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  1. WOW, May Artist really came forth to show us their stuff over this past month and making the call was a tough one.
    I loved every single entry so much I had no idea how to decide which one deserved it the most.


    @Tribs really showed a lot of effort in this months contest, Not only filling in the page, but also coming out with something unique and original. While it is Fanart, you still managed to make it your very own and I commend you. Congratulations Tribs! You are the Artisan of the Month!! I hope to see more of your work in the months to come :)


    I Would also like to thank the other Participants in their creative endeavors and I am excited to see more of their artwork in the future as well.


    All of you made this months contest a difficult one to decide and your works were wonderful and inspiring. Thank you for participating! For those who wish to see every ones work you can view them HERE In the Thread Archives, Showcased. ^_^

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