing a human rebellion that broke out during that time. That person would give plenty of detail about the Event, maybe mentioning Marcus Tiesdell, a key rebellion leader who fought valiantly for the rights of humans, but ended up being hanged in public display in a major Vampire metropolis town square.

    Another player then gets inspired by this and declares a Played Scene. The Scene asks the leading question, "Before the order of execution was declared, what deal did Marcus strike with the Vampire Lords?" The player says that the scene will take place in the chambers of the Vampire Lord Hirsith (which he just made up on the spot), just after Marcus with his team has busted down the chamber doors to confront Hirsith. This player also says that he will be playing Hirsith's advisor, Janice for this scene. Another player announces that he will be playing Marcus and begins the scene and then another says that she will play Hirsith and continues it. Secondary characters can be controlled by anyone, but someone's main character for a scene is treated like any other RP on IWAKU. This play continues until the question about the deal is answered and then the scene immediately ends. If the players want to see more, they can declare another Played Scene and ask another question. When the scene ends, all main characters reset until another scene is played.

    The Periods, Events and Scenes are summarized and kept track of like this: on IWAKU Example

    Does this make sense? Is there a way I can make my posts more interesting or simpler to understand? Any questions or suggestions? I'm slightly new at this style of roleplay and open to any feedback.
  2. Okay, this is cool. Why did it get buried?
    I'd certainly like to see where you go with this.
  3. Sounds pretty fantastic to me!
  4. FWIW, Microscope is pretty awesome. :) I've played it iRL a number of times, and come up with some great worlds and stories, though I haven't done it online.