Art for Egyptian Princes?

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  1. My Brothers from my story "Two Brother Who Would be King"

    One had re-encarnations and one was cursed to be a cat forever, you'd have to read the story, here is how they look in order:

    Ahmose, the brother who was cursed.
    Harua, the one who had his brother cursed, Has been re-encarnated
    Harua, His modern/Re-Encarnated form.
    Eliza as a child
    Adult Eliza
    Prof. Alphonse aka Eliza's dad in his prime
    Alphonse now.
    Ahmose, after his curse lifted in the Modern times.

    Let's add Eliza when she was a kid and what she is now: an Adult. Also her Father, Prof. Alphonse. FYI the story's "Modern Age" was set back when I was 6 so... 16 years ago in 2001. Fits actually so she she would be...25, her father would be 35 at this time. (not too bad lookin for his age) her father is now 51 (still looking good.)
    Ahmose before curse.png Harua before.png Harua in modern centuries later.png Eliza child.png Adult Eliza.png Professer Alphonse.png Alphonse now.png Modern Ahmose.png
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  2. Hi there, are you looking for one character to be drawn or many? I do commissions and I would be glad to paint your Egyptian princess.
    Here is my commission thread