Ascent of the Blessed

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    Here at Raquia, we understand that though the Earth may be finite, imagination is unlimited.
    That's why we recruit the best and create the best. With our state of the art technology we
    ensure that you, the customer, has the best choice when it comes to the essentials and
    luxuries of 21st Century life. Whether it's our centrifuge toothbrush to keep your kids' teeth
    healthy, or our top of the range sky trains with built-in vista-filters, you can be sure of quality
    that's second to none. Raquia is built by families and run by families, so we understand that
    perfection is not just an ideal but a reality that every parent demands. Call us today to learn
    how Raquia can revolutionize your life.


    Our grasp exceeds your reach

    This is GlowWorm, sending out a light to the doubters and the shouters. Today's the day, boys and girls.
    After three decades of shit-shovelling from the corporations, we've hit the motherlode. A satellite hack
    from an enterprising brother has given us a five minute shot of Raquia Tech's arctic installation. I know
    many of you truth-seekers out there have been wondering what the corps are up to in the ice. Well here
    it is, comrades, in all it's unadulterated splendour...


    Hear that? That's the sound of everything changing. If what we're seeing here is real, then it's the greatest
    discovery in history. And what I've been telling you for the last thirty years has taken on a whole new meaning...

    We are not alone.

    But don't go looking for this installation, friends. It's already gone. Vanished. Raquia must have got wise to the
    hack and they've removed all trace of their arctic base, along with that... thing... whatever we wanna call it. Like
    everything else the corporations oppose, this incident never happened.

    So this is a call to all you white knights and circuit-breakers. If you find yourself in the Big Apple tonight and fancy
    rocking this world apart, get yourself down to Raquia Industries and blow the lid on this thing. Cos the biggest
    cover-up in history is about to be foisted.

    Freedom never needed you so much as now. Let the truth be known. Let the people see.

    This is GlowWorm, signing off.

    This is a Cyberpunk RP in which you play a group of terrorists who have come together to expose a global conspiracy. Proof of alien life has been found in the arctic, and the only evidence of this resides in the headquarters of Raquia Technologies. Your purpose is to reveal this to the world and in doing so shape a new future.

    <table align=center><tr><td>Name:

    Appearance: (Picture preferred)

    Renown: (We all know each other in this team. What do we think of you? What do we like
    you for, trust you for, resent you for, distrust you for, etc.?)

    Technology Level (open)
    <table align=center><tr><td>Permitted</td><td>Not Permitted</td></tr><tr><td>
    Bionics / Cybernetics
    Artificial Organs
    Mind interfacing
    Artificial Intelligence
    Powered Armour
    Lazer/Plasma/Gyro weaponry
    Anti-gravity / Jetpacks
    Super drugs
    Adaptive Camouflage
    Time Travel
    Psychic Powers
    FTL Travel
    Perpetual Energy


    Character Motivation: (Please put some thought into this. I don't want edgy loners who were
    born orphans then took up a life of terrorism because they couldn't make friends at school and
    would rather play with animals and pick flowers but their parents forced them into ninja training
    after they refused to marry and now they're just along for the ride because they're bored. You
    are NOT some teenage douchebag. You are a person of talent who has chosen to risk their life
    for the sake of principle. Please make it believable for you to be here.)

    Death Scene: (Leave this blank. A death scene will be assigned to you by the GM, who will be
    using The Random Death Generator. This death scene will be adapted to the genre and will remain
    on your character sheet. If you should go inactive in this roleplay, your death scene will be written.)

  2. Name: Klane


    Renown: The gung ho leader who never removes his sunglasses. The team know him to be sarcastic, ill-tempered and borderline psychotic. But he looks after his team like a big brother and drill sergeant rolled into one.

    Equipment: Pistol, Monomolecular Blade, Thermal lenses with uplink capability

    Skills: Close-quarters combat, espionage and brute force.

    Character Motivation: Klane is ex-military, a sergeant who was blinded in Chechnya during his last tour of duty. Whilst hospitalised and waiting for bionic implants the American military went through the final stages of its dissolution. With the corporate takeover the army was broken down into private militias and Klane lost both his unit and his cause overnight. When he finally got his new eyes and returned to civilian life, he had a new way of looking at things - pun intended. He started listening to the GlowWorm transmissions, and in the resistance to corporate civilisation found a new calling. Some say he is merely an adrenaline junkie - others that he is an idealist who believes a military force should protect the innocent and not just the customer.

    Death Scene: Lombotimized with an ice pick.
  3. Name: Revan Armentis

    Appearance: Revan Armentis.jpg

    Renown: Most people see Revan as a person with a bad past. A soul who hasn't be cared for and needs love. Sadly, that is not the case. He's insane, like mental patents in a mental institution crazy, but he manages being mental by doing work and being focused. Most people rely on him because he gets the job done, even though the hysterical laughs and insane remarks. Otherwise the only reason he is mistrusted is because his actions are so unclear that people cannot predict what he does. Unless given specific orders to do something, but he will go about it his own way.

    Equipment: Powered Armour, Dual Laser Pistols, Razer (Super Drug), Morning Star, Artificial Kidney

    Skills: Ranged Combat, Hand to hand combat, Parkour, Concealing weaponry

    Character Motivation: Revan had it, his parents were rich and his future was promising and bright. Too bad not everything was right in Revan's head. He thought that everything was his and no one should own it but him. Why wouldn't it be his, isn't everything owned by everyone. This is what goes through his mind. At first he rushed in and tried to make everything his own, but that didn't go to well. He was in jail for ten or so years, he would have been in for 30 but he had "good behavior." Now he tries to work toward making the government and the world in a better image, his image.

    Death Scene:

  4. Name: [TBD]

    Appearance: [TBD] is the one the group turns to if a door needs to be opened. As his body is completely devoid of augmentations, he is able to travel through many places in the world without sensors alerting others of his presence. At the same time, the complete lack of augmentations is a cause for suspicion, as well as a lack of a clear, articulated purpose for being in the group. He has been caught in prayer a few times at the crack of dawn.

    Equipment: "The Sharya Hand of God bio-enhanced series 7 is ... "


    Character Motivation: Hardliner religious naturalist idealist.

    Death Scene:
  5. Name: Nadra Roshanara

    Appearance: specialscover.jpg

    Renown: Nadra is known to be violent with the desire for bloodshed. She has been known to explode under stress and go into psychosis. Her mind works rapidly and darkly, causing her to be depressed. She is a talented tactician and fighter.

    Equipment: Super Drug (Cardnim), Bionic white blood cells, antigravity boots.

    Skills: Guerilla warfare, tactics, interrogation and murder techniques.

    Character Motivation: Nadra signed up for the Mossad at the age of twenty and became a skilled agent at twenty-two. She did a little too much digging and had several assassination attempts occur in rapid succession. Nadra faked her death and moved away, realizing she knew too much.

    Death Scene:
  6. Prepare for character. Analyzing holes in group 'roles' to be filled
  7. Be aware, Jack, I'm already working on a non-combatant geek/hacker/computer whiz type.
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