OPEN Art Gulag [ Come get this Commish! ]

Ahaha, now I remember! You _did_ draw Beta for me! Would you be comfy drawing even fatter than this older one you've just posted? :O Cuz like, the character I have in mind was purposefully fattened up by jerks so she couldn't run away, but she doesn't realize that having the "imperial fat" is a shackle as much as it's a status symbol of her wealth and power. 8D
No thank you. I will reiterate that I do not do fetish work.
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Ah, okey doke. Wasn't intended to be fetish so much as tragic.
Ya girl's not usually one for romance, but these two got me down bad. Have another lovesick and slightly spicy scribble of my steampunk royal OCs.
Half body commission of a smarmy desert dweller named Ridley.
Lewd commission of a previous OC commission, Tank, and his valentine for the upcoming holiday. Reminder that select NSFW commissions are available at a +30% to base price.
Sketch of a mermaid admiring her gift from a human friend.
Vaporwave portrait commission for DJ Synth.
Added commission of a Werebear form for the half-orc Asradai.
I nearly forgotten this character of mine, only referred to over the last decade and some as Pocky Boy, who every four or five years I used to redraw to gauge how much progress I'd made as an artist. What a slap in the face to realize this year marks almost a 20 year gap between the first incarnation I made as a 13 year old weeb and now. Enjoy?


Progress over the years: