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Art de Fish cakes

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by fishcakes, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. I've had an artist's block for close to 6 to 8 months now, and maybe, with a little luck, this fabulous website will inspire me to spit up the cash to buy myself a new tablet since mine is finally beginning to become completely useless after 6 years of abuse. Note: I did not draw my avatar icon of my character, Mercury. That was given to me in an art trade.

    My OCs:

    Mercury_2_0_by_Demostheses.png 33746_439299436766_649991766_5777305_4314822_n.jpg 27853_399260961766_649991766_4768317_7324538_a.jpg tumblr_llqd27MioE1qdlkf2o1_1280.png midnight_strollololol_by_demostheses-d3h9aih.png


    bffff.png tumblr_lmvmv17ey31qdlkf2o1_400.png tumblr_lkh2akBWMx1qdlkf2o1_r1_1280.png 225532_10150164891181767_649991766_7211260_4435110_n.jpg 225532_10150164891171767_649991766_7211259_4626142_n.jpg 15145_194343636766_649991766_3570937_384445_n.jpg

    Commissions & trades:
    tumblr_lltyqh4jqw1qdlkf2o1_500.png Sariel_lineart_by_Demostheses.png Skade_by_Demostheses.png commissions_c__by_demostheses-d314dr4.png _1_Chibi_commissions_by_Demostheses.png

    I'm also a boss with graphics, so if anyone would like a signature, avatar, or need some graphics for a rp, I'd gladly oblige!

    zsdf.png lolheader2.png tumblr_l1lyxvl1Qh1qzn6o3o1_500-1.png sadfghfd.png
  2. I think I'm in love.
    You are amazing.
    I have no words for this art.
    It blew my mind.
    I am a vegetable.
    which is bad, cuz that's all I eat.
  3. I think that my favorite is the redhead in the second line.
    I like it so much, it's silly~
    Your stuff is super pretty and cute! I look forward to seeing more.