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  1. Oh gosh the struggle is strong in this one. I almosg never suffer from writer's block, but I almost constantly have a horrible artist's block. I start drawings, only to leave it unfinished for a reallllyyyy long time due to lack of motive. o_o Anyone else have this problem? If so, how do you try to prevent it?
  2. I don't really seem to suffer from drawing block. Writers block is really what hits me hardest usually.

    I will say that there are a lot of different things that seem to hinder the creative process that people never realize.

    Not keeping hydrated is a big one. Taking meds fo ADD or ADHD seems to also cause a lot of problems for artists as well.

    Sometimes its trial and error in trying to identify what it is that is causing you problems.
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  3. I haven't drawn in a very long time, mostly because I don't like drawing in a cramped and confined area. Honestly, if a drawing is left unfinished I wouldn't worry too much about it. You can always come back to it, whether it be in five minutes, or years from when you first started. But if you're keen on finishing it right away, listen to some music, look at other artwork, and basically find inspiration elsewhere.
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  4. Yeah, most people I know seem more prone to writer's block than to artist's block. o_o

    I have a good guess as to what causes mine - lack of practice/skill. Ridiculous as it sounds. I stopped drawing for maybe a gear or two, and so my skill kind of dropped. Since most of my art is fan art or stuff from RPs, I sort of stress out about not wanting the piece to turn out horribly because of my passion for the scenes, and then I just sort of stuff partially through and don't finish until a while later when I feel I've improved a bit.

    I've been trying to get back into just practicing drawing with more simple stuff that I don't mind failing horribly at, which has helped a good bit from where I started.

    Yeah, that makes sense. I tend to draw alone at my desk to avoid distraction, and the discomfort of having people trying to watch. If you're still interested in drawing, I'd recommend giving that a shot to see if it helps. If you aren't, though, don't.

    Thanks for the further advice, anyways!
  5. I've been drawing since I was 3 (so says my mom), and I just drew and sketched all the time.
    Its not something I was talented at doing, so I had to just burn all my time into it to get better. So the best thing you can do is at least sketch a few things a day if you have nothing better to do. It will help. xD

    I wish you luck working through your block, and I hope to see you continue to improve!
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  6. Yeah, preach it. That's how I got semi-okayish before I kind of stopped drawing, so hopefully it'll help me improve again. XD

    Thank you! I appreciate it. :D
  7. I have had an artist block ever since I graduated highschool. This is primarily due to the fact that I am no longer in any art class where I can draw up ideas for projects and topics given to me by a teacher. I think the problem I have with drawing these days is that it really hurts my hand when I do so. My thumb locks up, and it gets really stiff. This has only made drawing even more difficult to do for me, so these days all I do is doodle pandas struggling to get coffee on my notes while I'm bored in class (because I most likely was half awake and in need of coffee).
  8. Oh, yikes! D: Have you ever considered splints, or anything?
    I don't really know if those work for normal people, but I have to wear them due to a medical condition and they tend to help me with stuff like that.

    Pandas are the bomb, though. Coffee pandas sound BA.
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  9. I'm not sure splints would help the situation. It's really not that bad though, it only hurts every now and again. You know whats even more bomb though, purple coffee pandas. -w-
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  10. Gotcha. In any case, it's good that it isn't a constant. ^^

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  13. There's not really a way to prevent it. Sometimes you just don't want to draw. You just have to force yourself to draw during those times. For me, those periods could last months. Not drawing for months is actually really bad for you if you ever intend to try making a living off it. Still, my biggest obstacle for making art is the pressure I put on myself for every piece to be better than the last, which is impossible. So I end up not wanting to draw or paint because I'm afraid it won't be good. It's idiotic really if the only way you ever get better is through failure.
  14. I don't think anyone's really above burn out/blocks, but I think it can be handled the same way you could approach any sort tiredness.

    I think it's important to take breaks. Like, if you get frustrated with something I don't think it helps any to keep going and get more frustrated.

    Sometimes it's okay to walk away for a while, get some fresh air; find some inspiration or just come back with fresh eyes.
    And then make a time to go finish! I think it helps to set a time. At 3:00 it's time to finish that project!
    Or if it's really long term and you're having trouble finding the motivation, maybe just set a time to start and set a time to stop too. it works for some people! Might take a little longer to finish it, but at least you've set aside some time.

    And... You can turn off the internet and the television and your phone, put on some instrumental music and just get to it. Everyone a little different obviously, you just have to find what works for you and gets you motivated.
    And honestly if you're happy not finishing that's also okay.

    Hopefully that helps. I know it's vague lol, but it works for me. Happy drawing~
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  15. WOAH
    But anyways, I don't intend to make a living from it - it's more of a hobby, and of wanting to make art of certain things.. But then being disappointed that it isn't turning out how I want it, which kind of saps away my motive. o_e

    Anyways, since everyone is different, I can't really say that my tactic would work for you. Like other people have mentioned, music can help for some people, or just pointless doodling without thinking can help for others - all depends on you, and finding what works for you. :0
  16. Maybe.

    You should check out Sycra. He's really relatable and actually kind of inspiring too.

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  17. I don't really draw unless if it's doodling, so this doesn't pop up for me...
    Well, if you count photoshoping stuff like Avatar's it comes up occasionally.

    Those are the cases where you'll see me change my avatar after only having had the last one for a few days.
    Because I feel like I did a rush/incomplete job with it, and want to try it again, or try something else entirely.

    Like seriously, I haven't been able to draw a single picture for like MONTHS like holy fucking shit...

    While I do get Writer's Block, it not as bad because once I get the ball rolling, it's not really an issue for me anymore :P
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  19. I doodle a lot, even if I have artist's block. But when it comes to actual drawings with effort and my soul and tears poured into my work... yeah no ; ;
    Don't even remember the last time I did a proper piece.
  20. Oh gawd, talk art to me! I crash into art block a lot. Zentangles can help this. I affectionately call it 'brain spew'. Another trick I use is to make two random shapes on the paper and try to work in a cohesive picture from there.
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