Artistic nudity.... What do I do?



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Hello once again.
Some hours ago I just started a new group called 'The Art Fanatics', given the fact that I couldn't find an art-related group.
There is almost no content in there, since it's new.

Then, I thought: Nude is quite common in art. Some images may be offensive to some users; I'm not talking just about nudity. Although my idea was to talk about a bit of absolutely everything, and I would not post an image I consider offensive, I know that someone else might not like to see what I'm showing. Or the other way around.

In short: the group is public.
What should I do?

-Nothing, just leave like it is, everybody is pretty much responsible for oneself;
-Forbid and report any sort of 'strong' content (which I don't want to);
-Put some sort of warning/notice for anyone willing to join the group. Pretty much like the Smutclub;

Many Thanks in advance.


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When sharing a piece that contains nudity, I would put in a warning when doing so. Do something along the lines of this in your post(s):


Or, in the discussion thread itself, put a warning after the title. This is a form of art, so I don't believe it should have to be forbidden. :] Part of appreciating art, is appreciating the magnificence of human anatomy. As an art appreciator and art history fan, I understand.

I hope I was able to help you out. Also, we do have an art group:
However, it's inactive... So perhaps it's a good thing you've made a new one.

EDIT: Oh, and no nude photos of people are allowed here. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that pornography and the like are forbidden, but it's something worth mentioning in your group. Even the Smut Club has this rule;

We only allow drawn naughty images or hentai in the albums.
So no nude photos of yourself or real people! If you add naughty pics to Smutclub, please make sure they are tasteful and beautiful!

So, drawings and sculptures only. ;]


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Of course no pornographyand no nude photos .

Thanks for the answer! It was very helpful indeed!
And it's true... I did not notice that group.

So, anyway, thanks again.


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Yeah, we have a "no nudie real life people", because that could get us in all kinds of troubles. XD But nude art with proper warnings is allowed. Miss Fluffy explained it beautifully.