as the stoie goes,

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  1. have u ever heard the stories of the ugly Cinderella , well that's London , that the kind of family she came from , the shitty sisters and the god forsaken mother from, hell . always bitching at her , telling her how her father loved the stepsisters more. that's fine with her :after 5 years with that bitch London could finally call her self free of the hand of the devil. moving in with her friends was the best move she ever made.

    now she form her self going from the life of the high class country , to the middle class city.. she had been with her grandmother for a week and hadn't made her way out side in to the east part of down town. it was nearly night fall when she had decided to to out . looking up at the tall building s she felt almost lost in her own imagination , she felt out of place not by she simple clothing of skinny jeans , shirt and flip flops , but by her accent and the looking on her face of loss. she wasn't scared, but just awkward in the newness of the town.