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  1. Hello ladies. And gents. I am Raveg64. A new addition to Iwaku and today I would like to discuss if there are any artists out there. Feel free to post your art page if necessary. Like so: deviantart.Raveg64.Com

    Feel free to share any of your pieces. And if you would just like to view everyone's work. It would be wonderful if you left a comment.
  2. The Writing and Art museum is a forum on Iwaku where our artists display their work! We also have Crafty Crafters and the Knitty Knotty for those who like to craft things with their hands!

    I have a deviantart page,

    I have an art page and a banner floating around in the art section.

    I'm not being motivated enough. Someone get back to yelling at me to finish my requests!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.