As Situations Arise

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  1. Damian was currently hanging from the ceiling rafters upside down. He was barking, for no apparent reason. It was also about four in the morning. It was dark, the lights were out. He couldn't actually see anything right now, but that was okay. Damian often forgot, or decided not to, sleep. He would end up crashing every three days or so, but it was good that he was able to do that when certain situations arose.

    Certain situations did tend to arise around the small, black haired boy and his friends.

    Teenagers were never meant to be in this business, but of course not everything happens the way that people plan. There are a few of them. A few teenagers that grew up before they should have. That's not to say that they aren't still extremely immature, but they've seen way too much to maintain their innocence.

    Damian was the psychotic one. He was an orphan, with no clue who his parents were. Though without parents had had grown up on the streets; growing up on the streets he learned a lot. Then he met an assassin. A great assassin; one of the bests. He learned a lot from that guy but he didn't become an assassin himself. He became a thief, he had always had a compulsion to steal, and after awhile he met the other teens in the business and decided they should team up.

    Just because he had brought them together didn't mean that he was the leader. No--he was way to crazy to be the leader.

    [So, this is spy/assassin team jump in. Damian is the team's thief.
    Character ages are 16+, older means more experienced.
    Cursing is fine.
    Romance is fine, anything but incest if anyone is family. Fade to black if it gets too explicit.
    I'll make an OOC thread go to that to talk about plot and characters.]
  2. Angel poked Damian's ribs. "So what are we doing again, chief?" She whispered into his ear, who was beside him. She was swinging her legs causally on the rafters while poking him and the other hand busy with a small sharp blade, unsheathing and sheathing it back into her sleeve.

    Angel stopped poking Damian and looked below, holding her long black hair in place. The place seemed empty.
  3. Theo poked her head around the wall. She saw that Damian and Angel were awake. Theo didn't stay at the hideout every night. She preferred to roam the streets at night, looking at the stars and at people walking past. They were short on work these days, and most of them hadn't had a job in over 2 weeks. She knew this made Damian infuriated and it meant he got even less sleep.

    "Any news?" Theo asked, approaching the two of them. Angel slipped off her perch. Theo's last job with the gang had been over a month prior. Their reputation had gone down significantly since Cam left. Even though he never said as much, everyone knew he was the unspoken leader among them, and now he had disappeared to who knows where, and so did all the jobs. They still had Damian, though, who knew everything about theft. And she was particularly skilled in slight of hand, and knew more than her fair share of martial arts. Still, with their combined array of skills they were useless without a task.

    But Damian was here and Angel looked like she had something on her mind, so maybe, just maybe, there would be something to do.
  4. Angel looked at the approaching girl and shook her head. "Nuh uh. Chief didn't want to speak so I wouldn't know what's our next task," she pouted playfully, before standing up, yawning. "I'm gonna sleep. Looking at chief gets boring after a while.." She patted Theo's shoulder. "Keep out an eye, nyokay? For tasks or whatever."
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  5. Vivian sat back against the wall with a flashlight and book in hand. The light click of Theo's shoes forced her eyes up from the pages and she raised her flashlight to the others. Vivian always found her way to ending up wherever Damian occupied early in the mornings. He scarcely slept and she always ended up waking up at strange hours then staying up all day with little fatigue. She could function just fine and if not, she made sure no one else could tell. Sleep had felt even more distant since the decrease in missions. She pushed up her glasses and placed her bookmark between the pages before closing it. Vivian walked up as Angel left. "Could no one stay asleep?"
  6. "No," Damian answered as he finally stopped barking, "And why do I have to be the one finding tasks? I've already told you guys, I would make a terrible leader. The only thing I care about is stealing. I'm a kleptomaniac. And I'm crazy. Do you guys really expect me to find jobs and stuff? I've been barking for the past hour."
  7. "Yes, I've noticed," Vivian replied, directing her flashlight at him. "I wasn't going to say anything since you seemed to be enjoying yourself. Should I be the one to find our next task if no one else will take the responsibility?" She wasn't the most immature, but finding a task for them to complete may not have been best to leave in her hands. She liked to find difficult things- things most people thought were impossible- and figure out a way to do them. She would no doubt end up choosing an almost impossible task for them to complete. She was an optimist. As far as she was concerned there was no such thing as an impossible task. "I will look into it when the sun arises," she said finally, not really waiting for an answer.
  8. Angel climb into her hammock, but she couldn't succumb to sleep. She played with her silky black hair, resisting the urge to cut it off with her blade.

    She sighed. Why can't she sleep? She tossed around and saw her reflection on the wall. Her blue eyes seems to be "glowing" under the darkness. She tossed one more time and closed her eyes, hoping to fall asleep, but still couldn't.

    Finally she sat up from her hammock and threw her blade at the wall opposite her. "Why can I sleep?" She whined to herself, before getting down and taking out the blade that pierced the wall. She then decided to go back to where the others were, and strolled to the place.

    "Hey guys. I'm back. Couldn't sleep..." She sat down beside Damian and just stared blankly down.
  9. "I'm going to choose the next task so be ready," Vivian said. She tucked the book under her arm and walked briskly from the room. She wandered down the hall to where most would occupy in the later morning. The "wreck room" as most would call it but she preferred the "break room." There was a chart sitting on the back wall covered in missions that were avoided even by the older spies and assassins. These were not impossibly difficult, but required skills rarely nurtured. Vivian looked them over before her eyes fell on the description of a job that made her stomach tighten. That was the one. She took it from the board and placed it between pages in her book. Vivian ran from the room before any early birds arrived. The younger spies and assassins were not allowed to take on tasks from the chart due to the low chance of success. To bad Vivian was not aware of the word "danger."
  10. Angel looked at Vivian go off to the wreck room before looking at Damian, and then back to staring blankly. Her mind wandered to things, things she wanted to forget. The memories flickered at a fast rate, like a fast forwarded movie.

    She thought she saw a shadow-like object, and her blue eyes focused suddenly on the moving object she thought she saw, and quickly unsheathed her blade, only realising it was just a figment of her imagination. She exhaled inwardly, before sheathed her blade back into her sleeve.​
  11. Vivian raced back into the room where her sleepless comrades occupied and held up the poster. "I have an intriguing proposition. Perhaps we could entertain ourselves with this." She walked further into the room and looked up at Damian then back to the others. "You may not agree with my choice, but if I am allowed to say so, it will be worth the hunt."
  12. Theo smiled. It only takes on person to blow on the embers for them to burst into flame. Vivian was one of her least favourite people. She was too eager and that made her easy to manipulate. Still Theo listened to what she had to say because they all needed something. Something to keep them from insanity, to keep them in practice. And Theo was up for a challenge. For something difficult they would get to plan for and execute with precision and deftness.
  13. Roza slipped into the room silently, ripping a black wig off of her head to reveal long, blond hair underneath. She was a bit different from the others in the sense that she usually took on solo mission. Not that she wouldn't accompany them on their jobs as well. She did, quite often, in fact. But she found her own system only worked as a single person. She acted as a model and could be hired by models to take out other, more successful models. It was despicable, but nothing in this world was very pretty. Even the models themselves were ugly on the inside. But she tried to leave those things at the door. At the age of 20, she had a lot of experience. A lot of killing. And that tended to erode away at a person's sanity.

    "So," she murmured, looking at the few people in the room. "Do we have a job?"
  14. Vivian glanced at Theo then to Roza who had just entered. She put her flaslight to the paper. "We do if everyone agrees on it," Vivian said. "I won't force anything on you, I just offered to go find one. You can look it over if you want. It includes the details of a very rare item." She went on hoping that they would get just as excited about it as she already was. Surely Damian would not turn down the chance for a rare item?