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  1. Alright lovelies, I adored Kung Fu Hustle and am surprised I don't own a copy myself. I want more of that comedy action shit! Recomendations are wanted, how to acquire in legal ways in the US also requested.
  2. -Shaolin Soccer
    -The Good, The Bad, and The Weird
    -City Hunter
    -Drunken Master
    -The Legend of Drunken Master (which is Drunken Master 2)
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  3. Love in Disguise (by Leehom Wang) is good if you like the sappy romance movies.
    Azumi is really bloody if you like assassins and death. (I'm not joking around on the amount of blood in that movie)
    Battle Royale
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  4. Sappy Romace rarely appeals to me (what kind of girl am I?) and I'm not a fan of gore for gore's sake. Action comedy is my goal here.
  5. I second 'The Good, The Bad And The Weird'. That movie is proper mental.
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  6. Police Story 1 & 2.
    Let The Bullets Fly (Goddammitwatchitalready @Kooriryu )

    I must be gettin' to watchin' what Grumps and Seiji be recommendin'.
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  7. Honestly Ocha, for Action-Comedy Kung-Fu/Asian Cinema, you can't go wrong with anything Jackie Chan related (I lied, you actually can, but as a general rule, Jackie Chan = Win).

    I already listed City Hunter and his Drunken Master movies, and Torsty recommended Police Story 1 and 2, but there's also (in no particular order)...

    -Rumble in the Bronx
    -Supercop (which is actually Police Story 3)
    -Project A
    -Armor of God
    -Armor of God 2: Operation Condor (which usually just goes by Operation Condor)
    -Dragons Forever
    -Wheels on Meals (Or Meals on Wheels, I always forget)
    -Who Am I?

    I hate the Rush Hour movies, but the first one's not that bad, I'll admit.
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  8. Ip Man
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  9. I have put together a list on Netflix, this is assuming you have Netflix at you disposal, Lady O, and I will split them off into mirco catagories to help sort out your movie watching need, using my many years of being a cineophile to the test to help try to navigate you to an enjoyable movie watching experience

    Dumb Fun Flicks- Cool dudes doing cool stuff while not using a lot of the Gray Matter:
    The Big Boss
    Return of the Dragon
    Game of Death(Yeah, a Bruce Lee Theme starting it all up)
    Flash Point
    Punch Lady(Kind of a Korean Version of a Lifetime Movie, except with more punching)
    Chocolate(Not the French Romantic Comedy)
    Power Kids(Great Remake of The Three Ninjas or The Greatest remake of the Three Ninjas?)
    This Girl is a Badass(Yeah, that's the actual title of the movie.)
    Bangkok Revenge

    Goofy Adventure Comedies- This the Jackie Chan/Stephen Chow type of stuff; Funny with slapstick and generally family friendly:
    Dragon Lord
    Jackie Chan's Project A(Because a lot of people were confusing it with the anime Project A-Ko)
    Project A2
    Operation Condor 2: Armor of the Gods(Or As it's original title is called Armor of the Gods 2: Operation Condor)
    Operation Condor(Aka Armor of the Gods)
    King of Beggars(while Funny as hell, there are a lot of cultural jokes lost in translation. Still pretty good imo)
    The Accidental Spy
    Baby And Me(More of a comedy/Slice of life thing, but still pretty good)
    Girl Scouts(I only managed to catch half of this one, but it's pretty good from what I seen so far)
    Chinese Zodiac(Armor of the Gods 3)

    Fantasy/Period Piece- I kind of cheated on this one. This is the Wuxia/Historical pieces:
    Kagemusha(Dude, It's a Kurosawa film. Always good to watch)
    Iron Monkey
    Iron Monkey 2
    When the Last Sword is Drawn
    The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi
    Dragon Tiger Gate(CGI GALORE!)
    The Warlords
    Red Cliff
    Hara-Kiri:Death of a Samurai
    Tai Chi Hero
    Flying Swords of Dragons Gate

    I could of swore Net Flix had more of these movies... But those are most of the ones I watched and could kind of recommend.


    This movie is so Ocha. Hell I might return when I collect enough Stephen Chow movie titles for you to gander at. Hell... I might just do it so I can rewatch some of this stuff. It's pretty good stuff.
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  11. Kunoichi ninpô-chô III: Higi densetsu no kai
    or, as other people know. Female Ninjas: The Magic Chronicles

    Here is a scene from the movie. Vagina Bubbles from Hell!

  12. 0_____o

    This is why I'm a RACKS guy.
  13. Look, i know that you said you want some more comedy action shit. But....BUT! I cannot walk past a thread called "Asian Cinema" without mentioning at least, AT THE VERY LEAST two films that blew my mind. One recently, and one waaaay back. The first film is called "Oldboy", and I defiantly mean the original Korean version. This film got me into Asian cinema, it is a fantastically beautiful, disturbing masterpiece. If i describe the plot I'll ruin the film.

    The second film i saw recently is "I Saw The Devil" Another Korean film and is probably one of THE best revenge films I've ever seen.


    I also am not mentioning to you in any way, that it is possible to stream (without downloading directly onto your computer) both of these films for free without signing up for anything on a site called I'd never suggest that, never. I promise
  14. Oldboy (and the remake of Oldboy 2013) both of which are excellent films. But I'm amazed nobody here said Yojimbo, that's an excellent movie.
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