Art trades/commissions anyone?

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  1. So, who wants to try for some art trades?

    I prefer to draw people's characters, and since this is a roleplay forum I think that's a very appropriate place to do it.In terms of what I want, it'll be having my own characters drawn. You can go to the character thread linked in my signature to see their references or descriptions. If you need a better one for someone that hasn't been drawn, please feel free to ask!

    Unfortunately I don't really have the time to do free art requests, but if you don't think you can do an art trade and still want to have your character drawn I will take commissions. I have good prices! ...but the art may come a bit slow depending on my schedule and what you ask for.

    I am trying to learn a new art program I have just gotten and need the practice. I am also trying to improve in some areas and would like to try them. <- Note: If you request one of those things I'm looking to improve in, don't expect it to be spectacular, because as I said, I need to work on them. You have been warned.


    ~ Anthropomorphic

    ~ Most Animals

    ~ Wings (feathered or leathery)

    ~ Dragons

    ~ Were-animals

    ~ Gryphons


    ~ HUMANS <- Greatest weakness, mostly with faces, but where I would like to make the most improvement

    ~ Horses

    ~ Scenery/Backgrounds

    So there you go. If you're interested, please comment with this request form filled out.

    Your Name:

    Your Character's Name:

    Character Description:

    Preferred Art Style: (i.e. colored, lines, sketch, full body, bust, etc.)

    References: (If you have them.)

    Trade or Commission?: (And if trade, who will you draw?)

    Thanks! Now come pester me for art!
  2. Sorta commission done for Zizikitty of her werewolf character Bladerunner.

  3. Reference art of one of my own characters. Got impatient, probably should have spent more time on her.

    Mature Content (open)
  4. Still here, still available.

  5. Depends on the complexity of the characters. Do you have references for them?
  6. Well... this is these are the best (and clean) references I have put into one image

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  7. @Tsimmu Could you do a free commission for me?
  8. Well as I stated above I can really only give free ones if it's an art trade. But my prices are ridiculously low if you'd like something simple.
  9. Considering I don't own my own plastic rectangle, I can't pay and considering I can't draw.. XD
  10. Sorry to hear that.
    How about this. Send me your ref(s) and I'll see if it's in my range for a quicky.
  11. I could probably put all three into a sketch, but I can't guarantee I'd have time to color them all.
  12. thats cool, with me
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